How to Clean Your Electric Razor (7 Easy Steps)

You've got an electric razor but if you want it to last many years you'll have to learn how to clean that electric razor. With regular maintenance a good quality electric razor can last you a decade or more.

Getting a decade of use from a good electric razor makes them worth the initial cost. I recommend getting an electric razor like the Braun Series 9 with a cleaning station if you don't already have one. The cleaning station makes it where you don't have to do these "deep cleans" as often.

Need For This Tutorial

  • Cleaning Solution
  • Clean Towel

You will have most the items needed for this tutorial already at your disposal. Your electric razor and a clean towel will already be on hand but you may need to pick up or find a substitute for the cleaning brush and cleaning solution.

Many electric razors come with a cleaning brush in the box. It's a small brush with synthetic bristles. If you can't find it try to find a suitable alternative. Something like a badger brush for lathering shaving cream would work.

Your razor may have also came with a cleaning solution. If it didn't you can use a household alternative made from white vinegar or similar products. I'll cover alternative cleaning solutions in more detail below.

The one item you likely don't have is a aerosol lubricant. I recommend using Remington Shaver Saver on Amazon for your lubricant. One can will last you forever and it's really cheap.

How to Clean Electric Razors

how to clean electric razor

The "how to clean electric razors" steps below are for your deep maintenance cleaning. You should be cleaning your electric razor lightly after each and every use by rinsing it under water and removing excess hairs from the outside.

The cleaning instructions below are done less often but are required to keep your razor lasting a long time. Doing the cleaning steps below is how to keep your razor lasting a decade.

Step 1) Prepare Your Razor

Prepare your cleaning space and grab all the required items listed above. You may want two towels to use one to lay on your sink counter. There's usually a decent amount of excess hair trapped inside the razor that's going to fall out.

Place the second towel down to use as your work area. Depending on your electric razor you may also require a small screw driver.

Step 2) Take The Head Apart

Remove the head of the shaver from the body. It's the same process you would do if you were replacing the blades. If your head as a separate detachment section go ahead and remove the entire head as well.

This is the basic step you would do for your after use cleaning except we want to open up and expose as much as the head as possible.

Step 3) Bring Out The Brush

Use your brush to remove the hairs that have collected under the head of the shaver. Your electric razor should have come with a cleaning brush but you can alternatively use a paint brush.

Avoid tapping the head of the razor on the counter to loosen hairs. Remove every hair you see with your brush and make sure there are no hairs trapped in any crevices. Make sure to also brush off the frame and all parts associated with the head of your razor.

Step 4) Dismantle All Removable Parts

If your razor has any other detachable parts go ahead and remove them. Be very careful where you see screws but you can dismantle these parts of the razor as well.

It's crucial to be very careful while dismantling the razor. Try to avoid getting the inside of the razor wet. Set each piece side by side on your towel.

Step 5) Deep Cleaning

Gently take your brush and wipe off the insides of the razor. Remove all hair and loose pieces of dirt from the inside of the razor. Take your time during this phase and be patient with the cleaning. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning.

Now reassemble the razor.

Once the razor is back together cleaning the outside with warm water and liquid soap. After a quick cleaning with soap go back with your cleaning solution and give it another pass. Make sure to clean all parts of the razor including any detachable pieces.

Step 6) Dry Thoroughly

Dry each part of your razor with a towel. Then lay your razor out to air dry. Once your razor is completely dry continue to the final step.

Step 7) Lubrication

Now that your razor is dry you want to lubricate the metal surfaces. Turn your razor on and use a aerosol lubricant on all the metal surfaces. It takes very little of the lubricant to protect the metal surfaces.

Once you've applied a light amount with the shave on you can turn off your razor. There's no need to wipe off the oil from the shaver.

How Often Should You Clean Your Shaver?

You should be cleaning your electric razor after every shave by rinsing it under water and removing excess hair. When it comes to the deep cleaning instructions above it's recommended to clean your razor at least twice a month.

Some people will tell you to do a deep clean weekly but to be honest that's overkill. If you're rinsing your shaver after each use and doing the light maintenance between deep cleans then twice a month is enough.

Alternative Electric Razor Cleaning Solutions

People want to know about the other cleaning products they can use on their shavers. While warm water and liquid soap can typically be enough if you're doing a deep clean you may want to consider using other options around your home.

Rubbing alcohol can make a good alternative cleaning solution or even vinegar. These both make for great cleaning solutions. Here's some recipes for home cleaning solutions that use vinegar.

What About My Braun or Philips Razor?

If you're looking for how to clean your Braun electric razor or for the Philips shaver cleaning instructions you will be completely fine following our deep cleaning steps above. There may be slight differences in the official cleaning instructions of the two different brands but our instructions are 100% safe and work great.

You don't have to worry about messing up your razor. Following our instructions will give you a really clean razor and you can follow the same steps year in and out.

Before You Go!

I hope you found our instructions for how to clean electric razor helpful. It's important to take care of a good quality razor if you want to get years and years of use out of it. I know of people who have had their electric razor well over a decade so it is most definitely possible.

If you have any tips or suggestions that could help someone reading this article please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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