Mach 3 vs Fusion Review: Gillette Cartridge Razor Battle

The world of modern razors seems to be ruled by Gillette. Our Mach 3 Vs Fusion review aims to determine which of these two razors are best. There's a lot of cartridge razors on the market, but none of them seem to compete with the likes of these two.

Before we begin​ I just wanted to say that cartridge razors are great for the house, but what about on the go? You might also need some good disposable razors to pair with your cartridge razor. We've written a review on disposable razors that you might like to read after this.

Gillette Mach 3 Vs Fusion

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The Gillette cartridge razor has dominated the market for such a long time that they obviously have some of the best razors. As you probably know the Gillette slogan, "the best a man can get" but does that really apply to all their razors?

The main issue with cartridge razors is one of the focus points of their marketing. The multiple blades they add to market and sell you a new razor.

Multiple blades means multiple passes with each stroke. This is horrible for someone with sensitive skin and isn't ideal for anyone really. The greatest perk of these razors are also the greatest downfall.​

We recommend swapping to a safety razor as soon as possible. It's a better shave and much more affordable. Compare having to buy a $10 box of 100 blades to spending $30 for 5 cartridge refills, but we're not here to talk about safety razors.

Our Review Process

We've done a lot of research to compare the Mach3 vs Fusion razors. The factors you'll see us go into detail on are: pricing, ease of use, closeness of the shave, and the level of comfort.

We'll also talk about the overall quality of these two razors. It's important to note that when it comes to the quality of these razors, there isn't a huge difference from disposables. Yea the material may be a little stronger or it may have a rotating head, but typically these quality traits are negligible when compared.

We've taken a lot of input from people who use these razors. We value the opinions we've come across online and have given them extra weight in our review process. Both the Mach 3 and the Fusion are overall good razors but one reigns supreme.​

Cost of Cartridge Razors

We're not trying to beat a dead horse here but it has to be said. The cost of cartridge razor replacements are to damn high! You'll spend a lot of money in the long run compared to safety razors.

With a $10 box of 100 safety razor blade you could get a total of 500 shaves. Don't let the look of them intimidate you. The learning curve isn't so bad either.​ I promise we don't mention it again, but you should really look into it.

Mach 3 Vs Fusion Comparison

We're about to break down the details in this Mach 3 vs Fusion review. These razors are arguably the most popular Gillette razors on the market. Here's what they have in common and what makes them different.


Both the Mach 3 and Fusion are on the higher end of cartridge razor costs. Fortunately they've came down in price some and become more affordable. You'll find these razors between $9 and $15 at most retailers. Refill blades will run you $15 to $40.

The Mach 3 is a little cheaper than the Fusion, including the replacement cartridges, but it's not a big enough price gap to be a major determining factor.​

Winner: To close to be determined.


The Mach 3 feels heavier than the Fusion which makes it a pleasure to shave with. With the Fusion you feel like you need to apply more external pressure. Another thing that makes the Mach 3 user friendly is the cartridge is a little smaller. It's easier to get into harder to shave spots.

Also note that the Fusion has more blades that are much closer together. A big issue with this is the Fusion blades seems to get clogged more frequently. The Mach 3 blades have larger spacing and don't clog as frequent.​

Winner: Mach 3

How Close it Shaves

The major determining factor is the amount of blades. The Fusion comes with 5 total blades compared to the Mach 3 tri-blade. You'll get a closer shave with the Fusion in fewer passes, but you're running 5 blades across your skin.

If you have sensitive skin the Fusion won't be very friendly. We've discussed our general stance towards multiple bladed razors earlier, but focusing only on this aspect we'll have to give the win to...​

Winner: Fusion

Comfort Level

Skin irritation is a major factor with these razors. Since Gillette has added more razors this has become a bigger issue. With that in mind the Fusion has 5 total razors which makes it more prone to cause irritation.

The Mach 3 has 3 total blades which results in fewer passes over the skin. Overall we really like the Mach 3's level of comfort.

Winner: Mach 3​

Final Results

Our Mach 3 vs Fusion review has boiled down to the Mach 3 being our clear winner. It's a more affordable razor that's less likely to cause skin irritation. It delivers a good shave and there's no proof that adding more blades gives a better shave.

It does require fewer passes "sometimes", but that isn't enough to make the Fusion a winner. You'll save money with the Mach 3 in both original purchase and in refills. It's overall the superior cartridge razor.​

Tips for a Longer Razor Life

The worst thing about these kind of razors is the cost of replacement blades. To help get more out of your razor and prolong its life we've put together these tips. Just by doing these simple little things you'll get more shaves out of each head.

Dry your razor - After each use always dry your razor completely. Don't let it linger around damp. This causes the blades to dull much quicker only leaving you having to replace the head sooner. When drying the razor simply pat it dry with a towel. Don't rub or slide the blades against the towel as that will cause them to dull as well.

Keep it Dry - Always store your razor in a dry spot. Don't leave it in the shower. Leaving it in the shower is a very common practice, but it's horrible for the razor. Simply dry it and leave it on your counter or even better a plastic case.

Coat the Razor - You can leave your razor in a mineral oil or alcohol after drying. Have a jar sitting next to your sink and let the razor stay in it when not in use. This prevents rusting from being wet and air drying repeatedly.

Keep it Sharp - A method that's been used for a long time, but often forgotten is rubbing your razor on blue jeans. After each shave give your upward against blue jeans and it'll keep your blades like new. This is probably one of the best ways to keep your blades sharp.

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