How to Shave for a Vasectomy

So you want to know how to shave for vasectomy. Now this can be a very interesting topic! First let me ask you… how long did it take your spouse to talk you into getting snipped? Leave a comment below.

In a more serious since of things, shaving for a vasectomy is essentially just shaving your balls. It’s important you do the very best shaving you’ve ever done on your testicles for this surgical procedure. The cleaner you are down there the easier the process will be for your doctor. You definitely don’t want any accidents  down there or a massive bush standing in the way of your doctor.

How to Shave for a Vasectomy

vasectomy shaving
You want to shave more than your balls for a vasectomy. Shave your pubic region and surrounding areas to assure nothing’s in the way of the surgery. Most guys will shave their upper thigh and similar regions surrounding the testicles. I recommend doing this as well.

Some may argue that you only need the balls shaved but, whats shaving more than that going to hurt?

Prepare for the Shave

I recommend jumping in the shower first thing. Warm yourself and you skin up. This creates the ideal environment for shaving your nether region. Your hair follicles loosen up and allow you to have a better shave.

You’ll need a couple shaving tools by your side after the shower. Grab your body groomer, disposable razor, and a good soap. We don’t recommend using shaving cream or gel on your genitals. A normal hand soap provides the thin layer we need to shave this area. Now let’s move onto shaving…

Tackle the Pubes

shaving for a vasectomy
Grab your shaving tool and tackle those pubes first. Shave them down as low as possible. This area is covered up, for the most part, during the vasectomy surgery but, the lower region just above the shaft of the penis is typically still exposed. An additional benefit to shaving the pubic region is less sweat. Before and during surgery a lot of guys get nervous and this is very common. The negative side is being nervous tends to make us sweat. Having little to no pubic hair will make sure we’re not, or at least less, sweaty down there.

After you’ve shaved the pubes as low as possible with a body groomer you can either stop here or continue with a razor. We recommend a good body razor by Gillette that will do the deed well. I recommend shaving with the grain if you have sensitive skin or haven’t shaved your pubes with a razor before. Take your time and slowly shave until the hair is at a level that makes you feel comfortable.

Clean the Shaft

This isn’t a major problem for most guys but, we all still have hair that grows on the shaft. Go ahead and clean this area using your disposable razor blade. Firmly hold the tip of your penis and shave down the shaft. Do this all the way around. It shouldn’t take to many passes to have a hairless tool.

Smooth Testicles

how to shave for vasectomy
Your pubes are trimmed or gone, your shaft is silky smooth, but now it’s time to move onto the most important part… how to shave your balls for a vasectomy! Shaving the first two bits is a professional hygiene notion that your doctor will respect. Shaving your balls so they don’t have to is well heroic! =)

So, you’re still fresh out of the shower and your skin’s still warm. Time to lather your gonads with that hand soap. Apply a thin smooth layer to your balls. Using a disposable razor I recommend starting from the bottom upwards. Simply guide your testicles to the side that stretches the skin as flat as possible. You want to smooth the shaving area the best you can during the process. This isn’t a race so take your time. Repeat the process of stretching your skin smooth and shaving your balls until they’re hairless. I recommend going from bottom to center, then the sides inward, and lastly under the shaft and downward.

That process has always treated me best when I want silky smooth balls. Though your reasons for shaving your balls may be different than mine. Both parties working in the area will appreciate what you’ve accomplished.

Read our complete guide to ball shaving.

That’s it! You’re ready to be neutered! Just kidding but, you’ll be able to head in there with confidence now and that’s a great feeling which will relieve a lot of stress for you.

The Vasectomy Process

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