How To Shave Your Legs With An Electric Razor

So you want to know how to shave your legs with an electric razor? You like many others are likely attracted to the idea based off how convenient it can be. Electric razors take the hassle out of shaving and make it quick and easy.

Your legs are one of the largest surface areas to shave on your body. Let's take away the hassle of razor blade shaving your legs and swap you over to an electric razor. I've got the step by step guide and help information you'll need to begin.

What's Needed For This Tutorial

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The two main things you're going to need to get the absolute best leg shave are linked above on Amazon. A good electric razor that's designed to get wet, has a good grip, and good motor along with a shave gel that's non-foaming that you can apply in thin amounts.

The only other thing you will need is a scrub cloth or sponge and you likely already have that. You can also use alternatives to our recommendations above but if you can swing our 2 product recommendations try and get them. I know for sure these products work well for shaving legs.

Should You Wet or Dry Shave Legs?

Probably the biggest question is if someone should shave their legs wet or dry since they're using an electric razor. While electric razors make it very convenient and quick to get a nice dry shave and be done with it, I would recommend wet shaving for the best results.

Benefits of Wet Shaving

When it comes to shaving your legs wet shaving puts you in the right environment. Taking a warm bath or shower loosens and relaxes your hair follicles. This plus the water you're already in will help you get a closer shave.

Benefits of Dry Shaving

Dry shaving is all about convenience and being quick. You don't always have the time to wet shave and a dry shave still gives you a shave that qualifies to get you out in public. It's important to know that dry shaving with an electric razor isn't going to give you the same shave you get from your razor blade shave.

Electric razors leave behind some hair that's very short but noticeable with the naked eye. If you press and rub your hand over the shaved area you'll be able to feel the small hairs. This is the price paid for convenience.

how to shave your legs with an electric razor

Steps to Shave Your Legs With An Electric Razor

If your goal is the ultimate path to sexy shaved legs make sure to stick to our steps. Some steps may even appear unnecessary but are pieces to a larger puzzle. Your legs will feel amazing after this and you'll know how to shave your legs with an electric razor.

Step 1) Preperation

This is one of the most important steps to shaving your legs and often the one most overlooked. The two primary focal points of proper preparation are wetting and warming the skin and exfoliation.

The first two are quite easy to achieve. Jump into a warm bath or take a hot shower and you're off to a good start. During this time you'll want to begin exfoliating.

Using a scrub brush or preferred product begin to scrub your skin. Use a light amount of your favorite body wash and scrub away. Your goal is to remove excess dirt, dead skin cells, and to expose the smallest hairs since they'll now poke through the skin.

Step 2) Deciding Between Wet or Dry

If you're going to dry shave you can do so after your shower. If you're wondering why you would do it after the shower and not before it's because you don't want to skip the above exfoliating step. It's also a big benefit to dry shave while your skin is still warm from the shower.

You should towel dry and then continue with the directions from Step 3 onward. If you've chosen to wet shave then stay in your warm water setting after exfoliating your legs.

If wet shaving this is the time to apply your shave gel. Use a very thin amount of shave gel because you don't want it to apply to thick and get in the way. You can always add a little more as needed. Before applying the gel to your skin warm it up in your hands.

While applying the shave gel rub it on your legs going against the grain. This should be rubbing it on from bottom up. This helps raise your leg hairs for shaving and also gives you more shave gel coverage.

Step 3) Shaving Your Legs

At this point your legs should be well covered with a thin layer of shave gel. Now take your electric razor and begin at the bottom of your leg and shave upwards. Make several small strokes from the bottom up to the knee.

Each stroke will be about half the distance from the bottom of your leg to the knee. So it would take two strokes to make a clear line from the very bottom to the bottom of your knee.

Between these strokes you should rinse the head of your shaver in water. Rinse it under running water and do not submerge the electric razor in the tub.

Step 4) After Shaving

Once you've shaved your legs take a moment to feel them over. You may require a second pass to get a closer shave. It's easy in the beginning to make mistakes with an electric razor that doesn't give you a smooth shave.

Things like applying to much shave gel, not rinsing properly, or just not shaving the right way. Once you've achieved a shave of your satisfactory make sure to apply a moisturizer. Shaving can be tough on your skin so it's important to moisturize afterwards.

Commonly Asked Questions

Now you know the steps to shaving with an electric razor but what about the following questions? I went ahead and took it a step further to answer some other questions you may be thinking of.

Can You Use Electric Razors On Pubes?

Yes, you can use an electric razor to shave your pubes but I would use Philips Norelco 7100. Not all electric razors will perform well when shaving pubes. They should also only be used to cut down on the bulk of the hair and not a super close shave.

Use them to remove hair from the pubic region and not your testicles. If you want more information on shaving below the belt I've written a couple guides you may find helpful: shaving pubes without itching and a complete unique guide.

Can You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

Yes, you can use shaving cream, shave gel, or even soft soap to shave your legs. The same for other areas of your body but I recommend using a very thin layer for electric razors. The more product you use it seems to only get in the way of your shave.

Can You Use A Rotary Shaver For Legs?

I don't recommend using a rotary shaver to shave your legs. Rotary shavers require you to shave in a small circular motion and it's designed to catch curly hairs on the face. Foil shavers seem to work the best overall for shaving legs.

Grab yourself a shaver that's designed to be used wet to make shaving your legs easier. You'll be wet shaving them the majority of the time so you'll need a shaver to match. Our recommendation at the top of this article is a great pick if you don't already have one.

Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to shave your legs with an electric razor. It's a fairly simple process overall and if you take the time to do the few extra steps it will go a long way to having silky smooth legs with an electric razor.

If you have any tips or suggestions for shaving legs with electric razors please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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