How to Properly Manscape for the Manly Man

If you’re reading this you are probably brand new to manscaping. That’s OK and we’ll teach you how to properly manscape! Our site has several articles that will teach you a lot of different things on manscaping so, once you’re finished here make sure to check out some of our other content.

Just keep in mind we were all new at this one time or another. It’s a different experience for everyone and it’s also not exactly for everyone. After reading a couple posts on our site give it a try and see if it’s for you. Your other half may especially love it!

Start with Clippers

When most people think of manscaping they tend to think it’s only the crotch. This isn’t true. Our post here goes over clearly what manscaping is and isn’t. So, you want to start off with a good pair of clippers. This is to trim down the longer hairs on your body or pubic region.

At this stage you can choose the desired length of your hair. If you’re shaving your chest and are looking for a nice trimmed look then set the clippers to around a size 4 at first to see how it looks. If you thinks it’s still to long you can lower it more and look again. Do this process until you have a desired style. Keep in mind it’s easier to shave off less at a time because once it’s shaved it will take a lot longer to grow back.

If you’re going to shave bare then just use the lowest setting on your clippers. I personally prefer a well trimmed pubic region compared to bare shaven. It’s totally up to you though and what you feel comfortable in.

Special Note** Remember that you DON’T want to shave your balls with clippers. It’s difficult and not the most pleasant experience.

I highly recommend the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. It’s my clipper of choice for those learning how to properly manscape.

Read our guide on not cutting yourself while shaving.

Move to the Shower

how to properly manscape
Now that you’ve shaved your locks and it’s nice and trim it’s time to jump in the shower. I always recommend shaving in the shower as it just makes everything a lot easier. If you plan on shaving your chest we’ve written a good guide on how to do that. Just remember to take your time when shaving any area of your body.

There’s no need to get into a rush and taking your time is how to properly manscape. Using the shower is a bonus for a couple reasons. One it’s easier to rinse the blade, easier to remove hair, warms the skin to loosen hair follicles, and is overall better on your skin.

If you, like many others, are now looking to shave your balls then good on you. Here’s some tips to help you along the way!

You’re going to use a razor blade to shave your testicles. Not an electric shaver. It’s much easier and does a lot better job if you use a razor like Gillette Body Disposable Razor. Although we don’t recommend using shaving gels or creams. A thin layer of hand soap does best for the testicles. If you’re just learning how to properly manscape then keep in mind to take your time! This isn’t a race!

For our complete detailed guide to shaving your balls click here.

Also, here’s a quick humorous video on how to properly manscape your goods:

How Often Should I Manscape

After reading a couple of our guides you get the gist of how to properly manscape. The next thing a lot of guys ask is how often should they be doing it? That really depends on the individual because everyone’s hair grows differently.

Keeping everything groomed is important though. You’ll have better hygiene and also a better smell! And for most women if you want them to do something down there well… you better have it nice and trimmed!

As always I hope this post on how to properly manscape really helped you and leave me a comment below! Thanks for reading.

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