How to Use a Shaving Mug (Step by Step Guide)

How to use a shaving mug? One of the several items you need to wet shave properly. When you're new to wet shaving all the different items may be confusing since they're not required with your modern day cartridge razor.

You're learning how to use a safety razor properly, how to lather shaving cream, how to apply and reapply shaving cream, and how to use a shaving mug. All these new techniques may seem overwhelming and if they seem so to you don't let it discourage you.

Just take it one step at a time and you'll reap the benefits of wet shaving.

Different Types of Shaving Mugs

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There are two main types of "shaving mugs". The first type is the actual mug style which you'll see above in green and black. The second type are the bowls such as the stainless steel and bamboo bowl above.

Let's talk about the 4 options we have above:

Stainless Steel Bowl - The stainless steel shave bowl looks great in any bathroom. It's a modern spin on the classic wet shave item. Despite its great looks there is a downfall to the bowls in general. That downfall is the ability to grip the bowl. When things start getting wet it becomes harder to hold onto.

Rubber Shave Mug - The green rubber shave mug is a great creation. You've got a nice handle grip but the shaving mug is made of rubber so if you do end up dropping it it's not going to break. The price point and design are both on point!

Bamboo Shave Bowl - The bamboo shave bowl has more thickness to it compares to the stainless steel version. The thickness does help it grip a little better but it's not comparable to any shave mug with a real handle. Overall great style and great product.

Apothecary Shave Mug - The apothecary shave mug comes with a side handle that can firmly fit between your fingers. It's the classic shave mug for wet shaving and if you're looking to get to the roots this is the shave mug to go to.

How to Use a Shaving Mug

Your shaving mug or device you use to mix your shaving cream is a crucial item. You don't have to use an actual shaving mug and can use coffee mugs or food bowl if you're on a budget. However, using a mug designed for wet shaving does give you the feel and environment of a classic shave and in my opinion the atmosphere is important if you're into shaving.

Step 1) Start off with a clean shave mug and a large bowl. Pour hot water into the larger bowl and let your mug sit in the hot water while you take a shower. This will give you a nice warm mug to mix your shaving cream.

Step 2) Grab your wet shave brush and apply a small amount of cream directly on the brush. Make sure your shave brush is damp but not soaking wet.

Step 3) Begin swirling your brush and cream in the mug to begin the lather. Add dribbles of water as needed. Continue swirling until you get a lather that is dense and heavy with few or no visible bubbles.

Pro Tip: If your lather is very bubbly you've added to much water or added it to quickly. Continue lathering to get rid of these bubbles.

Once you get the process down it should only take a minute or two to get the perfect lather. Once you've become an expert you may want to try adding vegetable glycerin to your shave cream for an enhanced experience.

The Art of Wet Shaving

A lot of men call the whole experience "the art of wet shaving" because it can really feel like an art form. There's a lot of pride and history in shaving. It becomes a hobby for a lot of men and it's also something valuable to pass down to your sons.

I hope the whole process of wet shaving becomes something you learn to enjoy. Our steps for how to use a shaving mug will help you on your path but make sure to learn the right shaving angle for a safety razor and you'll be off to a great start!

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