What’s The Best Hair Wax For Men? Top 5 Revealed

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Whether you’re new to styling products or have great familiarity with them, the sheer number of hair product choices at an average retail store can be overwhelming for most buyers.

This article intends to determine the best wax for men based on customer and professional reviews, and help buyers pick out a product that best suits their personal needs. Read on to learn more.

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What Is A Hair Wax?

A hair wax for men is just one of the dozens of male hair and grooming products. Other male hair products include creams, pomades, and moisturizing masks.

Waxes are known for their hold. A hair wax for men can range in hold from “medium” or “natural” all the way up to degrees of hold such as “extreme”. A wax can also leave a subtle or medium shine to the hair.

If you are looking to get unruly hair under control and want a slightly slicker look, a hair wax is likely a product that you should consider.

How We Choose Our Ratings

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Our intention in selecting our ratings is to focus on accuracy, with an emphasis on full transparency. We examine customer reviews, testimonials, research studies on key product ingredients, and the reputation of the brand or product on the whole.

We carefully examine all facets of a product before rating the product on a 5-star scale, with 5 stars being the best and 1 star being below average.

The 5 Best Hair Waxes For Men

We have determined the following five products to be each possibly be the best hair wax for men today.

Personal preference will obviously come into play, but the five products listed below are outstanding and work well with most types of hair.

Products are ranked on a five-star scale, with five stars being best and one star being worst.

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One of the newer products on the market is the Jack Black Wax Pomade. Despite the fact that the brand is not as well-established as some of the other brands on this list, the Jack Black Wax Pomade has won over a large number of fans in a relatively short period of time.

The main way in which the product sets itself apart is with the all-natural ingredient list. Unlike many waxes, Jack Black Wax Pomade provides shine and hold without abrasive or overly-sticky additives.

Incorporating natural oils such as tea tree oil and grapefruit peel oil, the pomade leaves a very subtle, natural scent while providing men’s hair with an infusion of healthy ingredients.

Another thing that contributes to the popularity of the product is its versatility. The medium-firm, pliable hold works well with many types of hair, including thicker hair, and quite a few consumers purchase the product specifically as a beard wax.

The product is reasonably priced, with a 2.75-ounce container available for $20-$22 USD online and in select styling salons.

Jack Black, based out of Texas and founded in 2000, has slowly developed into one of the biggest names in male haircare products. Considering the price, quality, and customer feedback, we rank their Wax Pomade as the best hair wax for men with most hair types looking for frizz control and hold.

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If Jack Black is one of the newer kids on the block, Paul Mitchell is one of the most established and reputable brands in haircare. As one would expect, they make excellent hair wax for men, with their Dry Wax being among their most popular and best-selling men’s products.

The Paul Mitchell Dry Wax controls and defines hair while leaving a “lived in” look, and it is available in both Paul Mitchell Salons and online for about $19 USD.

This product adds texture and leaves a softer look, making it ideal for men with thinner hair or those who don’t want an overly-stylized appearance. The hold is pliable and versatile,

While Paul Mitchell may not be the newest name on the market, the quality of the Paul Mitchell product line is indisputably high, and their Dry Wax is considered by many to be the best hair wax for men available today.

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While the Paul Mitchell product leaves a subtler look, the Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge hair wax provides an aggressive hold for those wanting super-strong hold.

This product is recommended for people with very short hair, as the hold is extremely strong and the wax itself is quite tacky. But for those looking for a maximum styling effect, Moving Rubber Spiky Edge will work exceptionally well.

Moving Rubber Spiky Edge does not leave a great deal of shine in the hair, but most customers reported that the product works easily through most types of hair.

If you want a look that requires extreme hold, such as a mohawk or hair spikes, you will likely love this product. It sells rather well and has a very dedicated customer base.

The wax is also inexpensive, as we found it online for under $10 USD from a number of outlets.

But this product isn’t for everyone. The ingredients have the potential to be a bit harsh, and many users won’t want the extra-strong hold that the product provides. The scent of the product is green-apple, which also may not work for some guys.

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One of the more widely-available hair waxes is the Redken for Men Maneuver Working Wax.

The water-based product provides a medium hold and works well with a number of different hair types. Maneuver Working Wax has a low shine and good pliability, making it a do-it-all product that works well for most men. Redken recommends that users try the product with towel-dried hair for best results.

You can pick up the product for under $15 online or in-stores, with mass retailers such as Walmart carrying the product in addition to many salons. Because Redken is not the newest name in haircare, a number of buyers might dismiss the quality of the product.

While the product is a bit tacky and has some artificial ingredients, it also stacks up well compared to most other men’s hair products. It should be considered a very good hair wax for men based on overall quality and value.

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Haircare giant Suave has recently crossed over from shampoos and conditioners to produce a line of styling products under their Suave Professionals imprint.

Their hair wax is the Suave Professionals Style Paste, which the company dares to compare with the American Crew counterpart.

Suave’s angle is that they claim to produce a better styling paste at half of the cost of American Crew, which has become one of the bigger names in men’s haircare products.

While the Suave Styling Paste does compare favorably to the American Crew Fiber Wax in terms of both price and quality, the product uses a number of artificial ingredients and is sticky to the touch.

These aren’t deal-breakers necessarily, as the Suave Professionals Style Paste provides good hold and a nice-looking finish, but the quality isn’t quite as high as the other products on this list.

That said, if you’re looking for a good hair wax for men, you could do much worse than the Suave Professionals Style Paste.

Best Hair Wax For Men With Special Types Of Hair

While most of the products on this list will work best for men with different types of hair, we also wanted to point out a few products that work especially well for men with certain hair types.

We’ve spotlighted a few of these products below.

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Thick hair is a bit of conundrum, as a hair wax with a very strong hold is going to add too much volume to already-thick hair.

However, a hair wax without enough hold will fail to properly work its way through thicker hair, spreading unevenly and leaving hair looking less than its best.

Waxes are generally better than pomades for men with thick or wavy hair, as waxes, in general, tend to offer a stronger hold and more of a matte finish than pomades do.

One of the best products is a hair wax for men with thick hair is a wax called Bumble and Bumble Sumotech. Users with thick hair love this product because it creates a very firm hold with shine but does not leave a greasy or oily finish. Other users enjoyed the earthy smell, and many noted that the product left the user with just the right texture and pliability.

The overriding theme was that the product was reviewed very positively. Customers on a number of different forums almost uniformly agreed that Sumotech is a superb product, especially for men with thick hair.

Our only quibble is that the product is a tad pricey, with Bumble and Bumble offering a 1.5-ounce container on their website for $29 USD. Several other sites and stores offered the product at the same figure. Still, if quality is the main concern, you will have a hard time finding a better hair wax for men with thick or wavy hair than Sumotech.

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Men with thin hair obviously have the opposite problem that men with thick hair do, meaning that they need a wax that will add volume and create a fuller look.

Certain waxes are also apt to provide too much hold, separating thin hair and producing a patchy, undesirable look.

GQ generally recommends pastes or other products that provide additional volume. These products provide better, more uniform coverage and tend to work better for men with thin or thinning hair.

Hair waxes of all types tend to be a bit tacky, and are more apt to pull out additional hairs from the scalp as men try to work them in. This is just about the last thing that a man with thin hair wants.

That said, if a man with thin hair wants to use a hair wax, there are a few options that make sense.

One hair wax for men that adds volume and texture is Tigi B Bed Head for Me. This product features a firm hold with a matte finish – key properties of a good wax – but is workable and adds a strong amount of texture to preexisting hair.

The product has a fresh, green aroma, and provides a precise hold for men with any type of hair.

It is very popular among hairdressers and stylists, yet remains quite affordable. You can pick up a 3-ounce container of Tigi B Bed Head for $15-$20, depending on the source.

The product is very well-reviewed by customers, with many noting that the hold was firm but not overly so. Many customers noted that the product was very good for the price, making it a higher-value purchase.

Given the texturizing and volumizing aspects, as well as the workability, we believe that Tigi B Bed Head is the best hair wax for men with thin or thinning hair.

Given the low cost and Tigi’s excellent reputation within the community, there’s little reason not to give the product a try.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Hair Wax For Men

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Different product types will, of course, work better for some men than for others. While we believe that we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the best hair waxes currently available, buyers should weigh the cost, number of synthetic ingredients, and brand reputation of a product before committing to a purchase.

Finding The Best Hair Wax For Men With Every Type Of Hair

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The sheer volume of men’s hair products on the market can be overwhelming to sift through, as many men are not conversant in hair products and can’t tell a pomade from a hair cream.

But the goal of this article is to highlight some of the best and highest-value hair waxes available in 2019 and to help guide each buyer toward the best hair wax for their personal needs.

We believe that we’ve put together a list of some of the strongest selections available and that if you’re looking for a great hair wax for men, then our selections should point you in the right direction.

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