How to Manscape in College

It’s time to learn how to manscape in college. Your bags are packed, your clothes are boxed up and you’re jumping into the station wagon so mom and dad can whisk you off to college. A whole range of emotions are going through you right now: what will it be like? How will I fit in? Will I be able to shave my crotch while I’m there?

You know, normal college guy questions. Yes, you’ve packed your body groomer, razor blades, and the other tools of your manscaping trade but this will be a different manscaping arena you are entering and there’s going to be some challenges ahead.

Manscaping in college can be a challenge, especially if your dorm shares a communal bathroom. The last thing you want to do is strip down and try shaving up in a public bathroom when anyone can just wander in and interrupt your “me time.”

Not only can privacy be an issue, there’s also the issue of leaving an anthill sized mound of cut pubes in the bathroom. Besides being rude and unhygienic you’re also not going to win many friends this way either.

Yep, continuing your manscaping regiment in college can be a challenge but it’s well worth it. The many benefits of manscaping notwithstanding, college girls dig it also so what more reason do you need. Seriously, find us a reason. Just don’t be this guy:

How to Manscape in College

Tips for Manscaping in College

In order to make this new chapter of your manscaping career as smooth and painless an adjustment as possible we’ve put together a few tips on how to manscape in college so you can keep doing your thing even in your bathroom away from home.

If you’re a complete beginner to manscaping read this guide.

Don’t listen to Nike and “Just Do It.”

The last thing you want is four years of being known as “that guy who leaves his ball hair in the shower.” That’s the sort of thing that sticks with a guy, you know? You don’t have to be overly discrete about things if you’re otherwise comfortable but remember to be respectful of the fact that there are other people using your grooming space now.

Learn the Suite Life

Many colleges allow you to request a suite. This is a great option for many reasons outside of your manscaping needs although not having to share a bathroom with the entire floor certainly helps the cause.

Suites are typically in short supply and/or reserved for upperclassmen so find out if it is an option and apply early If possible.

Learn the Shower Schedule

If you’re forced to use a communal bathroom with lots of traffic, learn the peak hours and plan around them. In college, the heavy traffic time for showers is usually in the mornings and evenings. Plan accordingly and you can maximize your shower time as well as privacy.

Sunday mornings in college are often lazy days. Half the students go home for the weekend and the other half are sleeping off Saturday night’s festivities. If a communal bathroom is unavoidable, Sundays may be the time to learn how to manscape in college.

Pre-Trimming is a Must

We’ve already talked about how pre-trimming your pubes is a must when it comes to preparing the downstairs for shaving. It’s an easier way to remove longer hairs in preparation for shaving with a blade and it lowers the chances of accidentally cutting yourself.

Now consider it an integral part of your college manscaping routine for a different reason. Not only does it make shaving an easier task, it makes for a quicker task as well which can be helpful when you’re pressed for time.

Be Discrete with the Body Groomer

While a body groomer is a great tool to have in your manscaping toolbox, the distinct buzz is a dead giveaway if your fellow students hear it emanating from a shower stall. Limit your use of the body groomer to times when you know you have privacy.

If losing the electric trimmer is not an option for you, however, there is another way:

Invest in a Portable Shower Speaker

Not only is owning a shower speaker an awesome way to bring your favorite music with you wherever you want to go, they also have the added benefit of being, well, loud.

Loud music was essentially invented by men specifically for the purposes of covering up other sounds such as an electric razor or body groomer. A portable shower speaker will put out more than enough noise to drown out the sound of your razor blade leaving you able to manscape peacefully and discretely. Your shower grooming game just got a big boost.

Manscape Early and Manscape Often

If you haven’t already developed a regular manscaping schedule now is the time to focus on shorter but more frequent maintenance periods. This will decrease the amount of time each manscaping session takes while at the same time decrease the amount of shavings left over. The result will be faster, more discrete grooming sessions.

Make friends with the Swim Team

You probably already know this, but swimmers are world famous body shavers. Many colleges have a swim team so getting friendly with them might be the way to go for inside information.

Of course you don’t want to just walk up to another guy at a party and say “hey man, how do you shave your pubes” so this is more of a long game. Properly executed, you’ll have access to all the inside manscaping info a swimmer has to offer and that is worth its weight in manscaping gold.

They Grow Up So Fast

We want you to know we’re proud of your decision to attend Manscaping University with us and we look forward to you bringing the same dedicated manscaping efforts that got you this far to the collegiate level.

Manscaping in college can be a tough road to travel but with a little time and effort you can make it work just as easily as if you were in the privacy of your own bathroom. Four years is a good amount of time and practice makes perfect. Before you know it you’ll have your Masters in Manscaping.

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