6 Methods On How To Remove Lower Back Hair

That little lower back hair patch has to go! You're ready to be rid of your back fuzz and hopefully you're excited to learn how to remove lower back hair. I've put together several methods that all work great but it's up to you to find the one you want to try or may feel most comfortable with.

We've all got lower back hair but some of ours is more noticeable than others. It can be a self-esteem effecting part of our bodies and you want it gone so you can feel better about yourself. There's nothing wrong with that and if removing that hair raises your self-esteem then lets remove it.

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The Methods of Back Hair Removal

Below I've put together 6 different methods to remove your lower back hair. Each with there own unique approach and some level of discomfort. Face it, removing hair has never has zero pain involved but it's all quite tolerable.

how to remove lower back hair

Asking A Friend

This is the easiest solution. Ask your wife or friend to shave your lower back for you. This can be an awkward situation in general. Asking someone to shave a hair patch near your butt takes confidence but it's the easiest way to have it removed.

I would recommend using a razor blade and shave cream to remove the hair if you go this route. This way the hair will stay away for a longer period of time before having to ask the same person to shave your hair patch again. You could use an electric shaver which would be quicker but the hair will grow back sooner.

The drawback to this method is you'll have to ask someone again and again if you're going to keep the hair shaved. So make sure you're asking someone who really loves you because I don't think they'll shave it for you otherwise.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is a painless solution to removing your lower back hair. Pick up a cream like Nair or an alternative brand. It only takes a couple minutes to remove the hair and can be done before your shower in the morning.

These creams work by killing the hair at the root and causing it to fall out. You rub the cream onto the area you want hair removed and let it sit for a couple minutes (following instructions) and then you can wipe away the cream using a washcloth. The end result is hairless skin!

A word of caution if you have sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive to things like cologne, spray deodorant, or aftershaves you may have an external chemical reaction based sensitivity. Hair removal creams will cause you extreme skin irritation if you're someone who has these sorts of issues.

On the plus side to using hair removal cream. These creams have a longer lasting effect when compared to shaving. It's also easier to be discrete and handle your lower back hair in private.

Waxing or Sugaring

Waxing your lower back hair is a great way to have long term hair removal. This involves placing a hot wax on your hair and allowing it to dry. Then you'll pull it off quickly using wax strips or pulling the wax itself. This all depends on the type of wax you're using.

If you want a less painful form of waxing you can try sugaring and other home hair removal waxing forms which claim to be less painful. They all generally have the same effect and use the same place wax on hair, rip off, and have hairless skin approach.

The best thing about going with waxing is how long it takes the hair to grow back. You're pulling the hairs from the root and it takes much more time for them to regrow. If you wax new hairs as they grow back it also becomes less painful and leads to even longer periods of time of hairless skin.

On the downside of waxing it is still one of the more painful options. You're pulling a large amount of hair out all at once. Obviously it's going to hurt some and it's the sole drawback of waxing. However, I believe the benefits far outweigh the drawback.

With the amount of people who choose to wax I think they agree with me.

Different Back Shavers

There are two types of shavers you can use to shave your back yourself. There's a long handle manual razor shaver and a long handle electric shaver. I've listed both of these in the product table at the top of this post.

Thee great thing about these long handle shavers is how they give you the ability to shave your own back. Doing the job solo before this required some uncomfortable positioning to reach those hard to reach spots.

Now you're also able to choose between an electric and razor blade back shaver. The razor blade back shaver is a lot more affordable and does an extremely good job. The only reason I would recommend the electric long handle back shaver is if you're going to shave more of your body hair. In that case it will be quite useful.

The drawback to these do it yourself back shavers is it's still hard to see. It's difficult to know if you're doing a good job and getting all the hair. It takes a little guess work and twisting around in the mirror to judge your shave job.

Epilators for Back Hair

If you've never heard of epilators you're likely not alone. These are a lesser known option but they work extremely well. Epilators work by pulling hair out with a rotating tweezer head. I've written an article on epilators for men if you want to get deeper details on these products.

Using an epilator will require a little help from someone else. However, you won't have to ask them to do it again for a long time because epilators are a long term solution. They pull the hair out from the root similar to waxing.

You simply run the electric epilator across your skin like you would an electric shaver. Moving in straight short strokes repeatedly until your hair is gone. These are more commonly used by women to remove hair on their legs but it'll work for your lower back just as well.

No one said learning how to remove lower back hair would be a walk in the park. However, this option is cost effective, lasts long, and is easy to do.

Professional Solutions

laser back hair removal

If you want a truly permanent solution you're going to have to seek out a professional. I would recommend using laser hair removal if you're removing spots of hair such as that on your lower back. It'll take fewer sessions and once you're done you never have to worry about that hair growing back.

These type of professional services can be done for hair anywhere on your body. Most common areas treated are the underarms, legs, and face. It has a small burning sensation with each zap that happens on a constant stream.

The momentary pain can lead to never have to shave again. It can cost a couple thousand dollars to complete the sessions. Do you think it's worth doing?

Before You Go!

Hopefully I've showed you how to remove lower back hair in a way you feel comfortable trying. Most methods have a little pain involved but it's the price of beauty I suppose. If you have any other methods you would like to share, or even share you experiences with a method I've mentioned then please leave it in a comment below.

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