Manscaping Services: How to be a Modern Man

Whether you’re an experienced manscaper or a curious amateur, manscaping services are available to you. With the increasing popularity of men’s grooming, salons and spas are jumping on the manscaping train. A variety of services are available including: body trimming, waxing, and shaving.

These manscaping services can help ease you in to the world of manscaping whether you currently do so or not. For the uninitiated, this list will help you understand that overall concept of manscaping while letting you know what manscaping services are available to you. For the seasoned pro, this list will help you identify the locations best suited for your particular needs.

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Why Manscaping?

It’s unfortunate that the term “manscaping” has come to be synonymous with only the process of shaving below the belt. While this is certainly part of manscaping, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Manscaping is about looking and feeling your best. It’s about bucking the stereotype of men as unhygienic and dirty and making a concerted effort to be the opposite. Manscaping, at its core, is about putting your best foot forward and taking pride in your appearance.

Manscapers come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. For a long time, men essentially did nothing with themselves. Salon and spa services like the ones we will discuss here were thought to be only for women. Now, men enjoy a variety of manscaping services tailored specifically to our bodies and needs. Including:

Body Trimming

If you aren’t ready to take the full plunge yet, body trimming is a great manscaping service to start off with. In this service, a trimmer is used to reduce (but not completely remove) your overall body hair. Think of body trimming as getting a buzz cut over your entire body. No razor or blade is actually making contact with your body so the chances of cutting and irritation are greatly reduced.

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If you’re a moderately hairy guy but don’t’ want to remove all of your body hair, this is a great manscaping service for you. Body trimming helps keep your body hair at bay and manageable while still maintaining some hair.

Body trimming typically comes in partial or full body packages. The difference in offering and price will vary based on the particular location. Typically, the difference depends on what areas are being trimmed and whether or not it includes private areas. Commonly trimmed areas include: chest, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, or full body.

Body Shaving

Body shaving strikes a middle ground between trimming and waxing. In this service, your body hair is shaved completely much the same way you would do with your face. This helps remove hair in ways that trimming does not, but the effects do not last as long as waxing.

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Body shaving does entail having a blade against your skin so there is a greater risk of cutting and irritation, especially if this is your first time. However, spas and salons who offer this service have trained their staff on proper body shaving techniques to minimize this risk.

Body shaving removes unwanted body hair and leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and fresh. Depending on your hair type and speed of growth, the effects can last anywhere from a few days to nearly a week.

Body shaving is a lengthier process than body trimming. Like body trimming, the scope and price will vary based on the particular offerings of the salon or spa. Typical body shaving areas include: arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, neck, or full body. Some locations will also offer below the belt shaving.

Body Waxing

Body waxing is a manscaping service that entails the total removal of hair from your body, or parts of it, with wax. You’re no doubt familiar with women waxing their legs and this is the same idea. Wax is applied to your body and then removed with a paper strip.

Body waxing is a more permanent (though still temporary) solution to hair removal. The effects of body waxing can last for several weeks or over a month based on your hair type. Typical body waxing areas include: chest, back, arms, legs, underarms, uni-brow, or full body.

Body waxing is a great option if your goal is total hair removal that lasts. Your groomer will offer tips and guidelines for managing after a wax. This typically includes staying out of direct sunlight for up to 12 hours or using lotion to minimize irritation.

The Brozilian

If you’ve heard of a “Brazilian wax” before, now it’s time to meet and embrace the Brozilian. The Brozilian is a manscaping service that was designed specifically to remove the hair in your groin region. This is similar to the female Brazilian wax or sometimes the bikini wax.

Brozilian services will vary based on location and the distinction will almost always vary based on the body areas you want waxed. Some “full” Brozilian services include the penis, scrotum, pelvic area, buttocks, and anus. Other “partial” services may only include the general pelvic area and buttocks.

Like general body waxing, the Brozilian in all of its forms offers a longer lasting effect than other manscaping services.

Nail Services

One of the most often overlooked male grooming areas are the finger and toenails. Ask any woman what part of the body her man ignores the most and it’s likely to be one of these two areas. Manicures and pedicures keep your nails looking neat, clean, and trim.

Nail services and treatments are sometimes completed during another service to save you time. Typically, they involve the cleaning, filing, and buffing of your existing nails to restore a healthy, clean appearance. A dedicated manscaper knows that his body hair isn’t the only thing that needs to be kept in check. Nails are a vital part of the overall package as well and require attention too.

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Facials are specifically designed to revitalize the sensitive, damaged skin on your face, which as men we often disregard or simply accept. They are deep cleaning procedures which focus specifically on improving the health of your face through deep pore cleaning, exfoliation, and moisturizing.

If you are unfamiliar with the process, a facial is performed by taking essential oils, creams, or fruit extracts and applying them directly to your skin. Laser facials are available in some locations and while they cost more, can provide a more lasting effect.

Based on your skin type and specific needs, there are many different options to explore. Facials can be designed to specifically treat your dry skin, blemished skin, or for anti-aging properties. The end result is healthier, fresher looking and feeling skin.


Many spas and salons will also offer massage treatments in addition to hair removal services. Reflexology, Swedish, deep tissue, and more options give you a full menu to choose from based on your particular needs.

Massages can help relax sore, tired muscles while at the same time rejuvenating the body. Most businesses will offer massages in half hour increments although shorter/longer sessions may be available. Massages offer a great way to relax and pamper yourself after a long day. They can also provide a nice cool down time for mental and physical detox after a shave or waxing session.

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Full Body Manscaping Services

If your goal is to do it all, there are a variety of full body manscaping service options. Trimming, shaving, and waxing are typically offered in full body options as well. These appointments will typically last longer and cost more than area-specific services.

In addition, full-body manscaping treatments may also include additional services such as a massages or nail treatments. If you opt for a package deal you will typically find an overall value extended to you by doing so. Selecting a package may save you money in the long run as opposed to purchasing each service on its own.

Where do I go?

Your local salons and spas should be your first choice for exploring the manscaping services that are local to you. Cosmetology or aesthetics schools may offer some or all services as well and often at a discounted rate.

In general, your best choice will be a local salon or spa. They will be able to provide you with more information on their specific services and answer any questions you have about the processes.

Not all salons and spas offer or even cater to manscaping, though the ones that do will generally make that fact known pretty clearly. Consider a location that specializes in male services. Male skin and hair can vary from that of the fairer sex and so we sometimes require a different approach.

What are you waiting for?

For a long time, services like the ones we’ve talked about here have been seen as “women only.” Thankfully today, nothing could be further from the truth. More men are waking up to the many benefits of personal hygiene and hair care. More businesses are opening up specifically to cater to our specific needs as men.

Remember, manscaping is not just about shaving or waxing your body hair. It is about looking and feeling your best and taking pride in your body and appearance. The modern manscaper comes from many walks of life and you can find them in every city and town, even yours.

Professional manscaping services can help introduce you to the world of manscaping. They provide a great setting for you to explore the many benefits it offers. Increased self-confidence, motivation, and better hygiene are just some of the many attributes that make manscaping great.

So if you’ve ever thought about what you can do to feel and look better, consider looking up your local manscaping salon and finding out more info about how they can help you gain control of your hygiene. We’re confident that once you explore manscaping, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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