Jojoba Oil for Beard Benefits: Growth, Health, and Style

You've likely seen all the products that use jojoba oil for beards. It's a very popular carrier oil and in fact is the premium carrier oil. The job of a carrier oil is to make sure the essential oils make it onto the skin or desired area.

Jojoba oil is what we like to call the kingpin of carrier oils. It's very long lasting, doesn't turn rancid quickly, and overall does the best job.

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What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil is a liquid produced from the Jojoba shrub. This shrub grows naturally in Southern Arizona, Southern California, and Northwest Mexico.

The actual oil is found in the seed of the shrubs and makes up 50% of the seeds weight.

The first known application of jojoba oil for hair dates back to the 18th century. During this time some indigenous tribes collected the seeds, heated them, and crushed them using pestle and mortar.

This resulted in a buttery like oil that they used in their hair. It acted as a primitive hair conditioner.

Since then jojoba oil has grown increasingly popular. It's used in many cosmetics, soaps, hair products, and jojoba oil for beards.

It has also been used for many other purposes such as lubricating and maintaining machine guns. You can read more on the history of jojoba oil here.

jojoba seed

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Beards

Everyone just says jojoba oil is good for you but what are the actual benefits? Here's the benefits we've come across. Not each benefit listed is directly for your beard but we've listed it anyway.

Skin Moisturizer​

Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum oil our skin naturally produces. As we grow older our sebaceous gland produces less natural oil and it becomes even more important to supplement the loss.

Supplementing the oil by using jojoba oil aids in preventing beard dandruff and itchiness.​ The oil also lubricates hair to prevent it from splitting and drying out. You've probably heard of brittle beard or beards becoming tough out of no where.

Adding jojoba oil to your daily routine will help prevent these issues from occurring.​ The main issue is getting the oil down deep to the skin. You'll need to use a good beard brush to get the oils to the skin.

Beard Hairs​

As your beard grows so does the need for added oils. Since the oil is produced from the skin it reaches the hair follicles first and then moves out towards the tips of your hair.

If you've started to notice your beard splitting, slowed growth, or its natural look has changed it's very likely your natural oil isn't reaching the tips of your beard. Combat this by using a beard oil with jojoba oil in it or for extreme growth consider Minoxidil.

You'll notice a huge difference if you were experiencing problems before. However, it is recommended to use a beard oil before you start experiencing these problems. If you're serious about growing a decent beard you should start using a good beard oil right from the beginning.​

Prevents Razor Burn​

Using a jojoba oil based shave oil is an excellent decision. Even if you have a beard you still shave your cheeks and neck line, right? Try using a good shave oil over your shaving cream.

It works with both safety razors and those of you still using cartridge razors.​ Shave oil provides a nice thin layer of glide to shave with. I personally use shave oil over any other product now.

Using the traditional foamy shaving cream just gets in the way. Most of it ends up wiped off and it make sit more difficult to see your beard line. You don't have to worry about messing the beard line up with shave oil.​

Promotes Skin Health​

​Jojoba oil, unlike some others, doesn't clog your pores. It actually protects and cleanses the skin instead. It works very well for removing other impurities from the skin.

It contains iodine which fights harmful bacteria growth that can lead to breakouts.​ It soothes fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Plus if you nick yourself while shaving it accelerates the wound-healing process.​

Promotes Hair Health​

We discussed the beard benefits but jojoba oil is great for the hair on your head too. It replenishes moisture and improves the texture of hair.

If you have a problem with dry scalp or dandruff using jojoba oil will get rid of it.​ Additionally, it adds shine and softens hair. Detangles hair and eliminates broken hair pieces.

To top it off it treats alopecia and reverses hair loss.

Contains Vitamin E & B Complex

Vitamin E acts as a natural anti-aging nutrient and protects against skin cancer. It's also great for treating sunburns, scars, acne, and wrinkles. Plus it'll thicken your hair.

The B Complex vitamin helps fight off radicals and cell damage. Helps maintain hormone balance, treats skin reactions from radiation therapy, can speed up healing from cuts, delays premature aging, and keeps skin free from infection and bacteria as it tries to heal.

Fights Infections

Jojoba oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It's good for treating toenail fungus, athlete's foot, and gets rid of warts.

It reduces symptoms of inflammation and decreases the formation of wounds and speeds the healing process.

That's a Lot!

Obviously you can tell from our above list that jojoba oil is some pretty amazing stuff. There's so many benefits to just having it around. That's why we also recommend keeping some pure jojoba oil around.

Which Jojoba Oil to Choose?

There's a lot of products out there with jojoba oil in them. Depending on your trouble spots you may require a different product. We'll cover some of the different products out there and which ones you may want to consider.

Jojoba Oil for Beard Growth​

If your soul interest is jojoba oil for beard growth you'll benefit by sticking to a beard oil like this one here. These oils have additional ingredients are are good for your beard.

For most people it will only take a couple drops to get full use of the oil each day. The best time to apply the oil is right after taking a shower and before going to bed at night. If you live in a cold weather area you may need to apply again during the day.​

Just make sure to brush the oil down deep into your beard so it reaches the skin. If you have a large beard you may require more than 2-3 drops.​

Shampoo with Jojoba Oil

Much better than all these highly marketed shampoo's you see in commercials are the shampoo's with jojoba oil. Most of the shampoo's go by an all natural basis so the other ingredients involved will be similar.

For a lot of guys with shorter hair you may not need these types of shampoo's but if you've got longer hair you should give it a try. They also make for some really great gifts.​

Leave in Conditioner

The jojoba leave in conditioners are similar to beard oil but will have slightly different ingredients. If you have a very large beard you might want to opt for the leave in conditioner.

You typically can find these in larger quantities and help make a large beard look very healthy. The goal of the leave in conditioner is typically to sit directly on the hair to help it soften, be smooth, and healthy.

As where the beard oil is for the hair and you want to make it reach the skin you don't have to reach the skin with the conditioner. At the same time your skin isn't receiving the benefits of the jojoba oil and only the hairs.​

Shaving with Jojoba Oil

If you've never experienced pre-shave oil and shave oil then you're really missing out. It's literally the core part of my shaving now. I use shave oil with jojoba oil instead of shaving cream.

I hate to say this is the best thing ever but it really is the best thing ever. While that's an opinion it is the right opinion!

In all honesty it is a really great product. It's also cheaper to use shave oil than to use shaving cream. It doesn't require much oil to cover a shaving surface compared to excessively applying shaving cream.​

Using Pure Jojoba Oil

If you're more of the do it yourself type you may want to go for some pure jojoba oil. You can use the pure jojoba oil to mix with your own products. For example you can add some of the oil to your shampoo but obviously if it's a commercial shampoo it may not be an all natural shampoo but you'll still get the added benefit of adding the oil.

Other DIY options including making your own beard oil, balms, and shave oil.

How to Maintain Hair with Jojoba Oil

Taking care of your hair with jojoba oil boils down to how frequently to use it. For some reason there's this thought going around that you shouldn't use jojoba oil to much. This is completely false.

You can safely use jojoba oil on your beard and hair as frequently as you would like.​ If your hair is important to you then use jojoba oil products every day.

Before and After Using Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil for beard

Using beard oils help a lot with styling your beard. In the mornings after waking up you'll sometimes have a wild and rough beard and using beard oil will make it manageable.

If you want your beard to grow quicker you'll want to check out beard growth products. Jojoba oil helps your beard to grow healthier and will help your natural growth. Quicker growth shouldn't be your main focus.

Instead stay focused on healthy growth. Continue using beard oils and naturally helpful products. If you have an issue with beard patchiness or thin hair you may then want to consider the beard growth products.​

Before You Go!

I hope this article on jojoba oil for beard helped you understand the oil better. It's the premium carrier oil in many beard oils and is just super great for your hair.

You'll have amazing hair health by using jojoba oil. If you really want to get kinky try using it on your pubes! If you actually do that... please leave a comment and let us know how it turned out! Thanks for reading.​

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