The Secret on How to Look Good Bald

How to look good bald? Ok, so there’s not really a “secret” to looking good bald. Being bald or experiencing hair loss doesn’t make you look bad. It just gives you less to work with on your personal appearance. The biggest misconception is that you’re going to not look great bald.

The Secret of Being Bald is Out!

The trick to being bald and dealing with hair loss is using other accessories or features to make up for what’s missing — the hair on your head. The most obvious of these choices is growing a beard. It’s an obvious choice because it’s a popular choice among the majority of men going through baldness.

If you’re able to grow a beard or any decent facial hair it will add more structure to your face. Full beards being the go to option and probably the one I would recommend. There are also some other options out there with goatees and the like.

What about those accessories:

Not everyone can grow a beard or maybe your workplace doesn’t allow you to have facial hair. If that’s the situation you are in then I would take full advantage of accessories. Great thing there’s so many options that something is sure to fit your style.

What do you think of glasses? Sunglasses being the popular choice, but there are also clear glasses which are only for looks. You don’t need a prescription to own a pair of glasses.

What else is at your disposal:

While beards & glasses are going to be great options for the facial accessories of most individuals, sometimes you just need more. Some other above the neck accessories include earrings and necklaces. If you don’t have your ears pierced, and don’t want them pierced, there’s still earrings out there.

You may be thinking… “these options won’t work for me”! Don’t worry we’ve got more to come.

Take into account your personal style. Not everyone looks great with a necklace, goatee, or other options. Find what works for you by experimenting. Don’t be afraid to be a mad scientist, learning how to look good bald while going through hair loss, and really go crazy testing things out.

Handling Hair During The Early Stages

During the early stages of male pattern baldness you’ll experience phases of thin hair, bald patch, and the head of hair you once had changed dramatically. This is due to your hair follicle weakening and becoming unable to grow hair. These follicles may form a bald spot in the beginning that’ll affect your hairline.

In the beginning, consider getting a haircut that’s very short such as a crew cut. A short haircut will help blend areas of your hairline that are receding. Whatever you do don’t go the toupee or hair transplant route.

Some bald men ask themselves, “should I shave my head” and the answer yes no matter your head shape. I recommend using the bald eagle head shaver if you’re shaving it yourself. Don’t let bad hair growth get you down either because women find bald attractive. Ask the women around you what they think of men with no hair on their head. The majority of women think it has huge sex appeal so bald people don’t have it so bad.

Why Your Body Matters When You’re Learning How to Look Good Bald

how to look great bald

Your body always matters, but here’s what in particular affects you when you’re bald.

It helps the bald man to be tan:

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some guys look just great bald. Perhaps better than they would with hair? If you look at celebs like The Rock or Vin Diesel they’re tan. It’s the same reason black guys can pull off being bald so easily.

Being tan and having your head the same tone as your body makes your bald head not look sickly. If I had to guess I’d say that 90% or more of the bald head guys you have seen and think look good bald had a tan. It’s a key to how to look good bald and turn hair loss into a positive.

Being tan helps hide any bumps or redness on your head. Most guys aren’t all the way bald and have to do some shaving on their head. Shave regularly to keep your head smooth and looking great.

Tips to get tan:

The healthiest way to tan is naturally and in small increments. Going outside more or make going outside to tan your main reason. Grab yourself a book and read outside from time to time. Anything which will help you start tanning the top of your head.

We’re going for an even tan so that means no shirt either!

If you absolutely must use an artificial tanning service just be careful and know the effects. Be knowledgeable about your decision and be sure it’s the right choice for you. Whatever you do don’t get into a rush and try and get dark as fast as possible. It’s not good for your skin to go quickly so remain patient.

Being Fit & Bald

how to look good bald
Being fit and in shape is something everyone should be doing, but we’re here to talk about the effects it can have on baldness.

Another thing the celebs we mentioned earlier have in common with being tan is being fit. They’re muscular men and it helps to pull off the bald look. The good news is you don’t have to become the next Rock or spend 8 hours a day at the gym.

Simply being somewhat in shape is enough to help. The bald look is a dominant look when pulled off correctly. It’s hard to appear dominant if you’re out of shape.

Being fit and having less body fat is going to help define your face.

Let’s face it… when you’re bald your face is on full display and all of its features are more noticeable.

Having lower body fat content or a good BMI means you’re going to have less fat in your face. Having a more defined face when you’re bald is a major factor on how to look good bald. Being fit & bald together is a dangerous combination and makes for a drastically dominate look. Not to mention women love a bald attractive man.

The Pro’s & Con’s of Being Bald

The Pros:

You never ever have to worry about hairstyle ever again. Obvious right? This little detail while obvious is a big win for the bald guy. You’re never going to have to stress over styles or making time for a barber. In the beginning stages of male-pattern baldness, you can shave head and have a buzz cut down to the scalp. It’ll look much better than trying to cover it up.

It’s somewhat like the choice Steve Jobs made with his clothing. Steve Jobs chose to wear the same thing every day. His closet was full of the same type of shirts & pants which saved him time every morning. He did this to contribute to his productivity and to have fewer things to worry about — like what he was going to wear that day.

It’s a similar concept with never having to worry about your hair. Simply keep it shaved and it’s one less thing you have to worry about. It’s also going to save you some money — no more trips to the barber and you’ll be spending a lot less on some bathroom products.

Plus you never have to worry about things such as lice but you still can’t escape dandruff.

The Con’s:

By being bald you’re more prone to the elements. You’re more out in the cold, but this isn’t a major flaw. Simply solved with a nice hat or hoodie.

The money you’re saving from not going to the barber you’re most likely going to end up spending on razor blades. You’re going to need to shave your head more often to keep it smooth. If you can learn to wet shave using a good safety razor then you don’t have to worry about that money. Wet shaving your head will take some practice, but compare the price at $10 for 100 blades to $15 for 3 or so refills from Gillette.

Another thing is you can still get dandruff. Something a lot of guys never thought about. If you had problems with dandruff before you’re still going to have them. It’s at least easier to take care of when bald. Applying lotion on your head will have you taken care of.

The Best Bald Guy Beard Styles

bald guy with stubble

Stubble is one of my personal favorites. Getting the stubble look is easy to do and looks good on a wide range of faces. If you’re looking for something quick & easy that’s also going to be low maintenance — this could be the look for you.

A lot of celebs go with stubble. One of the more notorious stubble looks is from Jason Statham (not pictured). You most likely know who he is, but if you don’t ask your wife because she definitely will!

bald with full beard

A full beard looks great on most guys as well. Learning how to look good bald really isn’t all that difficult if you can grow a beard. A full beard is a great answer to the common question of what beard should I have if I’m bald.

The key is to really learn what looks good on you. Here’s a guide that shows you what beards look best on certain face shapes. Depending if you have a round, oval, diamond, or square shape will decide which kinds of facial hair are going to be best suited for you.

bald with goatee

A great goatee isn’t out of style if its done correctly. Some people you meet assume the goatee is outdated and better left in the 90’s. I’d like to argue that if it’s done right and on the right person the goatee can be pulled off and look amazing.

The goatee above on The Rock is a bit shaggy to make it longer. The little extra length on his goatee helps compliment his face shape which is oval.

If that doesn’t prove that the goatee is still alive and well today I’m not sure what would convince you. If you’re interested in growing one there’s no need to hesitate!

Be open to experimenting:

Look.. you have your whole life to learn how to look good bald so don’t always wear that one facial hair style you “know” looks good on you. Don’t be afraid to try something new. The 3 options above are all safe picks and great picks, but there’s more out there.

Try variations of beards. If you’re growing a full beard you may want to try the duck tail or french fork for example. Heck.. even try seeing how long you can grow your beard, but the length is often left to genetics.

What if you can’t grow a beard?

bald and clean shaven

Even if you’re unable to grow a beard, you just might not need to. You can be bald and still look great with a clean shave. If you’re worried about looking like Mr. Clean, don’t! The ladies like Mr. Clean.

As you can tell almost no matter your circumstance you’ve got some options at your disposal. Being bald isn’t a bad thing and might honestly be the most confidence boosting thing in your life. Just own it and make the best of it.

Some final thoughts…

Figuring out how to look good bald isn’t some master puzzle. It’s actually not all that hard and often if you’re feeling held back it’s your own emotions holding you back. We’re often our hardest and most crucial judges of ourselves.

Being hard on yourself over being bald or experiencing hair loss isn’t healthy. Self-acceptance and being confident in who you are, no matter your circumstances is a trait of utter importance.

If you’re reading this because you’re going bald or already are and looking to make some changes I hope we were able to help you. It’s important to be happy with yourself and who you are and not let hair loss get in your way. Always remember to be confident.

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