Gillette Body Razor Review: Designed for Body Hair

Our Gillette body razor review aims to inform you how well this body razor will work for you. There's a lot of options out there to tackle your body hair but Gillette claims their body razor is designed for body hair specifically.

We're going to give you the positive and negative aspects of this body razor. I've personally been there when it's annoying to find a decent body razor. Most of them don't do a very good job and if you're using a throw away razor or something similar you need to make a change.​

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Why Not Just Use Any Razor?

First off, if you're using a cartridge razor for your face you should really consider learning to wet shave and giving the Vikings Safety Razor a shot. The thing is there's a lot more body hair than there is facial hair. A good body razor needs to be able and last through cutting all that hair.

This cartridge body razor is capable of handling the abuse you're going to be putting it through. It's designed to deal with body hair and lasts considerably long for all the hair it cuts.

Using your normal everyday razor or disposable for body hair can turn out to be a complete headache. It's going to take you much longer to cut through all the hair and leave your skin feeling irritated.

The Gillette body razor is equipped with soothing gels on the razor head that help relieve irritation. It comes with 3 blades so you're getting 3 passes with each stroke. Something not so recommended for your face but helpful when shaving body hair.

Could You Use a Safety Razor?

Some people do use safety razors to shave body hair. Typically they use a long handled razor to shave their legs but it isn't really recommended for body hair. Mostly because of the art behind wet shaving and the fact you need to hold the razor at the correct angle while shaving.

It makes it really difficult to shave body hair. The Gillette body razor will contour to your body with a lot less effort. You don't have to worry about nicking yourself constantly for not holding the razor right.

​If you're shaving one day growth it might work out but most people don't shave their body every single day. There's just overall to many drawbacks to using a safety razor for body hair. The cartridge razor wins this round and excels at body hair shaving.

Gillette Body Razor Review

The Gillette Body Razor is the very first men's body razor by the company. This razor is designed to shave a males terrain. You may even call it designed for manscaping.

The rounded head is designed to be very comfortable on your skin.​ Equipped with 3 lubricating strips to sooth the skin and be anti-irritation. If you've ever gotten an itchy chest after shaving you know why this is important. No one wants to itch for an entire day.

The handle is anti-slip and ergonomic so it won't slip even in the shower. Top it off with 3 Gillette power glide floating razor blades.

The Pros:

  • Designed for body hair.
  • Prevents irritation.
  • Gillette 3 Power Glide Blades

The Con's:

  • Will need replacing heads.
  • Shave Heads Expensive
  • Hair gets stuck between blades.

Quality of Shave

You'll get a better than average body shave with this razor. It tackles body hair rather well and will leave you with a smooth shave. If you've got thick hair or a lot of growth we recommend trimming it down first and then use the razor.

Use the Philips 7100 to cut down on the bulk of your hair.​ Then go behind with the Gillette body razor to finish everything up. This will give you the best results.

Also you'll greatly increase the life of your body razor. Since the bulk is being done by the electric body shaver and the razor is bringing it to bare skin. This way your body razor is under less stress and you'll get an even better shave.​

How it Feels

Gillette claims it's built for a mans terrain but it doesn't feel much different from other body hair razors. You could also use the women's Venus razor and get great results.

It doesn't slip in the shower and does feel good to the grip. You won't feel like you're going to drop the razor or slip while shaving.

Overall Value

You're getting a pretty good product here that you'll get good use out of. You may want to check out the alternative options we listed below just in case but the Gillette Body Razor is a good razor.

Biggest Issue with Gillette Body Razor

The biggest issue we've found in our Gillette body razor review isn't anything to do with the shave or quality of the razor. The main issue is really that it's a cartridge razor that'll require replacing the heads.

We've grown accustom to this process with modern razors but the price of these replacement heads aren't cheap. If the replacement heads were more affordable this would be a lot less of an issue.​

For shaving your face you can swap to safety razors and the issue is resolved but since you're shaving body hair you're kind of stuck having to buy these replacement heads. With there being little to no way around this it's the major issue with this product.​

Alternative Men's Body Razors

We've got a couple alternative men's body razors for you. Some of which aren't exactly made for men but there's honestly no difference if you don't mind shaving with a girly razor. Here's the ones we recommend as possible options.

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Gillette Venus

The Gillette Venus razor is very similar to the Gillette Body Razor for Men. It's nearly the same razor with only minor differences. The Venus is marketed towards women so they tend to make it appear more feminine.

It actually has more blades than the men's version and includes all the other features.​ The only issue which may occur is when shaving between body creases. Shaving between your chest and similar areas.

With more blades the head is wider than the men's body razor making it more difficult to shave in.​

Schick Hydro 5

I personally really like the Schick Hydro 5. It's a dual ended shaver with a cartridge razor on one end and a guarded shave on the other. This lets you trim away bulk when needed and flip it to tackle the rest of the hairs.

This makes it very convenient and if you're patient can save you the cost of buying an electric shaver to tackle bulk hairs. It does an alright job at removing bulk but obviously not as good as an actual electric shaver.

The cartridge razor is equipped with 5 blades. You'll still have to buy replacement heads eventually which is painful for your wallet but an unavoidable purchase.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide turns your cartridge razor into an electric shaver. It's a great middle ground tool that gives you guards, razor blades, and the power of electric. It's a unique shaving tool that does a good job shaving body hair.

The only draw back is it's a little more difficult to get between creases with this shaver. However, you're able to remove the cartridge head and place it onto a normal shaving handle to get into those creases easier.

This is a very cool shaver and you'll get tons of use out of it. We like it's unique style and benefit to shaving body hair.

Before You Go!

I hope our Gillette Body Razor Review shed enough light on the razor that you're able to make an informed decision. It's a good razor but there's decent alternatives that I wouldn't ignore.

If you're going to master your body hair you'll want to combine a good body razor with a great electric body hair shaver. Together you'll have an overall better experience shaving your body hair.

Leave a comment below if you've got a recommendation for a body razor or an opinion we should consider. Thanks for reading!

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