Gillette Super Adjustable Modern Day Alternative

The Gillette Super Adjustable is not a safety razor you're going to be able to easily purchase anymore. These elegant beauties originated in the 1970s and were absolutely stunning. The nickel plated head with black trim handle really made this razor stand out.

If you want to buy one today you'll have to find one on eBay. They're usually listed for somewhere around $30 on the online auction house. If you want the Gillette Super Adjustable in a modern light there is a great alternative option however which we'll talk more about later.

Brief History of Gillette Super Adjustable

Since Gillette has been producing safety razors they've always been working to improve their designs. You're probably familiar with the Fat Boy safety razors which were made for a short period of 4 years (1958 - 1961) and then the Slim which was made from 1961 - 1968.

Both of those razors were popular and you'll still see enthusiasts ​today that either have or want a Fat Boy. After the Slim came the Gillette Super Adjustable which was in production for a long time (1969 - 1986).

The Gillette Super Adjustable went through variations during its long production time. Changes to the handle length and black/chrome design were made.​ A more notable change was the black plastic head plate in 1977.

I think it's fair to say that the Gillette Super Adjustable is one of the most popular safety razors in history. They're not being made anymore but luckily there's a good alternative to the Gillette Super Adjustable razor.​

Flashback: Old Gillette Commercial for Safety Razors​

Why You Should Wet Shave

Wet shaving with a safety razor is coming back in a big way. The evolution of shaving has given is perspective that not everything needs updating if it isn't broken. The safety razor has had some changes over the decades but do we really need a 5 blade disposable razor?

The disposable razors of today get expensive rather quickly. The cost for blade refills seem to only keep rising. With a safety razor you're spending around $0.10 per blade that's going to last you several shaves.​ Now compare those prices!

If you invest a little money into a high quality safety razor it'll last you a lifetime. Razors like the Feather AS-D2 if taken care of will last you forever.​ The Gillette Super Adjustable is in the same league. Those razors can still be found in great working condition and some of them are 50 years old.

Modern Day Gillette Super Adjustable

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Since the Gillette Super Adjustable isn't being made anymore and only found on sites like eBay I thought you'd like to know there's a comparable alternative out there. The Parker 96R is that alternative. It looks, feels, and shaves like the Gillette Super Adjustable.

The Parker 96R ​is a twist to open butterfly safety razor. Butterfly safety razors are super easy to reload. The head doors flap open with a twist exposing the razor and letting you dump & replace it.

It's got a textured long handle that makes it super easy to grip and it feels good in your hands. The longer handle is great if you've got larger hands so you'll appreciate the ease of use.​ You'll also get 5 Shark chrome blades with this safety razor.

Similarities: Parker 96R & Gillette Super Adjustable

The Parker 96R and the Gillette Super Adjustable are very comparable in most of their aspects. You've got matching plated heads and matching black body. The handle length and design are both very similar as well.

Both safety razors were butterfly razors for easy access to the blade.​ The weight of these razors even feel about the same. It's a hard judgement to say the Gillette Super Adjustable isn't anything like the Parker 96R. However... there is one core difference.

That main difference is the "adjustable" part of the Gillette. On the Gillette razor right under the head you can adjust your number to get a more aggressive shave. Simply twist it to change the aggression of your shave. The Parker 96R doesn't have this option and will shave the same way shave after shave.​

What Others Say About the Parker 96R

I know I know... the Parker 96R just isn't the Gillette Super Adjustable. It doesn't have the nostalgia of the older razor, but the Parker 96R is your absolute best modern day alternative. Just take a look at what everyone else is saying about this safety razor.

What Do You Think?

I hope you liked our Gillette Super Adjustable review and comparison to the Parker 96R. It's going to be your best option for a new modern look on the Gillette SA. Let us know if you've got some experience with these two razors. We'd love to read your comments.

If you pick up the Parker 96R after reading this review also comment and let us know. We've been complimented before about this comparison and hope we're able to help more of you seeking something like the Gillette SA to find a new love.​

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