Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

You likely fall into one category. You either shave in the shower or you don't. However, is it better to shave in the shower?  That's what I am to uncover in this article. Below I've put together the pro's and cons of shaving in the shower.

It'll be up to you to decide if it's better for you or not. It'll come down to if you like to electric shave or use a razor. If you're shaving with a razor here's a hint: shaving in the shower is better!

is it better to shave in the shower

Pro's of Shaving In The Shower

If you enjoy shaving with a safety razor or cartridge razor you'll be happy to hear that shaving in the shower is the way to go for you. There are more pro's than cons for razor blade shaving and showering sets the right environment for a smooth shave.

Here's some of the benefits you'll have by shaving in the shower.

Getting Clean

Before you do any type of shaving you want to complete your normal shower routine first. This sets the right environment for your upcoming shave. You want your body to be clean before you shave.

Showering before hand and making sure you're free of dirt reduces your chances of a shaving cut getting infected. Showering first also relaxes your skin and opens your pores. This helps your razor blade glide across the skin with less shave cream and gives you a closer smoother shave.

Overall showering should be about getting in the right environment for your shave. Soak in the warm water or steam and get your body clean. It's very important to exfoliate which leads me to our next point.


Exfoliating is one of the most overlooked parts of shaving for men. Once you begin exfoliating you'll quickly see how important it is and you'll likely fall in love with the process because it feels amazing.

If you're in the shower the first step to exfoliating is done for you. You want your skin to be warm and relaxed. If you weren't in the shower we would use a warm damp washcloth over the face to get the same effect.

From there you should use a soft bristle brush to scrub your face down. This goes the extra mile for removing excess dirt, oils, and dead skin cells. It also helps expose the tiny hairs trapped under the skin.

Exfoliating helps you get a closer smoother shave. If you haven't done this before you should notice a big difference your first time around. It also greatly reduces how often you experience ingrown hairs since you're exposing them with your scrub and they don't remain trapped under your skin.

Lastly, exfoliating is excellent for your skin. It gives you a soft natural glow that makes your skin appear youthful and healthy. It's the secret of naturally beautiful healthy skin.

Softening Hairs

Everyone's facial hair is different and your facial hair is way different than your own body hair. A little fun fact... some men's facial hair can be so tough it's compared to copper piping. Now imagine shaving that facial hair without prep work and softening the hairs first.

Softening your hairs first is important. It's key to having a smooth shave. The good news is since we know it's better to shave in the shower this is taken care of for us. The warm water and steam will soften your hairs right from the hair follicles.

Cons of Shaving In The Shower

Just as there are pro's to shaving in the shower there are cons. However I will say that the pro's outweigh the cons and taking your shave routine to the shower can be quite convenient. Here's the cons to shaving in the shower and some ways to work around them.

Electric Shavers

If you enjoy shaving with an electric shaver you're gonna have a hard time shaving in the shower. Even if your shaver claims it can be used in the shower it doesn't excel at it. Wet hairs are much harder to be picked up and cut with an electric style shaver.

It's gonna take you twice as long to shave and you won't get the best results. If you're determined to use an electric shaver in the shower here's what can make the experience better.

First make sure you're using a rotary shaver. Rotary shavers work better in the shower due to the circular motion you have to shave in. This makes it a little easier to catch your facial hairs for them to be cut.

Rotary shavers are also much easier to clean. Most have a push button pop up head that you can rinse under your shower water. This makes rotary shavers a win-win for shaving in the shower.

Although, personally I still don't believe them to be worth the effort. It makes more sense to stick with your safety razor or cartridge razor.

Difficult To See

When shaving your face in the shower it can be difficult to see what you're doing. It's steamy and you have to go at it with your best guess. This can leave you with missed patches or cause you to make way more passes than needed. Neither of which you want to be doing.

To combat this issue you can pick up a anti-fog mirror. These mirrors usually have a suction bottom you can put anywhere in the shower. They won't fog up so you can see what you're shaving in the shower.

Bad For Your Razor

The worst thing about shaving in the shower is the damage it can put your razor through. This usually comes from people leaving their razors in the shower when they're done. Letting you razor hair dry causes oxidation and your blades will rust.

You don't want to cut yourself with a rusty razor and be the next episode of one thousands ways to die. Instead always bring your razor with you when you leave the shower. Pat your razor dry with a towel and store it in a dry place in your bathroom.

When you leave your razors in the shower they become a host for bacteria. All sorts of germs and things you don't want jumping into an open cut collect on your razor when you let it air dry.

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