How To Remove Beard Dye: Facial Hair or Skin

If you're looking for somewhere to learn how to remove beard dye then you've landed on the right page. We've covered both the method to removing beard dye from your facial hair and removing beard dye from your skin.

Coloring your hair can be a difficult process when it's on your face. I've come to the realization that coloring your head hair is much easier for one reason or another. Well at least the dye on your head isn't right under your nose where you can't escape the smell.

Either way here's how to handle removing beard dye.

Here's What You're Going To Need

As with any guide you're going to need a few items to get the job done. This particular how to guide doesn't require everything on the list above but depending on the method of removal you choose to use you'll require some of these items. Here's a brief description of the items.

Redbook Hair Color Remover - If you've dyed your beard and need to completely revert what you've done this is what you need. This product strips dye products from your hair and will return it to its natural state.

Roux Dye Stain Remover - If you've gotten dye on your skin that's difficult to remove this is what Roux is for. Beard dye can be difficult to remove from skin and lasts for several days before even appearing to fade away. Roux will remove the dye from your skin quickly so there won't be a noticeable trace that you've dyed your beard.

Other products you'll need for this tutorial you should have laying around the house. You're going to need a couple towels, shampoo, a shower, and maybe even an extra set of hands if you have a spouse or friend to help you.

how to remove beard dye

Guide: How To Remove Beard Dye

We're going to cover two different methods on how to remove beard dye or your just for men. One being how to remove beard dye from your actual facial hair and the other for removing dye from your skin. Both of which are extremely difficult to remove without the right products in place.

Removing Dye From The Beard

Step 1) Take yourself a warm shower and make sure to shampoo your beard. The shampoo will begin the process of removing the dye from your beard. It helps relax your hair follicles and preps the dye in your hair for removal.

Step 2) When you dry off your beard make sure to leave it a little damp. Consider it to be about 20% wet of what it was out of the shower. We need the beard damp for the product to have maximum effect.

Step 3) Mix Redbook agent 1 & 2 in a 1:1 ratio. Now apply it all over your beard.

Step 4) Use the heating cap to apply heat to your beard for 45 minutes. If the heating cap is to difficult to use on your facial hair you may use alternative sources of heat such as a blow dryer. Aim for the full 45 minutes to get the best results.

Step 5) Remove the heat from your beard and wait a couple minutes until your facial hair has returned to a room temperature (roughly 5-10 minutes). Now you can wash and dry your beard.

You should notice a good difference and improvement in your facial hair. Depending on your hair and the type of beard dye you've used it may take more than one session to completely remove the beard dye from your facial hair.

Removing Dye From Your Skin

Step 1) Using warm water and a washcloth wet the skin where the dye stain is located. Scrub the area gently to loosen the dye and prepare it.

Step 2) Place a small amount of Roux onto your washcloth and scrub the stained skin. You can scrub has hard as you need to and the dye will come off. Don't be afraid of removing the dye from hair since Roux only works on skin.

Step 3) You may need to repeat the process a couple times to completely remove the dye. One additional step you can take is to use baby oil first before Roux to loosen the dye. There have been a lot of people saying this has had the best results.

Commonly Asked Questions

Since we now have the basics covered of removing beard dye from your facial hair and skin we would also like to help answer any lingering questions you may have. Searching through the web for questions being asked by people asking how to remove beard dye has given us these questions and here's our answer.

How to use dawn dishwashing liquid for lightening hair?

If you've colored your hair or facial hair a little too dark here's what you'll need to do.

Step 1) Warm up some olive oil on the stove. You want it to be warm but not so hot you can't grab it with your hands.

Step 2) Wash your beard or hair at the sink using dawn dishwashing liquid. Make sure to wash it really well. Pat your beard dry with a towel but leave it somewhat damp.

Step 3) Grab the warm olive oil with your hands and soak your facial hair in the olive oil. Let this sit on your beard for around 15 minutes.

Step 4) Revisit the sink and wash out the olive oil using dawn dishwashing liquid. This should strip some color out of your hair leaving it a lighter color.

Will color oops work on my beard?

Yes, this Color Oops on Amazon will work on your beard. In general we do like this product but prefer the Redbook hair color remover we mentioned above over it.

What happens if you wash out hair dye early?

So nothing bad is going to happen from washing out hair dye early. Some people actually do this on purpose because of what it does. When you wash out the hair dye early you're going to get a lighter shade of the color you purchased for dark tones.

So if you purchase a brown that's really close to what you're looking for and couldn't find something else a little lighter... then you could wash it out a couple minutes and not let it sit the full wait time.

Before You Go!

If you're new to coloring your beard check out our guide on it. It's a great way to have a younger look, color up gray hairs, or change up your appearance. It's quite easy to do once you've gotten the hang of it.

Also, don't forget to take care of your beard on a daily basis. Use beard wax and oils to maintain a healthy beard.

Hopefully our article helped show you how to remove beard dye in case you run into some trouble. If you have some tips and tricks of your own you would like to share please leave them in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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