How To Do A Brazilian Wax Step By Step

How to do a Brazilian wax step by step. This guide will show you how to both give yourself or someone else a great Brazilian wax. Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal which gives you between 4-6 weeks of no hair. It removes your pubic hair directly from the roots.

The process does involve a little pain but it's tolerable. Our guide shows you how to sooth that pain and tips to improve the overall process to make it even more bearable.

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How To Do A Brazilian Wax

The how to do a Brazilian wax step by step guide below can be followed for DIY waxing or for waxing someone else. Step five covers the process of applying and removing wax strips directly but you should read through every step if you're going to have the best waxing experience.

Before you begin please make sure to never wax your main genital areas. Areas such as the male scrotum or anything of the vagina should be waxed. If you accidentally get wax on these areas one of our steps shows you how to safely remove it.

how to do a brazilian wax step by step

Step 1) Start With The Right Products

There are several different waxing kits you could buy. It's important to get a wax that's more tolerable and less painful since we're working with a sensitive area. Instead of using a hard wax go for the sugaring hair removal kit on Amazon.

What makes sugaring less painful? Sugaring doesn't stick to your skin the same way wax does. The sugaring material only sticks to your hairs and when removed it doesn't pull up the skin which reduces topical pain.

Additionally, sugaring is only pre-heated to a lukewarm level. So when it's initially applied to the area being worked it's much more comfortable. Overall if you're able to go with sugaring over normal waxing on any area of the body you should.

Step 2) About Your Wax Strips

If you've purchased the sugaring kit above it will come with some wax strips. When you need new wax strips here's what you can do. You can buy some or make homemade strips. Either way make sure to pick up strips of different sizes, between 1-2.5 inches each.

If you're going the homemade route you can use old cotton t-shirts or other cotton fabric to make your strips. Make sure to cut your strips into different sizes.

If you're using a water soluble wax/sugar you'll be able to re-use your homemade wax strips.

Step 3) It's Time To Shave

You want to shave your pubic hair quite low. The ideal length for a Brazilian wax can be achieved through an electric shaver. Waxing requires a small amount of hair to be available to attach to and pull out. Electric shavers leave behind just the right amount of hair for your wax strips to cling to.

If you don't have an electric shaver you'll have to use your standard razor. Only shave going with the grain and try to make a single pass. This way you're leaving enough hair behind for the wax.

Once you're shaved you can apply a talc powder. This will reduce the discomfort from pulling off wax strips.

Step 4) Handling Wax In The Wrong Place

During a Brazilian wax there's some areas near your working area you don't want to get wax on. Always keep a cloth nearby you can wipe excess wax onto. If your wax is water soluble you can use a damp washcloth to wipe it off areas you don't want it.

For areas on the body that need wax removed you can use a cotton ball dipped in baby oil. This will remove the wax and leave the skin smooth. You don't want to wax a scrotum because a little wax dripped on it!

Step 5) It's Time To Start Waxing!

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    Always start near your belly button and work your way down.
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    When applying wax, apply it in the direction of hair growth, apply in thin strips.
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    With one hand stretch the skin taut. Use a paper towel or cloth to hold the skin in place.
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     With your other hand grab the wax strip and rip it upward against the direction of hair growth.
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    Don't apply to much wax because the wax strips may not adhere to the hair.
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    If you're doing your own Brazilian wax grab a compact mirror to view between your legs and wax the areas which are harder to see.

Step 6) Repeat Until Satisfied

Repeat the waxing process until you're happy with the outcome. Remember to apply in small thin strips because it's better for your skin and will hurt less with each pull. Some areas may have thicker hairs and take a couple sessions to completely remove the hairs.

If your skin becomes very red and irritated wait a couple minutes before waxing again. If there are a few hairs left over don't try to wax them. For any few remaining hairs you should use tweezers to remove them.

Make sure to take your time with your Brazilian wax if you're doing this at home. You can take time between removing strips to give your skin time to relax. Never apply wax in large areas thinking you can speed up the process. You're guaranteed to regret that!

Step 7) Clean Up and Sooth

You may have small amounts of wax left on your skin that are difficult to remove. Don't try to rip them off with your hand or wax strips. Instead use some warm water and oil or lotion to remove the remaining wax.

Your skin being red after waxing is completely normal. The redness will fade away with time but you can use Aloe Vera or lotion in the meantime to sooth your skin.

Answering Common Questions

So I've covered how to do a Brazilian wax step by step and you likely have some other questions. Below you'll find some common asked questions I've come across and have answered. Hopefully you'll find some additional useful tips below.

Should I do post waxing maintenance?

Taking care of your skin post Brazilian wax is quite important. I recommend using a glycolic wipe and coconut oil to moisturize your skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliating daily helps remove dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs by pushing them through the surface of the skin.

You should do these at a minimum of every other day.

Can waxing cause skin tags?

No, there's no scientific evidence that waxing causes skin tags. Skin tags are small pieces of skin that stick out from the surface. Skin tags can be treated and removed so don't worry about them being permanent if you happen to have one. 

Can waxing remove hair permanently?

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal solution. Typically your results will last between 4-6 weeks. Some unlucky people may see hair grow back after a week depending on their hair growth cycle.

With repeated waxing you can prolong how long it takes for your hair to grow back. Extended the grow back period is the most ideal situation you're going to achieve for long term hair removal. However, the hairs will eventually still grow back and need to be waxed again.

Will waxing cause my hair to grow back thicker?

Waxing will absolutely not cause your hair to grow back thicker. It's like the old wives tale about shaving causing hairs to grow back thicker. Neither waxing or shaving makes this happen.

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