How to Shave Your Butt

How to shave your butt? It’s not the easiest thing to ask someone. That’s why I’m putting it here so you don’t have to! First off why shave your butt? Well, the argument I like to throw out there is… why not? We shave everywhere on our bodies except a few places for some people. If you’re someone with a little more hair on your backside you definitely want to take control of it. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t think butt hair is disgusting.

The main problem with shaving your butt is being able to reach or see it. We’ve got a couple solutions which will solve your dilemma. Let us take a little dive here and jump right into how to shave your butt.

How to Shave Your Butt

how to shave your butt
Our most recommended solution is to use a good body shaver with an extended handle. This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to shave your butt. It does require a little cash but, it’s really a need to own manscaping tool. If you don’t already have a body groomer then check out the post I linked and there are some really great options there.

There’s a couple options available by Philips or the Mangroomer. Both of which we recommend. When using a body groomer with an extended handle you’ll only need a mirror. If you have a full body mirror those work best. You know… the ones everyone hangs on the back of the door? Yea that one! They’re great for any weird angle you might need to “bend over” and get into.

Your second option is going to be using a normal body groomer. You definitely need a good mirror for this one. It’s a little tougher on your wrists if you don’t have a longer handle. Shaving your butt this way a couple times will convince you to pick up a Mangroomer.

Keep in mind we don’t recommend a wet shave for your butt. There’s no need to jump into the shower beforehand and we don’t recommend shaving your butt bare. No use of disposable razors etc. A simple body groomer for your butt will do the job well. Who wants to be placing a razor blade behind them on their butt to shave an area that’s already hard to get to? Yea me neither!

The last option we recommend but, probably not something most will do, is to ask your spouse. There’s a true test of your love! Let’s see if your other half is willing to shave your butt. Jokes aside if they’re willing to shave your butt it’ll make for a much easier, quicker, and painless process. Definitely the simplest option but, often just too awkward to ask of someone.

After Shaving Your Butt

Now that you’re a little less hairy take a jump in the shower. Clean up good and see if your skin feels irritated any. Everyone’s skin is different so some people may have sensitive skin on their butt while others will not.

If you find yourself a little skin irritated grab the baby powder. Any powder will do the job fine. Simply put a little in your hand and apply it to your butt. Make sure you’re nice and dry beforehand. You don’t need to be “baking a cake” because you baby powdered before you were dry.

Also, check out our brozillian post.


Keep things simple. Use an electric body groomer with an extended handle when shaving your butt. Don’t use a razor so, don’t wet shave or go bare on the butt cheeks. You’re asking for all kinds of razor bumps, rash, and irritation if you use a razor.

Make sure you have a good mirror or if possible ask the spouse! It’s not a hard job to complete but, sometimes a needed one. If you have any funny or crazy experiences shaving your butt leave a comment below and let us know! Thanks for reading.

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