How to Manscape Safely Guide

Our guide on how to manscape safely will cover everything you need to be aware of. Manscaping is the more modern term for men’s shaving hygiene. The term covers more than just below your belt and that’s important to know before we dive into this topic. We’ve written more on what manscaping actually is in a post here if you’d like to read it.

Must Know Manscaping Safety

how to manscape safely
First off do not and I repeat.. DO NOT share any hygiene tool with anyone. Some of you may think this should be a given but, from what I’ve seen it isn’t and it needs to be said. Don’t share your razor, body groomer, toothbrush, or any of it!

There’s some real serious infections you could get from sharing a shaving razor. You can transmit hepatitis B, C, and HIV by sharing a razor. On a less serious level, you’re still more likely to cause skin irritation, infections, and rashes.

Skin Preparation

A big part of how to manscape safely is preparing the skin. You want to make sure you take some time to warm your skin upon the area being shaved. This is to make sure you loosen hair follicles and lets you get a smoother shave and have less irritation. It also makes it easier to flatten the skin when shaving areas such as your balls and pubic region.

A good habit to get into would be to shave after a warm shower. Sometimes you don’t always have that luxury so wetting and warming up a washcloth can be a good alternative. Either way, make sure the area you’re shaving is warmed up and ready. Don’t shave when cold as it wrinkles the skin and will cause a lot of irritation or even cause you to nick yourself.

Using the Right Tool

It’s important you’re using the right tool. You might think any shaving razor will be the same but, that’s not true. We recommend three core tools to ensure your manscaping safely success. The first tool we recommend is a good body groomer. This tool is used to cut down the longer hairs of the body and some use it as their only tool for the groin. It just depends on your preferred level of shaving. Some people want a trimmed look and others want it gone!

The second and third tool are both shaving razors. Although we recommend getting 2 different razors. One you’ll use for the body or anything below the neck. The other razor will be for your face. It’s a good habit to get into separating the two if you don’t already.

Also, check out the DZ Nuts shaving cream.

What Amount of Shaving Cream?

Well here’s the thing. You don’t always want to use shaving cream! Shocker? We recommend using a liquid hand soap when shaving your groin or more specifically your testicles. The hand soap will apply in a thin layer and lets you get a closer shave on your testicles. It provides the perfect amount of lather to the skin and keeps it well protected.

Using a shaving cream in the groin area gets messy quick. You almost always end up applying to much shaving cream and that makes it much more difficult to shave. It’ll cause you to cut or nick yourself and that’s what we want to avoid when learning how to manscape safely.

What to Avoid on the Groin

how to manscape safely
There are just some things you shouldn’t do. Let’s name a couple and make sure we keep you out of the mud. A big thing to avoid are clippers on your balls. Most of us can admit we’ve tried it once or twice and it doesn’t work out well. Typically ends with a couple bloody spots on your sack. Instead, use a good body groomer and use it to trim the pubic region, not the balls, and then use a razor for the rest.

Avoid waxing kits. Especially the home waxing kits. Just take our word on this one and don’t attempt it. It’s definitely not worth it. If you have a bit of extra money laying around and for some reason just really want to try waxing then go to a professional.

Also, avoid creams like Nair. These are not meant for the groin. Although there’s directions on these products which state do not use on groin a lot of people end up trying it. If you want severe irritation and discomfort then go ahead. If not then just stay away!


Another thing to take away with you is to just shave with patience. It’s not a race so just be patient and take your time. Only manscape below the belt when you’re not rushed or trying to get somewhere on a deadline. That’s a major key for how to manscape safely.

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