A Guide to Manscaping The Chest and Stomach

Manscaping Chest and Stomach

You’re ready to begin shaving the body hair from your chest and stomach. The question has been rolling around in your head for weeks or months – “Should i get rid of the my chest and stomach hair or not”?

You decided! It’s time to say goodbye to that hairy chest and trade it in for a smooth chest your partner loves to touch. But where do you begin?

Should You Get Rid Of Stomach Hair Without Shaving?

While shaving may seem like the quicker easier option to removing the hair on your chest and stomach you might be interested in these two alternatives.

​Laser hair removal is a long lasting solution to the grind of shaving. The hairs will take much longer to grow back so you’ll reap the benefits of bare skin much longer. There’s also many new at home laser hair removal devices on the market so you don’t have to visit a specialist if you don’t want to.

Waxing is the other option and maybe one you have considered. If you’re worried about it being painful there are numbing creams you can pick up to ease the discomfort.​

Shaving Your Chest And Stomach The Manscaping Way

Shaving your chest starts with the right tools. Let’s look at the items you’ll need to get rid of the hair growth:​

Warm Water – The easiest thing you’ll need to acquire is warm water. When doing any sort of body grooming warm water helps relax your hair follicles and give you a closer smoother shave.​

Pre-shave Oil – If you’ve got sensitive skin pick up some pre-shave oil. It makes the skin easier to shave on and will help prevent shaving discomfort.

Shave Cream or Gel Grab your favorite shaving cream and have it ready to go. I personally recommend avoiding any minty creams. It can be unpleasant to the skin if you’ve never shaved your chest or stomach before.​

Shave Tool – Depending on your level of body hair you may require more than one shaver. If your body hair is a little thicker or you’ve never shaved like this before then pick up an electric shaver and your preferred bladed shave tool.​

The electric shaver will be used to trim down your body hair before you begin going through the whole routine of shaving with your blade.​

Shaving Chest Hair Side Effects You May Encounter

Anytime you shave you could potentially run into some issues. Things like:​

  • Razor Burn
  • Ingrown Hairs
  • Rashes
  • Skin Irritation

…. are all possible results after shaving. We do our best to give you tips to avoid these issues but at times it is inevitable that at least one happens.

Here’s a description of what these side effects are like:​

Razor Burn – This condition is when the skin turns red from inflammation and small bumps develop in a close area surrounding hair follicles. This is accompanied with itching.​

Ingrown Hairs – This occurs when the hair starts growing back and gets trapped under the skin. It results in small pus-filled blisters. Ingrown hairs can frequently go away on there own but can also be exposed using tweezers. These are most common in men with curly hairs.​

Irritation – You may experience immediate irritation after shaving. Mostly common in men with sensitive skin. You may experience a light itch or redness on the areas shaved. If the itch seems unbearable you might consider taking a cold shower and using a relieving skin cream.​

Rash – Unfortunately for men with curly hair you’ll experience this more often. Rashes from shaving are typically shorter lived. Most common it’s a minor inflammation of the skin with mild itching.​

While no one wants to get any of these side effects of shaving they sometimes just happen. They can occur on the face or the body and it’s better to be knowledgeable of the conditions so you’re able to deal with them.​

If you have sensitive skin you’re more likely to encounter these issues more frequently.

First Time Out

If it’s your first time shaving your chest and stomach we’ve got a couple tips for you. Follow along and we’ll get you started off on the right foot.​

First off always trim down the bulk of our body hair with an electric shaver. Don’t attempt cutting through the bulk with your bladed shaver. You’ll not only save yourself time but you’ll save yourself from running into skin discomfort.​

You’ll also want to use your shave cream lightly on the areas you’re shaving. Just reapply as you need more but don’t start off by overdoing it with the shaving cream. It just makes it difficult to shave and see what you’re doing.​

Try going at this in the shower. It makes the entire experience much easier and the warm steam will keep your hairs relaxed and easier to shave.​

Combine these tips and your first experience shaving your chest and stomach will be a good one.​

Ongoing Maintenance

If you plan on keeping your chest and stomach shave it’ll take a little ongoing maintenance. If you choose to keep it shaved then the maintenance is actually easier than letting it grow out and re-shaving each time.​

The best practice is to shave your chest every 3 days in the shower. If your hair growth isn’t much after 3 days you can also get away with only using shave oil instead of shaving cream.​

Giving yourself a once over every 3 days with a bladed shaver will keep your chest and stomach hairs down and you won’t have to start from the beginning cutting the bulk down with an electric shaver.​

Doing this also helps avoid skin irritation when you keep the hairs cut.​

Using the Right Shaver

As with many things in life having the best tools will make the job easier and shaving chest hair is not different.​

Chest and stomach hair and yes even pubic hair is not the same “texture” as the hair on your head. Don’t assume and make the mistake of using a Wahl trimmer designed for the hair on your head. If you’re going to get serious about “bodygroom” opt for something along the line of the highly rated Philips Norelco Bodygroom series some call the “ultimate in skin comfort on your body”​.

What makes it different than a Wahl? This high performance trimmer features rounded blades, water-resistant casing and exclusively designed for men looking for the ultimate shave below the neck.​

Yes, there’s a big difference between using hair trimmers and to remove belly hair and a shaver design for the stomach and chest area!​

The Norelco Bodygroom also lets you trim the hair down before actually shaving the chest if that’s your goal. Remember you DO NOT have to “shave it bare.” Some men and partner prefers to just shorten the length of the hair.​

Let’s Talk Chest and Stomach Hair Styles

It’s true you can find both hair styles for the chest and stomach! The two most popular styles are the tidy happy trail and an overall low trim.​

The happy trail or treasure trail leaves a small amount of body hair going in the center that leads down to the pubic area. This trail does vary from where it begins. The most common is the short trail that starts at the belly button and leads down. The second most common leads from the chest hair down.​

The overall low trim has become even more popular. You keep your body hair but you keep it trimmed very low. You get to skip the bladed shaver which means you get to skip a lot of the side effects that come along with it. I don’t think anyone will complain about less skin irritation!​

Manscaping Chest and Stomach

The video above by Ask Men (video about: Manscaping Chest and Stomach) goes over some different areas including manscaping the chest. The video explains how you might want your chest to look along with some other great tips on manscaping.​

Always do what makes you feel comfortable. There’s various hair lengths and choices like to shave your arm pits or not. Just remember to always choose what feels the best to you. Sometimes to find out though you’ll have to try it at least once!

Chest Shaving Technique​

The following technique is for the bare chest style. However, if you’re going for the tightly trimmed look you can skip most the steps.When you begin to shave your chest always use a trimmer to get the hair low first. Then use your favorite shaving gel in the shower like the Gillette’s Body Shaving Gel to lather the area.​

Once you’re lathered up you can begin shaving. Most guys find it best to start from the center of your chest and shave outward. Begin in the crevice and gently shave outward. Use your hands to pull your chest in different directions to stretch the skin. This will let you get a smoother shave.

Next start shaving from the bottom of the chest up. Use your hand to cover the nipple so you won’t cut yourself. With the same method stretching the skin up you’ll get a smoother shave. Then shave above the nipple as normal. Repeat this for the other chest.​

Also, check out our guide to preventing an itchy chest after shaving. Here’s another great video that’ll give you a visual demonstration: ( Manscaping Chest and Stomach )

Stomach Shaving Technique

When shaving the stomach make sure it matches the chest. If your chest is bare then so should the stomach. If you have trimmed hair on your chest then the stomach should match. For some guys if they chose to trim the chest then the stomach may not even require shaving.

Just look at it cosmetically. Every guy is different. Me personally I don’t need to shave my stomach because my trimmed chest hair matches just fine. However if you’re going bare make sure to grab a really good razor. The skin around the stomach is often very sensitive for many.

So the only real key factor to take home here is keeping it matching. That’s all you need to know for the stomach. As for the modern style it depends if your muscular or not. If you are then shaving bare is recommended and if you’re a dad bod then trimmed hair is recommended.

That’s it for manscaping chest and stomach. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!​

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