How Long Does Just For Men Last?

How long does just for men last? You thinking about coloring your hair or beard? If you've never used Just for Men before you're likely worried about all sorts of things. Which color to pick, how to use it, will the color match, and a wide variety of other things.

I've covered a list of the most common questions regarding Just for Men. By the time you finish this article you should be confident in your upcoming coloring sessions. Just for Men is a great way to color the grey hairs in your life. View Just for Men on Amazon.

how long does just for men last

How Long Will Your Dye Last?

You can expect your just for men dye to last roughly one month. You'll begin noticing fading around three weeks and by a month you'll want to apply new dye. One month may seem like a short time period but the just for men beard dye isn't expensive.

If you're serious about coloring your beard then just set it up where you dye at the beginning of the month. The dye process only takes a couple minutes and with it being inexpensive the whole process isn't difficult to go through.

Unfortunately, there isn't any real options available to make your beard dye last longer. Your daily activities may influence the time frame or longevity of your dye. It would boil down to how much time you're spending outside, weather conditions, and even how much you're sweating.

If you're highly active and outside often your just for men application may not last the full month. It shouldn't make a huge impact but depending on your variables you may lose a week of beard coloring.

Common Questions: Just For Men

I'm sure you likely have more questions other than how long does just for men last. I've searched through some of the most asked questions for Just for Men and have answered them below.

What is Just for Men?

Just For Men is a hair coloring product designed for men's hair. They offer hair coloring for head hair and facial hair in natural colors. Each color comes in a different box and includes the dyes, mixture, and applicator you'll need to dye your hair.

What is the active ingredient in just for men?

Hair dye has turned into much safer products over time and have become easier and safer to use. They're now fume free but still include artificial ingredients. Here's the active ingredients in just for men.

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    Oleyl Alcohol, Vegetable Fatty Acid
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    Erythorbic Acid
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    Trisodium EDTA
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    p-Aminophenol, p-Phenylenediamine
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    Hydrogen Peroxide

If you would like to know more about any one of the active ingredients you can read more on them here. That article from Wired magazine covers in more detail about each ingredient and what they're for or what they do.

How long do you let Just For Men Sit?

Your Just For Men dye only takes 5 minutes for the product to act and you shouldn't leave it sitting longer. Leaving the product for longer will darken the color of the hairs and it may appear unnatural.

Your box will include instructions for your dye and you should always go by the instructions. Time lengths for hair or facial hair dye will be different.

Can you use Just For Men on women's hair?

It's true that Just For Men only works on grey hair but women can still use it. They use the same dye technology as most other companies and aren't specific to only working for men. A lot of women secretly use Just For Men over other dye products because of its ease of use and quick application.

How do you get Just For Men off your skin?

One of the more annoying things about Just For Men and hair dye in general is when it's stuck to your skin. It's difficult to get off your skin and it leaves marks showing you've dyed your hair. It's something no one wants on their skin for many different reasons.

Here's 5 different ways you can remove the dye from your skin.

Method 1) Apply a facial cleanser or lather soap onto the dye on your skin. Use a scrub brush or washcloth to remove the dye from the skin. This method is a little more difficult since cleansers and soaps take longer to break down the dye but these are items most of us already have around the house.

Method 2) Rub petroleum jelly into the dye spot. Give it 30 seconds to sit and then wipe it away with a warm washcloth.

Method 3) Apply toothpaste to the dye spots and rub it in. Once it's sat for 30 seconds wipe it away with a warm washcloth. Avoid using a gel based toothpaste since it's less effective and use a paste based toothpaste.

Method 4) Combine one part dish soap and one part baking soda in a bowl to form a paste. Apply the paste to the dye stains on your skin and rub it in. Allow this to sit for 15 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Method 5) If you're going to dye your hair frequently you might consider investing in some hair dye remover. It's very inexpensive and quite handy to keep around.

Can hair dye burn your skin?

Hair dye can cause chemical burns on your hair if you forget about it. It'll take an extended amount of time for this to happen but it can happen. Chemical burns on the skin are far and few in between so I wouldn't let it worry you.

I would avoid using hair dye over skin with any fresh cuts or recent skin irritation. If you already have redness or bumps then hair dye may worsen the issue.

What are the side effects of hair dye?

If you have sensitive skin or are trying a new dye you may want to try a patch test before doing a full session. Simply dye a small section of hair on your arm or anywhere and wait a day to see how your skin reacts.

Common side effects could be skin redness, burning sensations, flaky skin, itchiness, and general discomfort. The good news is most people don't experience any severe problems and everything comes out just fine.

Can hair dye make you blind?

If you get Just For Men in your eye it will cause redness and irritation. You should rinse your eyes with water or drops to clean the eye. Blindness isn't a common result of non-permanent hair dye.

However permanent hair dye has been reported to cause blindness. You shouldn't use hair dye for your eyebrows or eyelashes and keep it away from your eyes.

Before You Go!

So I've answered your question, how long does just for men last, and many others. Hopefully you're confident in your upcoming dye sessions. Men are usually the ones to be worried the most when it comes to coloring hair.

We're just not as use to it as women are. The great thing about Just for Men is it's made to target only the grey hairs depending on the one you're using. Targeting the grey hair is the best route to go if you're uncertain of basic hair coloring.

If you're using Just For Men to color in your beard you may also want to look into Minoxidil. You use Minoxidil on your facial hair to grow a thicker beard. Having a thicker beard helps when you're coloring it in.

If you have any tips or suggestions please leave them in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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