How to Trim a Mustache with an Electric Trimmer

So you want to know how to trim a mustache with an electric trimmer. Mustache grooming can be a delicate process because with one slip your mustache could be gone. I don't say that to amplify the difficulty but to bring the reality of the situation to the front of your attention.

You didn't take your precious time to grow your stylish stash to have it cleaned off from a slip of the wrist. There are a couple tips you can follow and tools you can use to trim your mustache successfully.

how to trim a mustache with electric trimmer

What You Need to Follow the Tutorial

  • Small Detail Trimmer
  • Fine Tooth Comb
  • A Steady Hand
  • Facial Hair Scissors

So, you won't need much but you'll need a couple items. The most important of which are the small trimmer and fine tooth comb. Oh, and of course a steady hand. Optionally you can bring in some facial hair scissors.

Small Detail Trimmer

I would recommend going with something like the WAHL 9818 (read review). It's a small cordless hand held trimmer. It comes with a very much needed T-Shape head. T-Shape heads make it much easier to get in those hard to reach spots.

This is the one item on the list which you can't go without. If you're thinking about using a larger electric shaver I would advise against it because it's not going to work well under your nose.

If you don't already have a trimmer to trim your mustache you may also like the WAHL 9864 as well. It's similar to the 9818 but the updated version. Both are great options.

Fine Tooth Comb

You'll use a fine tooth comb to comb your mustache before trimming. It'll also be used to guard your mustache to trim off excess hair. You'll see what I mean in the actual step by step process below.

As for what type of fine tooth comb you can use any cheap plastic comb. If you get one of the trimmers above they typically come with one. If not they're super cheap at your local store.

Facial Hair Scissors

It's nice to have a good pair of beard scissors around for the finishing touches. Sometimes there will be tiny spots nothing but scissors will be able to tidy up. So keep them around for these moments.

I find the more acute pair of scissors work best.

How to Trim a Mustache with an Electric Trimmer

The video above demonstrates how a professional would trim your mustache. However, the process is generally the same when shaving it for yourself.

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Step 1) Comb Your Mustache

Comb your mustache downward so that it goes over your lips. Give it several strokes to get all the mustache hairs lined up. For the sides of your mustache comb them downward as well but not towards the inside your of lips. All mustache hairs should be facing down before you do any trimming.

Pro Tip: don't trim your facial hair when it's wet. When it dries it will be a different length and you could mess up your entire look.

Step 2) Line With Your Lips

First take your comb and flip the teeth upward towards your nose. Comb into your mustache enough that it lifts the hairs that were laying on your lip and places them on top of the comb.

Then take your trimmer and trim that excess mustache hair away. This will catch the longer upper mustache hairs and cut them away from the lip but it won't put any defining lines at the bottom of your mustache.

Watch the video to get a good idea of how this is done. It's a great technique for blending your mustache hairs and keeping them in check.

Pro Tip: comb the mustache hairs down between each step and each trimming action.

Step 3) Detailed Lip Line

Take your trimmer and place it down all the way to the skin at the top of your lips. Continue doing this all the way across your lip line. This defines the bottom edge of the mustache and gives it a very neat and clean appearance.

This is also what stops your mustache from getting in your mouth when you're eating. I've been there before and it can be quite annoying. If this is happening to you then you know it time for another trim.

Step 4) Natural Growth Trim

For the top part of your mustache you want to follow the natural growth line. Right where the mustache turns dark and really grows in you want to shave above that. Your goal is to remove the hairs between the nose and the beginning of mustache growth.

If you're using a T-Shape trimmer this is quite easy. Simply press your trimmer down right above the mustache growth and shave upwards towards the top.

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Before You Go!

Hopefully my guide helped you learn how to trim a mustache with electric trimmer. It can be a scary task at first if you've never done it before. Just take your time and be patient with it. If you go slow you're less likely to make a mistake.

If you have any tips or advice for trimming a mustache with an electric trimmer please leave it on a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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