13 Thrilling Halloween Beard Costume Ideas

If you have a well-groomed beard or like the appearance of a beard but can’t grow one, Halloween beard costume ideas are perfect for the occasion. However, how many times have you gone looking for an idea that excites you and come up short? I’ve faced the same problem and over time have kept a notebook on beard costume ideas that appealed to me. Let me share with you what I know.

These costume ideas are perfect for the adult male party-goer that already has a beard to support the appearance needed that makes the outfit look genuine. For the younger trick or treater, fake beards and mustaches unique to the character will round out an authentic look for the walk around to neighbors and friends houses.

1. Gandalf Wizard

gandalf beard

The unique thing that draws many people to this costume idea is the nature of the character. If you haven’t read the Tolkein trilogy or watched the Lord of the Ring movies, do that to get into character for the role. Gandalf is a wise and benevolent wizard come to Middle Earth to fight evil and protect the Kingdoms of Middle Earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

Plus, he looks regal is his white flowing robes and long, well-kept beard and mustache. He commands respect wherever he goes.

He is indeed a powerful wizard as well which gives the person wearing this costume a sense of strength and purpose. He derives his power from the wind and through the staff that he carries, he can protect and defend those he came to help. This is a noble costume and one that will build upon the positive values of a young mind and give the older individual the fantasy of power at his beckon call.

2. Jack Sparrow Pirate

jack sparrow beard

This Pirate of the Caribbean character appeals to people of all ages because of the freedom in choosing which side of Jack Sparrow you want to emphasize. The idea of the costume lends itself well to assembling the pieces and parts by putting together some old clothes you probably have hiding in boxes in the attic.

Thus, you probably only need to spend some money on a belt and sword to complete the outfit. His unkempt beard and facial hair would be easy to duplicate by simply not shaving for a week or two and then just trim it is a bit to keep it under control until the event for which you are wearing the costume arrives.

Don’t forget the eyeliner and mascara to deliver the trademark eyes that make Jack the swashbuckler he wants to be. If you want to be him as well, pay attention to the details of the costume.

Of course, there are times when Jack Sparrow is kind and benevolent, to a degree, but always with some other agenda in mind. Watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie to get an appreciation for the look and the voice of Jack. If you’re going to play the part, be the part.

3. Heisenberg Breaking Bad

breaking bad costume

If you don’t know who Heisenberg is, think in terms of Walter White first. Heisenberg was the alias that Walter White created when he first engaged with the sociopathic drug dealer Tuco Salamanca.

Ok, now that you’re tuned in, this costume idea is one that will allow you to create the bad boy image you secretly wanted to give to give a try. The real kicker is that you probably know someone that was a teacher you knew would learn how to cook meth as a means to overcome his challenges in life, such as surviving cancer.

The key to creating the costume of Heisenberg that everyone will recognize is to have the heavy goatee, mustache combination of pure black and a shaved head topped off with a pork pie style hat. The look is iconic, and the rest of the costume is regular clothing but needs to fit the style of Heisenberg with a black windbreaker, dress shirt and jeans.

Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses that are so dark, the eyes cannot be seen. Also remember that this is Walter White’s alter ego, and a different temperament comes with the costume. Watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad to get the hang of the part.

4. Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

abe lincoln beard costume

When you’re talking about Halloween costumes, some of the best ideas come from creating one that’s recognizable but unexpected by coming up with a unique spin on the character. Abraham Lincoln is a well-known character and one with a history of being the good guy although with a tragic ending.

So, he fights evil and usually comes out as the hero. There are always people that don’t like heroes and as such have enemies.

This costume idea comes from a movie (B-movie of course) that casts Lincoln as a vampire hunter with the usual gore and blood that comes with the deal. Of course, you need the unique long chinstrap beard that stretches continuously from sideburn to sideburn plus, no mustache.

I’ll guess most men would have to buy some fake hair to make this work because they wouldn’t be wearing it full-time. The usual assortment of vampire hunting tools such as a wooden stake, cross, and holy water (leave the toy gun and silver bullets at home) must be part of the outfit.

Maybe, a fake ax can take the place of the toy gun. It would also help if you were tall and lanky like the real Abraham Lincoln was. Authentic and genuine always wins over the skeptics.

5. Hagrid Harry Potter

Hagrid Beard Costume Ideas

Hagrid is a wizard of another sort from Gandalf, whom we talked about earlier. Hagrid is a colossal giant of a man with a friendly demeanor that makes everyone love the guy.

The hallmark of the costume idea is the unkempt and hair covered appearance that unmistakably identifies the character without question. The man is literally covered with hair on every part of his head and face that is growing free and unstyled.

I would think most people wanting to dress up as Hagrid for Halloween would need to buy a wig and beard/mustache combo that makes the character possible. Add to that, a heavy robe of course fiber and a lot of padding to create the girth and breadth of the character.

Of course, getting into character means, you have to emulate his soft-spoken, but authoritative voice and mannerisms.

6. Forrest Gump

forrest gump costume

If you recall the movie, there was one point in time where Forrest had a long, unkempt beard as he ran across the country in his effort to find himself. This costume idea generates from that particular character out of the many different looks that Forrest took on over time.

The rest of the outfit is simple. Running shorts or athletic suit and a T-shirt with a good pair of running shoes pretty much rounds out the look. If you really want to be authentic with the look, the T-shirt can be one with the iconic “smiley face” on it from the mud splashed on it that inspired the symbol we see today in most emojis.

The bigger part of this costume is assuming the personality of Forrest. It isn’t Forrest Gump unless you adopt some the sayings he used throughout the movies such as “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

7. Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin costume

This is a costume idea from the era of silent pictures. His films are still seen today but not by many of the younger set for whom Halloween is still a candy gathering exercise.

However, for the adult party-goer, the costume possibilities from Chaplin’s list of characters is a treasure trove of ideas that aren’t likely to be duplicated by anyone else at the party. Charlie’s signature look was the “toothbrush” mustache and bowler hat that he sported in his most famous character called “The Tramp.” The costume is completed with a suit, vest, and cane that he always carried and twirled on his wrist and arm.

The costume has lost some favor in modern times because the mustache he wore was very similar to that of Adolf Hitler. But, keep in mind that Chaplin did his work before Hitler was a household name associated with the atrocities of the Holocaust. In fact, at the time, the well-to-do favored that type of facial hair because of its low maintenance requirement. Study Chaplin before you play the part at Halloween to capture his distinctive walk and mannerisms.

8. Charles Darwin

charles darwin costume

The costume idea we gain from Charles Darwin is one of a country gentleman with a penchant for letting his beard grow free of any interference or grooming. As such, it appears in most of the pictures of him as long, white, and bushy with a mustache to match.

The outfit would be complete with a snappy suit and tie as well as a bald head. There is an excellent, less formal, variation in pursuing with Darwin as he is well-known for his theory of evolution developed and proven (at least in his mind) during his round the world voyage aboard the HMS Beagle.

If you want to get into character, realize that Darwin as a religious agnostic and his theory of evolution was not well-accepted by the religious order of the time. Evolution and natural selection continue to be heated conversations between religions and those who subscribe to the evolutionary theories of Darwin. It would make for a lively party debate.

9. ZZ Top

zz top beard costume

ZZ Top is an over the top musical group with their stylistic beards common to each member of the band. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill sport very long and well-manicured beards while Frank Beard foes with more a chinstrap deal.

The costume ideas here are out of the park and open to whatever craziness you have in mind after you find the fake beards to match up with Billy and Dusty. Hats range from knit caps to standard styles. The clothing is open to your interpretation but can be quiet and professional or loud and brash. Pick your style and go for it.

Don’t forget the signature spinning guitar and sunglasses.

10. Duck Dynasty

duck dynasty beard costume

If the mountain man looks complete with head scarves, knit caps and ball caps is your style, Duck Dynasty is who you want to emulate with your Halloween costume. The outfits are easy to put together as T-shirts and jeans are what you’ll find the boys in at any point in time.

Shotguns are also standard parts of their typical outfit, but you’ll want to skip carrying one of those around, fake or not, as a means of preserving life and limb.

The beards can be grown if you’re of a mind to be a mountain man, but otherwise, they are available at most hobby shops and costume stores. Personally, I like the full beards they wear. They are stylistic for a mountain man with some of the curls and grooming they do.

11. Cousin It

cousin it costume idea

This is an oldie but goody if you’re interested in going incognito on the street or at a party. The key to the costume is hair from head to floor with no break for revealing any facial features of body shape. The signature bowler hat and sunglasses complete the look.

12. Wolverine

wolverine beard costume ideas

This is masculinity in its finest form, and the costume is incredibly easy since all you need is max hold hair gel (a lot of it) or maybe treatments of gelatin to keep it weather proof and a tank top. The right kind of body and mutton chop style beard may be a challenge and make this a costume idea for only the select few. But, if you can pull it off, you will rock the party.

13. Osama Bin Ladin

osama bin ladin beard costume

Frankly, this is a different costume idea, but only for the bold and aggressive. I would save it for a themed party where Arab and Muslim outfits are the toast of the party. The beard is a standard full beard with minimal grooming with an accompanying mustache. Arab clothing including turban and flowing robes completes this outfit.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope you enjoyed the list of costume ideas and hope it created some unique ideas of your own. Sometimes, it only takes a nudge to release the creative juices of the mind to envision a costume that only you can appreciate and own.

That fact is important to me because I write these articles with the hope that you get some value out of the content. After all, all of you are smart people who just don’t have the time to sit down and think things like this through. What I do is try to accelerate the process and save you some time. There are many variations to each costume idea presented.

Send me some comments about what you did for Halloween and let me know if I helped in any way.

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