How To Use Beard Wax: Up Your Beard Game

Want to learn how to use beard wax? It's the next step beyond beard oil in your beardsman journey. Beard wax is a excellent product that provides you with a way to style your beard that provides a light hold.

Your whole beard game is about to change for the better. Once you start using beard wax and see how it changes the look of your beard you won't turn back. Here's how you should be using your beard wax for maximum effectiveness.

What You're Going To Need

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To accomplish our beard waxing we're going to need a few things. Like any job you'll need the right tools and in this case that's going to mostly be things you have laying around the house. We'll need a towel by our side, a beard comb, and some beard wax.

The Towel - Before you apply wax to your beard you want to make sure it's clean and dry. The most ideal time to apply your beard wax is after a shower but you don't want to apply the wax to a wet beard. So go through your normal shower routine and when you come out dry your beard well. When you think it's dry go ahead and dry it a little more.

Beard Combs - No true beardsman can go through their day without a good beard comb. To consider a beard comb of higher quality it should be made of wood. The small plastic comb you're using is going to cause damage to your beard. Have you experienced split ends or stripping in your beard? It could be from the plastic comb.

Wood combs don't have small ridged edges between its teeth to pull and rip hairs. Instead the wooden beard comb is solid and sturdy. You can choose between different teeth widths and gaps but as long as you're using a wooden beard comb you're on the upside.

Beard Wax - It'll be hard to use beard wax on your beard without well... beard wax. There's a lot of options out there to choose from but I like to recommend the Honest Amish brand. You can use any brand you like but one thing I recommend is using a natural wax based beard wax. Basically one that uses something like butter or beeswax as its ingredient base instead of synthetic materials.

This is How To Use Beard Wax

At this point you should have everything by your side and just have stepped out of the shower. Make sure your beard is completely dry before you begin. The following steps will show you how to use beard wax.

Step 1) Once your beard is dry take your beard comb and brush your beard out. Yes brush it outward. Start at your under beard at the neck and brush upward. Fluff your beard out as much as possible.

Step 2) Start with a small amount of wax and rub it into your palms. Your natural body heat will melt it into your palms and now rub the wax from the neckline upward. You want to very lightly coat the base of your beard. Rub your fingers from your neckline upwards.

Everything will look like a mess at this point but that's what we want it to look like right now. Your goal is just to prep the under beard for the main event.

Step 3) Take your beard comb and comb your beard back down. Form your beard to a more natural state using your beard comb.

Step 4) Grab another dab of beard wax in your palms and let it melt. Now apply the beard wax to the sides of your beard. Rub the wax into your beard with your fingers going from top to bottom. Slowly work your way to the front of your beard (under your lips) while applying the wax. You want to somewhat be shaping your beard with your hand and fingers while applying the wax.

Step 5) Finish up your styling with your beard comb. Your goal is to achieve a beard sheen and not to appear greasy. Beard wax will help provide a small hold for your beard so styling it is better compared to using beard oil.

Tips: Always use less beard wax because you can always go back and grab more if needed. Your goal is to have a light beard shine and to not appear greasy. Beard wax provides a light hold so feel free to style your beard more so than you would with beard oil.

If you're a more visual person here's a good video demonstrating the process without a beard comb:

Commonly Asked Questions

You now know how to use beard wax but you may be left with some other questions. Below you'll see the questions I've come across that people have had. Hopefully if you do have some questions lingering around in your head that I'll nail it down below.

Can you use hair wax on your beard?

I wouldn't recommend it. Hair wax is designed to hold your hair in place and it has less movement. It's a harder hold and is meant to keep your hair in place. Beard wax is more pliable and allows your beard to move around. I would get a wax designed for beards and enjoy being bearded.

Beard wax before and after?

Curious to how beard wax can change the look of your beard? Here's a good before and after image of someone with a fluffed out beard and then the after of applying beard wax.

how to use beard wax

Can I use hair gel on my beard?

Hair gel is the direct opposite consistency of what you want to have in your beard. I would advise against using hair gel at any cost. You would be best to go without using any product than to use hair gel in your beard. It's going to have a goo like effect and your beard will be wet appearing. It's going to make your beard stiff and unnatural looking.

Beard Wax Vs Beard Balm?

Beard wax and beard balms are technically the same thing. The core ingredients in beard wax tend to be either beeswax or butters and this is sometimes the case in beard balm. However beard balms tend to more frequently use synthetic ingredients. Both beard wax and beard balm are made to do the same thing.

Before You Go!

Using beard wax is a great way to take your beard game to the next level. It's quite easy to use and makes a big difference in the way your beard looks. I would begin using beard wax when you've achieved at least some decent level of beard growth so you have a little something to style. Until then you should always use beard oil.

I hope you've enjoyed this little how to use beard wax article. If you have any tips or suggestions for someone beginning out with beard wax please leave your tips in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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