13 Benefits to Leaving Argan Oil In Your Hair Overnight

Argan oil does amazing things for your hair's health. A simple mind-off approach to reaping these benefits would be leaving argan oil in hair overnight. It's important to have a healthy head of hair for many reasons.

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. It plays a major role in first impressions and people will, like it or not, judge you based on how your hair looks.

That's why I recommend taking great care of your hair and argan oil is a key ingredient that's up for the task. Below we'll cover all the benefits of argan oil and why you should be using it.

#1 Why Leave Argan Oil in Your Hair Overnight?

You could just use a small amount of argan oil for a few hours and then wash it out. However, you're not reaching the full potential of the benefits argan oil provides that way.

By doing an argan oil hair mask overnight you're allowing your hair to really soak up the nutrients and absorb the argan oil. It's the most effective method to making sure your hair's going to look great.

Argan oil makes your hair very smooth, sleek, and voluminous.

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How to Sleep with Argan Oil

If you've never treated your hair overnight before then this may require some getting use to. You can either use a solid hair net or wrap your head in a towel. You're goal is to trap the hair in with the argan oil so it can be absorbed and not seep out onto your pillow.

I've seen people use both the hair mask and a towel together to go the extra mile.

Pure Argan Oil or Argan Based Products?

When it comes to leaving argan oil in your hair overnight I recommend using a pure argan oil. This is because the products which contain argan oil are typically used for other purposes. You wouldn't want to leave argan oil based shampoo in your hair overnight.

At the same time using products that contain argan oil is still perfectly fine to use. They're great for your hair but just not suited for an overnight argan oil hair mask.

#2 Dandruff & Dry Scalp

Argan oil has high levels of vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids which make it great for preventing dryness and reducing skin inflammation. Dry scalp and dandruff are a big problem for a lot of people and it can feel like an uphill battle.

If you suffer from these conditions you can be relieved of them by simply using an argan oil hair mask overnight. You'll wake up in the morning with your head and hair feeling brand new.

You don't have to do this treatment every single night. In fact it's recommended to do the treatment 2-3 times per week if you have a serious case of dandruff or dry scalp. If you're just going for the great hair you can do it before big events where you want your hair to look amazing or once per week.

#3 Cold Climate & Brittle Hair

I'm from the south so I tend to look at cold climate and brittle hair within the same scope. In reality I know they're not necessarily connected but the colder harsher weather can indeed contribute to your hair being brittle.

A quick argan oil treatment will do wonders to getting your hair back to a natural state. If you have brittle hair I'm sure you're missing the healthier flowing and richer feeling hair you had before.

Apply 6-8 drops of argan oil to your hair and massage it in deep. Make sure you're massaging the scalp and really spreading the oil around. Do this 3 hours before you're going to take a shower to see good results.

Shower as you normally would and the next day your hair should feel better. Repeat the process until your hair is completely healthy again. You can also go for the overnight mask as we enjoy doing for the mind-off approach, but you'll need a morning shower!

#4 Taming Wild Hair

Argan oil can be used as an alternative to leave-in conditioners. It doesn't take very much oil to handle the job. You can take a single drop of argan oil, warming it with your palms, and spreading it through your hair.

If you've got a lot of hair you may require a second application.

After that take a very small amount and massage it into your scalp. Your overall effect will be more manageable hair. You don't have to fight your frizz and your hair will have a shine or glow to it. Not to mention how soft your hair will be.

Protects Against Heat

While you're taming wild hair it's also worth mentioning that argan oil will protect your hair from heat. If you use a blow dryer or flat iron it'll be a huge help.

Other products are typically not recommended to use before using a hot iron or flat iron because they may cause burning and damage the hair. Argan oil does the opposite and nourishes and repairs any damage and is OK to use with a flat iron.

benefits of argan oil

#5 Curls, Shine, and Glow

Do you love your curls? Argan oil can help make them even more manageable. It'll also help define your curls and really make them stand our in a beautiful way.

Apply a few drops of argan oil to your palms and rub it into your hair. Then using a micro fiber cloth gently squeeze without rubbing. Repeat this process while focusing on your curls and layers all the way to the tips.

You'll have defined curls that look great, are stronger, and easier to manage.

#6 Swimming & Heat Damage

Swimming pools are full of chemicals that aren't good for your hair. Have you ever gotten out of a pool and noticed how your hair felt? It's definitely not what you want to do to your hair.

Apply argan oil before going swimming and it'll act as a barrier between the chemicals and your hair. Make sure to be more generous with the argan oil so your hair is fully protected.

It'll also protect your hair from the sun. For the best protection apply a few drops of argan oil and then braid your hair to lock in the moisture. If you're a male with short hair then you may be out of luck for the braiding but it's better than nothing!

#7 Hair Growth & Loss Prevention

Hair loss is a huge problem for many men and women. While going bald is a problem there are things you can do before you reach that point.

Argan oil is proven to be great for hair re-growth and regeneration. You should massage your scalp with argan oil at least once per week for better hair growth and rejuvenation.

To take it a step further try leaving argan oil in hair overnight and showing the following morning. If your hair problems are severe do thise 2-3 times per week and for extreme issues always consult a doctor.

The Other Benefits of Argan Oil

So, as you can see above there's a lot of benefits to using argan oil on your hair. There are actually several other benefits to using argan oil on other areas of the body. Here are some of the other great things argan oil can do for you.

argan oil for beards

#8 Moisturizer for Skin

The most common use of argan oil is actually as a skin moisturizer. Due to its richness in vitamin E and fatty acids it makes it perfect for hydrating & softening the skin.

The skin can easily absorb the oil and it's completely non-greasy and won't irritate the skin.

We recommend using it anywhere you may have problems with skin dryness or irritation. I personally prefer using argan oil over a lotion but maybe that's just a man thing. We just really don't prefer our wives flowery lotions.

#9 Argan Oil for Men's Beards

Just like the hair on your head a man's beard requires special attention. Once your beard starts to grow out it requires even more attention and if you're going to avoid split ends and a raged looking beard you're going to have to maintain it.

You can also find beard oils which contain argan oil. I enjoy a good wood smelling beard oil that contains argan oil. It gives you that rich manly smell and does a great job of keeping your beard healthy.

#10 Keeps You Looking Young

Getting old is inevitable but that doesn't mean we have to look it. Argan oil acts as a great anti-aging device. When applied to the skin it gives you a nice youthful glow and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.

The oil is full of antioxidants and it'll leave your skin feeling plump and much softer. For best practices massage a couple drops of oil into your face and neck before bed. Do this every night before bed and you'll notice the difference.

#11 Feet & Nails

As we age our feet really take a beating. Maybe it's from just getting a little older or from working on our feet all day but either way it's important we take great care of our feet.

Argan oil will treat cracked feet and make them feeling like new again. It doesn't leave behind that greasy feeling as lotion does either. Make sure to treat both your hands and feet a couple times a week to keep them healthy.

It only requires a few drops each night to get the job done. Also, if you have problems with brittle nails argan oil can help you there as well.

#12 Healthy Lips

During cold and dry periods our lips can become damaged. Sore and cracked lips can be treated with argan oil to return to a soft plump state. Rub a drop or two onto your lips and wipe away the excess.

Combine argan oil with the use of lip balm to keep your lips protected. If cracked lips are a bigger problem for you make sure you're drinking enough water.

#13 Aid Acne

You probably think using an oil to help acne doesn't sound right. Many oils and moisturisers make skin conditions such as acne worse. Since argan oil is non-greasy it helps balance skin by providing moisture in a natural way.

The antioxidants help heal damaged skin cells and reduce inflammation caused by acne.

Before using argan oil make sure to clean and pat dry your skin that's effected by acne. This way we're making sure the argan oil is introduced to clean, dry skin. Rub the oil in gently and repeat this twice per day to clear up mild acne.

Argan Oil the Liquid Gold

That's a lot of great things packed into one bottle of argan oil. That's where it gets the nickname of liquid gold out of all the essential oils.

I hope you enjoyed our article. Argan oil is such a great oil for treating skin and hair. You'll notice the changes right after your first use and you'll likely be hooked from then on. It'll keep your hair, beard, and skin looking amazing!

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