Manscaping Groin: A Mans Guide

Manscaping Groin, let me teach you the how to’s of manscaping unscathed. Because let us be honest it isn’t really something you’re going to ask a friend to show you, right? How awkward could that get!

If you want to master this art you’ll need some manscaping tools, a good cream, and a somewhat steady hand is recommended!

Manscaping Your Groin in 4 Steps

I’m going to cover the 4 simple steps to guide you into the manscaping groin. All of the following steps are in order, highly recommended, and if followed correctly will have your better half very excited *wink*.

Step 1) Trimming – Start off by trimming the pubic region. This is the area just north of your cock & balls. Trim the hair as low as you prefer. You don’t have to go bare down here, but if you’ve never experienced it then give it a shot! See if you and your other half enjoy it.

Step 2) Shaving Cream – Apply your favorite shaving cream or gel to your pubic area, cock, balls, and surrounding area. I find applying a thin layer works best. As mentioned above… try not using any minty or smell good type of shaving creams. The skin around your groin is usually more sensitive and is more easily irritated. A good “basic” cream is recommended.

Step 3) Shave – Here’s where things get worrisome for guys. The key is to shave in the shower and to take your time. This isn’t a race and if it’s your first time you definitely don’t want to feel rushed. If you’re going to shave the pubic region start their first.

When it’s time to move to the cock & balls I recommend shaving the shaft first. Always keep a firm grip and shave your preferred direction (with or against the grain). Grim the head of the penis and start with the shaft. Then press your genitals to one side and shave both the left and right side.

Lastly you’ll shave the balls. Stretch the skin the best you can to have a smoother surface. This area will take the longest usually, but remember to take your time!

Step 4) Moisturize – Don’t skip! Nothing more irritating than a dry or flaky dick. It’s not very appealing to your other half either. A nice after shave lotion will do the trick.

Tools for Manscaping Your Groin

You’re going to 3 different tools before getting started. You’ll need a good trimmer, razor, and shaving cream. If you don’t already have a good trimmer we highly recommend the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. It’s the same manscaping groin trimmer we use and its absolutely amazing.

This trimmer is dual ended with a nice close shave top end and a guarded bottom end. The guard comes with 5 adjustable sizes. This trimmer is the perfect body sculpting device.

Second you’re going to need a really good manscaping razor. We’ve tried multiple different razors and there’s 2 that I recommend. One being the Gillette Venus Women’s Razor and the second being Gillette Body Disposable Razor.

The third thing you’ll need for manscaping groin is going to be shaving cream. I really like Barbasol shaving cream. There’s a wealth of information right on their website about the various products they offer. You can choose your own personal favorite shaving cream, but I recommend not getting anything “minty” or similar when using it for your groin.

Benefits of Shaving Your Groin

The quick and easy answer is because women love it! The majority of women prefer a man who grooms downstairs, but only 45% of men actually do the required grooming.

It shows you care about yourself & that you have better hygiene which is attractive to others. Not only does it feel “more free” for you, but its more pleasing to the eye in general. Not to mention it’ll make you appear up to 2″ inches bigger! Now that’s something to think about.

The hairy days were for the 70’s. Let us leave it in the 70’s! It also works both ways. When you see a women’s down below. Do you find it more visually pleasing when it’s bare or hairy? Not a hard decision is it? Just another reason to start manscaping your groin.

Another great reason is hygiene. When you’re shaving down there it’s cleaner. You’ll hold less sweat, you won’t retain dead skin cells, and its easier to clean next time you shower.

All things considered: better hygiene, more confidence, looking bigger, smelling better, better mood, more oral sex, healthier, and a better sex life are all great reasons why you should be shaving and maintaining your groin.

how to shave your groin

Tips to Know

Use the shower when you’re shaving. It opens the hair follicles and allows a much smoother shave. It’s easier to keep your blades clean without dulling the blades and it’s much more relaxing.

If it’s your first time or first couple times shaving your groin then you may want to try a good shaving antiseptic. This will help reduce any burn sensation you may get if you have sensitive skin.

Blades pulling hair? It’s time to use some new blades. Replace your blades anytime they start pulling. You want to keep a smooth natural shave. This will help reduce bacteria and any nicks due to old blades.

Not sure if the wife will like it? Give it a shot with your side chick first. Okay.. only kidding!

When shaving the balls use a thin layer of hand soap. It actually does a better job than shaving cream in this one area. Shaving cream just tends to always apply to thick and makes things more difficult for ball shaving.

After the shaving is complete apply some baby powder. A light amount will help keep things fresh and helps with any irritation. There’s also powder specifically made for this, but baby powder works just as good.

Avoid using an electric shaver for your balls. They aren’t designed for this sort of job and only cause trouble for this one particular area. Stick to the disposable razors and never look back.

Like shaving other areas of your body, you’ll want to pull the testicle skin taut. Don’t over stretch the skin as this can cause ingrown hairs and you most definitely don’t want those! Just stretch enough to get a flat surface and then let the razor do its thing.

If you think you need something more beginner friendly, try this.

Before and After

There’s a bit of buzz around the before and after pictures of manscaping. Unfortunately, that requires showing nudity which we’re not going to do here. However, we did write a post on the topic and link to a couple spots you can find what you’re looking for.

There’s a huge visual difference in males shaved groin vs non-shaved groin. Also not leaving out the middle ground neatly trimmed male. You’ll be able to see quickly that the same person appears larger in the shaved image versus the non-shaved image of the same guy.

Take a look at that post and you’ll see what I mean.


If you choose to manscape your groin or not it’s all a personal preference. There may sometimes be pressure for society to feel like we must do these things, but we don’t. There are obvious benefits to shaving your bits, but it doesn’t mean you have to.

What’s most important is what you feel and maybe what your other half thinks. By adding this simple hygiene activity to your routine you’ll add many bonuses to your life… and especially your sex life.

I hope you enjoyed the post and was able to learn something new. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave me a comment.

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