The Least Aggressive Safety Razor Available To You

If you're looking for the least aggressive safety razor you likely either have sensitive skin or are just starting out. Either way I think it's a good decision to keep a low aggression razor in your arsenal at all times.

Our skin may need shaving on a day it's irritated and a mild razor would be beneficial for us. So here's some of my tips and recommendations that will have you well prepared and ready to shave.

What Makes a Razor Less Aggressive?

When it comes to safety razors there are only a couple factors that change how aggressive they are. This boils down to design, type, and razor blade.

Some brands are just known to be more aggressive than others. This is because that company designs all of their razors in the same fashion. This means you can relatively expect a similar result when buying the same brand razor no matter what model.

There are more aggressive types of safety razors as well. If you're looking for the least aggressive safety razor you want to stay away from open comb safety razors. These razors have wider gaps between the teeth on the head so they catch more hair. The open comb razor is one of the most aggressive types.

The final thing to consider is the type of safety razor blades you're using. There are blades that are less aggressive than others. This can vary depending on the person and their skin. I recommend getting the razor blade variety pack on Amazon to test out different blades.

It comes with 100 blades and gives you the opportunity to see what brand works best for you. Once you've found one you like then you can always go back and get that one brand. I personally really like the Astra Blades.

The Least Aggressive Safety Razor

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This is the Edwin Jagger Double Edged Safety Razor on Amazon. This safety razor was designed with newcomers in mind and it's a very low aggression razor. It exposes less of the blade and the teeth are solid with ridges. Overall making it a lot less likely to cut you.

This safety razor comes in chrome or lined chrome typically but they offer different colored options if that interests you. It will come with 5 free DE blades but I would recommend picking up the variety pack blades I mentioned above at the same time.

Edwin Jagger is well known around the wet shaving community. They make great razors and are very durable. It's a good quality razor that's very affordable and that's why so many wet shavers enjoy shaving with Edwin Jagger.

What are others saying?

I know how great this safety razor really is and it suits the low aggression requirement but what are the people on Amazon saying? I've looked through the reviews and all of the verified purchases are extremely positive.

I think it's important to note that a common mention is how long these people have had their Edwin Jagger. They've had their safety razors for years and years and it's still a great razor today.

Does the Blade Really Matter?

If finding the least aggressive safety razor is important to you then pay just as much attention to finding a good razor blade. Certain blade brands are known to be very aggressive. A brand like Feather is known for high quality highly aggressive products.

There's nothing wrong with that because you should eventually have a high and low aggression option available to you. When you're just starting out though try to avoid these high aggression blades.

My favorite mild aggression blades are Astra which I've linked to above. However, they may not be suitable blade for you. Razor blades will treat you differently and because of your skin you may experience it differently than me.

Experiment with different brands and find which works the best for you. Getting the variety pack is a great decision but keep in mind there's more brands out there. You should be able to find something you like in the pack but if not don't be discouraged and try something else.

The good thing is blades are super cheap.

Tips for a Low Aggression Shave

In order for you to get the complete package of low aggression it's important to also know how to shave. Shaving in a way that's less accident prone will aide your goal of a low aggression shave.

If your skin is sensitive and you want to avoid shaving issues never shave against the grain. It's still very possible to get a close shave with the grain only. Our article there covers in deeper detail how you can achieve a close shave only going with the grain.

One area we tend to slack off is preparation. Try to shave when you're not in a rush because the steps leading up to shaving are very important. You'll experience better shaves without any ingrown hairs, shave rash, or skin irritation if you take the proper steps.

Always warm your skin first, exfoliate, and lather and re-lather as needed. We cover the right steps in more detail on our article linked to above. When you've purchased your razor come back here and read the article to get ready for a great shave the day your razor arrives.

Alternative Safety Razor

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This is the Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor on Amazon. The Merkur 23C is another beginner friendly safety razor that's low aggression. If you take a look at the teeth on this safety razor and compare it to the Edwin Jagger you'll notice they're very similar.

One of the main differences in these safety razors is the handle. The Merkur is a long handled safety razor and the Edwin Jagger is standard length. If you've got large hands the Merkur will suit you better.

Just as Edwin Jagger is well known so is Merkur around the wet shaving community. It's a strong brand name that represents quality and durability. Both companies make razors suited for newcomers and seasoned vets.

The Merkur has a few less options when it comes to style. You're limited to the diamond grip handle and chrome plating. Edwin Jagger has a few color options and different grips to choose from. You can also get a long handled Edwin Jagger but I think Merkur makes a better long handle safety razor.

Social Proof

If you look at the Amazon reviews for this razor you'll see thousands of positive reviews. The Merkur and Edwin Jagger make it tough to say one's better than the other. The reviews for each of them speak for themselves.

If you go through the reviews you'll learn some good beginner mistakes to avoid as well. Just because these are low aggression safety razors doesn't mean you can slack on learning to use a safety razor.

Learn How to Wet Shave

There are plenty of tutorials online that will teach you how to wet shave. YouTube is full of great demonstrations and if you're like me a video helps more than reading how to do it.

Don't think because you're using a lower aggression razor that you can skip the learning curve. You can still give yourself razor rash if you're not careful. So take the extra time and learn how to wet shave properly.

Before You Go!

I've shown you two of the least aggressive safety razors but just remember that how you shave and the blade also play a large role in aggression. Eventually it's my opinion that all wet shavers should have a low and high aggression set available to them.

It makes shaving when your skin isn't feeling it much easier. Then on the days you need a quick close shave immediately you can jump to your more aggressive option.

If you have some tips or suggestions for someone reading this please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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