How to Shave with a Single Blade Razor

How to shave with a single blade razor. This is an old school “grandfather” shaving method that’s regaining popularity for a lot of reasons. Single blade razor shaving is a cost efficient way to shave that will give you the best shave of your life. The only drawback is it can take a little time to learn the method. That’s what we’re here to help guide you into and hopefully get you started off on the right foot shaving with a single blade razor.

Read on carefully so you can pick up on the techniques to start shaving the right way. It might be a little daunting at first but, you’ll grasp the concept in no time and be shaving with a single blaze razor like a pro.

How to Shave with a Single Blade Razor

Before you can even begin shaving you’ll need a good lather. I like the one pictured here on the left. You’ll simply mix a small amount of lather & water into a bowl and mix it together until you reach a desired texture. Once your shaving cream is mixed and ready to go you can apply it onto your face and we’re ready to get started shaving!

Alright so let’s start our dive into this topic. First and foremost when using a single blade razor you don’t want to press the razor against your skin. Modern razors today have developed men that use pressure when shaving. With a single blade razor you want to slowly slide it downward once the blade is touching the skin. The razor will do all the work. Slide it slowly down your skin in short strokes. It’ll stick to your skin as you shave downward.

how to shave with a single blade razor

Hold the single blade razor at a 30 to 45 degree angle. The handle will be at a slant as pictured above. This is your desired shaving degree and is the “sweet spot” if you don’t want razor rash. Definitely do NOT hold the handle straight down when shaving. You’re begging for nicks and cuts if you do that.

By keeping each stroke nice and short you’re limiting your risk for error. You want to use short strokes everywhere and go for the flat surfaces first. Start on the cheeks and when you get to the curve of the jawline just take extra time to shave it right. It’s not a race so just be patient. Especially when you’re brand new and just learning how to shave with a single blade razor.

Single Blade Razor Shaving Tips

Don’t bend your wrist – A lot of new single blade razor shavers like to use their wrist when shaving. Bending the wrist changes the angle of the razor and ends up making you miss a lot of spots. Keep your wrist straight and move the entire arm in a single motion. This ensures you keep the desired blade angle for a better shave.

Flattening the Skin – A mistake some new shavers make is to stretch the skin to tight. As you learn how to shave with a single blade razor you’ll start to learn how tight to pull the skin. You simply want a flat surface. Think of you face as a diamond with different flat surfaces. Each may need a little help to flatten by pulling with your free hand to get the best shave.

Shaving Under the Chin – This area can be a little more difficult to shave. A lot of people prefer to do the “bullfrog” to shave this area. The bullfrog is when you pull your chin down and inward to puff out your neck. It makes the area right under the chin puff out as well and will help you shave this spot. Keep very short strokes and it’ll be shaved quick and easy.

Shaving Under the Nose – One technique to shave under your nose is to simply press your nose to the left or right and shave under it on each side. The second option is to make the “O” face. Basically where you round your mouth and stretch the skin using your lips.

Shaving the Adams Apple – People have success with this area using the “hold the swallow” technique. Basically look up and swallow and hold the position. The Adam’s Apple will come back about half way and allow you to get a nice smooth shave.

Remaining Stubble – If you have any remaining stubble that’s giving you a problem shaving then use some shave soap directly on the stubble. This will apply a thicker layer of soap and run the razor over it a couple times to remove the remaining hair.

Benefits of the Single Blade Razor

single blade razor
There’s a lot of benefit to learning how to shave with a single blade razor. It’s biggest and probably most announced benefit would be how cost efficient it is. The single blade razor investment would be the razor itself, blades, lather, and brush. Most of those things you don’t have to replace often either. The most frequently replaced piece of this is the razor. You can pick up a 100 count pack of shaving razors for around $10 to $15.

Compare that to the cost of the modern razor where it’s $15+ for a 4 pack or so. Modern razors don’t last nearly as long as a single blade razor either. The reason we’re told more razors is better is so they can just sell more razors! Makes sense right? It’s all just a marketing thing and it’s worked for years for them.

By learning how to shave with a single blade razor you’re going to save a lot of money over time. Another benefit to using the single blade razor is how long they last you. If you buy a modern razor that’s not disposable it won’t last you nearly as long as your single blade razor. Most of these razors are made of solid metal with great craftsmanship and last years beyond what a modern 5 blade razor will.

Which Single Blade Razor is Best?

There’s been some debate on which single blade razor is actually the best. Often more referred to as a safety razor. The safety razor is the most preferred choice and out of those the double-edged safety razor tends to be the very most popular.

While some people will try and persuade you into a particular name brand razor I will not. There’s a lot of great options out there. A lot of which you’ll find right online. I just suggest you look over the customer reviews and see what others are saying about their experience with the purchase.

One feature I’d recommend looking for though is the twist top release. Basically you can turn the bottom of the razor which opens the top hatch displaying the razor. This makes the blade changing process very easy and it’s just something I personally like about my safety razor.


Learning how to shave with a single blade razor and make a good lather isn’t so hard. It may take you a little time but, once you get it down you’re on the path to the most affordable & best shaves of your life. Follow the tips we listed above and you’ll be a champion among single blade razors in no time. Leave me a comment below and let me know if this helped you. Thanks!

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