How to Style a Goatee the Easy Way

Learning how to style a goatee isn’t all that difficult. It does take some patience and time, but if you’re patient you’ll have an amazing goatee. The first thing you need to figure out is what kind of goatee would you like to have?

I find that Pinterest Goatee Styles is a good area to check out. Plenty of options to choose from and you can find someone matching your face shape that will help you make a decision. It’s much better than looking at roughly drawn illustrations.

Selecting a Goatee to Style

I know multiple options make it hard to choose one particular style sometimes, so we’re going to cover the meat and potato’s of the goatees. Our favorite goatees are ones which are simple to grow and maintain, they look great, and are pretty much ageless.

Meaning you can always have this facial hair design and it won’t be considered out of style. Another great thing about the goatee is if you’re growing or have a beard then you have already began the first step in how to style a goatee.

The Full Goatee

The full goatee is my favorite! It’s a very easy goatee design you can go after. It’s also very easy to maneuver from any beard to the full goatee. If you’ve never had a goatee before I recommend going for this style first.

The style is easy to achieve. Your shave lines are to be straight and parallel on both sides, the bottom should have a straight horizontal line, and the top a nice even curve into the mustache. If that sounds confusing don’t worry. Here’s a video that will explain in better detail:


Handlebar and Chin Puff

The handlebar and chin puff goatee is a fun design which is more typical of the very outgoing personality to attempt. Learning how to style the handlebar and chin puff goatee isn’t very hard either. The goatee is essentially a handlebar mustache which can be worn in different variations with a thick soul patch.

One great example of this style is from Mel Gibson. He conquered this goatee style so well and looks quite dashing in it. Not much information needed to style this goatee. Looking at the images of Mel will help you achieve a very similar looking goatee.

Petite Goatee

Maybe you’ve had your fun with the Handlebar and Chin Puff and are ready for a change. Shave your mustache and you’re now sporting a petite goatee or soul patch. Both very similar, but the soul patch is a little thinner typically however there are many variations.

It’s a minimalist approach for a goatee style. Very easy to maintain since there’s very little hair to deal with. Ideal for many men. You’ve most likely seen the design on many celebrities like Howie Mandel from Deal or No Deal.

The Vandyke

The Vandyke is probably my second favorite. Mainly because it’s so easy to achieve from the full goatee design. Once you’ve grown out your beard and shaved it down to a full goatee then your next step is to shave only a tad more.

Shave the sides of your goatee to disconnect your mustache from the chin hairs. Here’s a video demonstration if you would like one. Once the mustache is disconnected simply shave the rest of your face leaving the goatee behind. Such a great look!

The Anchor Goatee

The Anchor is an improved design from the Balbo. It’s similar in shape and style, but with a more minimal approach. It’s a thinner style of goatee which again will be easy to maintain.

Here’s another video demonstration on the actual design. I really like this goatee style, but haven’t tried it out yet. When I go back to a goatee I’ll probably give it a go!


how to style a goatee

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Styling Your Goatee

Once you’ve got the goatee it becomes much easier to maintain it. It’s arguable the easiest facial hair asset to maintain. Mostly because of it’s location, directly in the middle of your face, and the fact that it is a lot less hair in general to deal with.

Step 1) I’ve mentioned it several times, but if you don’t already have a beard growing, start one. Now of course you don’t “need” a beard to grow a goatee, but growing a beard or enough scruff to give you something to work with in the beginning is highly recommended.

Step 2) Find the goatee style that you think will suit you best. We listed 5 great goatee options above, but if none of them suit you there are other options available on the internet. I think one of the ones we talked about will be your best bet though.

Give thought on how the goatee you’ve selected will look on you. Take into account your face shape and make sure it will look natural on you. Visualize your goatee in the mirror and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3) Using a [easyazon_link identifier=”B007VB50JW” locale=”US” tag=”imanscape07-20″]facial hair styler[/easyazon_link] shave away all the excess hair. You’ll leave behind the outline of your goatee first. It will be like your “rough draft”.

From there define your goatee even more with your styler. Give yourself the exact style goatee you pictured in the mirror. If you need assistance with this I recommend searching your goatee style on the Philips YouTube Channel. They have plenty of helpful guides for most goatee styles.

Maintaining Your Goatee

The easy part! You got a goatee style you love and you want to keep it. Well one of the best things about a goatee is how easy they are to maintain. It takes little effort to keep your goatee looking top notch.

Unlike beards a goatee doesn’t require as much care. You don’t need the oils, combs, etc.. to keep your goatee looking its best. That’s why I always recommend a goatee to those wanting facial hair without the hassle.

Use your facial hair styler as needed to trim your goatee to perfection. Once a week or so you might need to use the guarded end to shorten the length of the goatee, but trimming it into line is the majority of the maintenance. It takes very little time!

Should You Shampoo Your Facial Hair?

Like the rest of your body your facial hair gets dirty over time. Some people will try and talk you into special facial hair shampoo or conditioners, but the truth is you don’t need them. You can use your favorite shampoo on your beard or goatee.

I don’t recommend shampooing your facial hair everyday, but a couple times a week will keep it healthy. The reason you don’t want to do it everyday is because the beard produces its own oils which keep the hairs healthy. If you wash to frequently you’ll remove the beneficial oils.


You now know how to style a goatee! It’s probably not as terribly difficult as you first imagined. Knowing where to begin and having a guide helps tremendously. Growing different facial hair and trying different styles can be a fun hobby.

If there’s anything you would like us to add to the post please let me know. Anything helpful you feel we may have left out or maybe an additional question you have? I’ll be more than happy to answer it and I look forward to your comments.

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