21 Killer Beards You Need to See by Average Joes

We've put together a great list of average Joe's that have some rather great beards. I asked these guys for a good picture of their beard, some details about it, and to throw in any other input they felt like giving.

The outcome is our great little list below. Compare your beard and see how you match up and if you think you would like to be in our next roundup of beards make sure to like the iManscape Facebook page to know when we're doing one.

1. Kevin - 4 Month Full Beard

beards by normal guys

Starting us off is Kevin with a thick full beard. Nicely groomed and well kept. Full beards are definitely the most common types and always look great. They're easy to coordinate with any hairstyle.

​If you're new to growing a beard we recommend going for this style first. Easy to grow, shape, and maintain.

2. Dane - 15 Months Growth with Minimum Trimming

average joe

Dane has definitely reached into long beard territory. We're not sure if it's the lighting or he has a great natural red color to his beard. Either way, it looks great!

3. Andy - 2 Year Beard with Regular Trimming After 1st Year

bandholz beard on average joe

We really like Andy's beard in this picture. He's got a good thickness to the beard and great length. He trims his beard regularly to keep it nicely shaped.

Not to mention what a heck of a mustache he's got going on! I wonder if he's done any beard competitions?

4. Kevin - All Natural & Styled

white long beard

What a difference styling your beard can make. Just goes to show you that with some maintenance, your beard appearance can go a long way.

Find yourself some good beard oil and take care of that beard. Kevin seems to have the idea down!​

5. Ross - 4 Year Beard with Regular Maintenance

full beard

It's all about your personal preference! After 4 years Ross here could have one very long beard, but he doesn't. Ross prefers his beard full & trimmed.

Experiment with some beard styles and see which one you like best.​

6. David - 2 Year Old Beard

long beard and tatoo

David has an amazing beard and some even more amazing tattoos. I'm not sure exactly what it is about beards & a tattoo that seem to go hand in hand, but they just compliment each other.

7. Zchneider - Longer Bandholz Beard

beard and tatoos

Most of us know the Bandholz beard made famous by the owner of Beard Brand. While Zchneider isn't the owner here, he pulls off the bandholz beard style pretty well.

8. Josh - Full Red Beard

red head with beard

While redheads are a rare species in general, it's even harder to find one with a great beard. Josh submitted his favorite picture here which has a cool filter applied to it.

It's a great beard and we're honored to display it here on our list.​

9. Christopher - Long Trimmed Beard

black guy long beard

Christopher's beard is trimmed much lower on the sides to maintain a slimming look. The "puff" is a big question when a lot of new beard growers get started. Most of us don't want our beards to make our faces look wider.

He's seemed to tackle that goal successfully.​

10. Maarten - Scruffy Beard

beards and beer

Here's a good example of when "scruff is enough". Maarten's beard in this picture is a little scruffy and it makes for a more rugged appearance.

11. Barry - Steampunk Beard

steampunk beard

Barry is going to a steampunk event in the picture above. Sporting an awesome beard and a long ended mustache.

A great mustache is harder to grow than a great beard, but Barry here has it down.​

12. Matt - Beard & Glasses

work beard

For the working gentlemen finding a place that lets you have a beard can be difficult. Although keeping your beard neatly trimmed will help.

It's a topic of debate if the job seeker should shave. According to some studies a beard makes you appear more knowledgeable and make you more likely to land the job. Just make sure the company accepts them to begin with.

13. Rupert - Styled Beard & Hair

model beards

Now this is a unique look with the colored stache & goatee. While it looks very cool we're not sure if it's natural or dyed. Either way it looks impressive.

14. Ian - Pampering Yourself

beard salon

Who says we guys shouldn't pamper ourselves a little? If you're looking for somewhere to be groomed and take care of yourself, you should check out Hammer & Nail Salon.

If there's not a Hammer & Nail, or male-oriented salon, and you don't want to visit a normal salon then try your home options. There's a lot of different salon items you can purchase and use right at home.

15. Justin - Natural Full Beard

side beard

The filter on this beard pic really makes the facial hair stand out. If you're looking for a cool filter that you may have not seen before try Prisma. While Prisma wasn't used for this image it's a very cool app!

16. Spencer - Aged Classic

old beard

Spencer has a nice Garibaldi style beard going on here. It appears to still be whitening. White beards are so awesome!

17. Jacques (right) - Beard & Friends

beard competition

These two friends look to be off to a beard competition. The guy on the left has to have a good holding beard wax. We recommend a hard wax to get similar results.

18. Jamie - Curly & Red

short red beard

Some more beard and tattoos! 

19. Nick - Long Then Trimmed

beard after trimming

Here's a good before and after when Nick trimmed his beard. A good trim is important to do time to time.

You can easily tell the difference it makes when you trim your beard. Much cleaner and more defined.​

20. Linus - Sweating with Beards

fit beard

Running with a beard isn't to difficult, but it can turn into a sweaty mess.

21. Kevin - Turning White

salt and pepper beard

Just wait until your hair begins to turn white. I personally am looking forward to having a white beard. I think they look awesome!

22. Bentley - Mini Hagrid (Bonus)

sports beard

A massive beard that's on a well-maintained look. Nice beard lines and the shape looks natural.

Have you ever colored your beard at a sporting event?​

That Concludes Our List

So what did you think of the beards on our list? The average Joe is capable of some pretty great facial hair. I'd like to thank those pictured for submitting your beard and sharing it on some local beard groups on Facebook.

Here are a couple of our Facebook sources: Men With Beards, Beard Boozers, The Odyssey of Beards, Beard Obsession, and Guardians of the Beard.

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