How to Make Your Beard Hair Straight

how to make your beard hair straight

Learning how to make your beard hair straight on your own can seem a bit like an experiment. You want to tame your wild beard hairs and turn them into an amazingly straight style. Have you ever experienced the painful side of having a wild beard?

It’s a sort of toughness you get from the wild beard hairs. It tugs at the skin and can feel uncomfortable.​ Straightening your beard will help you find relief from those issues.

Not only will you have an overall better beard experience but straightening your beard makes it look great! I hope you’re excited to get your beard straightened.​ We’ve got two excellent methods to straighten your beard.

Read through both options and pick the one you relate to the best. It’s a matter of your own personal style but both methods result in a beautiful straight beard.​

What You’ll Need for this Tutorial:





BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron (1 inch)

The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil – Conditioner Softener – All Natural Fragrance Free – Softens,…

Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer, White

Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve – Perfect for Balms and Oils – Sandalwood Scent,…

Hair Styling Fiber for Men – Pliable Molding Wax Product with Medium Hold & Minimal Shine – For…

BushKlawz Urban Prince Hair and Beard Grooming and Shine Control Spray Conditioner

You’re going to need a couple items to make this whole process really work. You may already have some of these around the house and some others you can find alternatives to. Just make sure you have something that’ll get the job done.

​Mini Straightening Iron

​The straightening iron is only needed if you’re going with the second method or tutorial we show you below. However, make sure you get a “mini” straightening iron and not the standard full size one.​

​Beard Holding Spray

​Another option to lock your beard into place. The spray is much easier to use and has components found in beard oils which make it a win-win for your beard. If you have normal hair spray you can use it for the time being but consider upgrading later down the road.

​Beard Oil & Conditioner

​This is required for both methods. There’s no real alternatives here so you’ll need to pick this up. It helps moisten your beard so it’ll straighten and at the same time protect it from the heat of the iron. You should consider beard wax if you need a light hold product to help keep your beard in place.

​Texture Paste

​This paste helps lock your beard into place. It isn’t required and is honestly a more optional pick up but if you really want to lock down that style this will do the trick.​

​Blow Dryer

​Any blow dryer will work here. You may already have one around the house but if not we’ve linked you to a cheaper affordable option. No need to go all out here on the blow dryer but blow dryers with the comb attachments do help the overall process.​

​Beard Comb

​A good wooden beard comb is our recommendation. They’re sturdy and the teeth are designed not to split beard hairs. You can alternatively use the small black plastic comb in your bathroom for now but I would eventually upgrade to the wooden comb.​

How to Make Your Beard Hair Straight

how to make your beard hair straight

Learning how to make your beard hair straight won’t take you long. It’ll become a daily part of your morning routine. I recommend doing it shortly after getting out of the shower while the hairs are still damp.

As you can see pictured here having a straight beard makes a big difference. It does require a little effort and time but, the results are definitely worth it. You can straighten most beard lengths but, obviously the longer or more hair to work with the easier it’ll be to use the tools that straighten your hair.

Method #1 Essential Straight Beard

This method is essentially the core beginning to straightening your beard. You will need to follow these steps in method one completely to start off on the right track.

​Step 1: Preperation

At this point you’ve been out of the shower a couple minutes and have your beard tools ready to go. Your first step will be to rub in your beard oil. Begin at the “underbrush” and then the tops and sides of your beard. Make sure to rub your fingers through the beard so it gets everywhere.

For medium to large beards around 6 drops of beard oil does the trick. If you opted to use a beard texture paste you’ll go ahead and apply it at this time as well right after the beard oil.

​Step 2: Applying Heat & Molding Hairs

puffed out beard

The next step will be to grab your blow dryer. If you have a heat guard with comb attachment for the blow dryer that works best. If not you’ll need a good beard comb.

Using medium heat you’ll want to start from underneath the beard and brush up and out using the blow dryer heat. This will begin the straightening process.

Repeat this “up and outward” motion for your entire beard and try to separate the hairs individually. This will remove any giant curls and your beard will look all puffed out at the moment.

​Step 3: Downward Combing

You’ll want to remove the comb attachment from the blow dryer and simply blow dry the side of your beard downward. Using your hand or a beard comb to guide the sides of your beard. This helps shape the beard while still helping to make it straight.

At this point your beard will have a naturally straightened look. If you enjoy the way this looks it’s a good stopping point. If you want to learn how to straighten your beard at another level continue on to the next method.

Tool Required – The method below requires a mini straightening iron.

Method #2 The Beard Straightener

beard mini flat iron

You’ll need two things for this process. Some mini clips to hold the beard and a mini straightening iron. It’s very important to use a mini straightening iron and not a normal size one. The mini straightener gives you much more control and you won’t be burning yourself like you might with using one that’s to big.

Pro Tip! – If you’re not experienced with a flat iron have some assist you. You can accidentally burn a hole in your beard if you let it sit to long on one spot.

​Step 1: Sectioning Your Beard

If you have a lot of beard use clips to pin up upper layers so you can easily access the beard underneath. This lets you use the straightener on mini sections of the beard at a time.

You want to aim for a one pass motion using the hot iron. Don’t do several quick and small passes as this isn’t good for the beard. One motion that takes 2 or 3 seconds will be enough to straighten the hair. Do this process in sections until all of your under beard is straight.

​Step 2: Rinse & Repeat

The second step is the same as the first except you’re removing the clips and doing the same process to the upper half of your beard.

If your beard isn’t large enough to require the use of clips that’s fine. You still want to do your best to use your beard straightener on as much of your beard as possible.

​Using a beard iron is the 100% most efficient way to straighten your beard.

​Some Beard Advice

If you’re just learning how to make your beard hair straight then I’d recommend not doing the straightening iron method first. Do the natural straightened beard for a while before moving onto something like this.

This look is great for beard competitions but, on a normal basis make sure not to straighten it every day. Some days you need to use the natural method to give your beard a break from the contact of direct heat.

Another thing to note is this method is better for thicker beards. Straightening with an iron will take away any natural curls which add perceived thickness so, it’ll have a thinner look afterward. If your beard is naturally very thick then this won’t be an issue as much for you.

  • Do you suffer from beard itch? Read our guide for a soothing solution.


Both methods above are great solutions for how to make your beard hair straight. The first being the most natural and most recommended while the second still being a very viable option.

It helps to have some beard length to make all this work. Using a product like Minoxidil will help you grow a bigger beard.

I hope you were able to take away some great tips and get that desired straightened beard look you are searching for. Leave me a comment below and thanks for reading!


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