Me Chic Vs Me Smooth Comparison Review

This Me Chic Vs Me Smooth comparison review aims to break down the unique aspects of these two devices. There's some unique advantages and disadvantages to each one and with our help you'll hopefully be able to make an excellent decision.

Laser hair removal is the best method that will lead to permanent hair removal. These products can lead you to having silky smooth skin forever with continued usage. So, without delaying here's our review of these two hand held laser hair removers.

Reviewing Me Chic Vs Me Sooth

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Both the Me Chic and the Me Smooth are laser hair removal devices. They're designed to be used from the comfort of your own home and are both quite easy to use. These two products have some core differences around their size and mechanic use. Overall they perform the same function to remove body hair via laser.

Basic Use: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic - The Me Chic is a more compact design and focuses on hairs in a smaller area. The opening for the head is more acute and targeted than compared to the Me Smooth. The devices uses FDA cleared Intense Pulsed Lighting (IPL) which heats and targets hair follicles causing them to fall out.

Me Smooth - The Me Smooth is a more robust laser hair removal device for home use. The basic usage between Me Chic and Me Smooth are similar. You'll turn the devices on and target areas where you no longer want hair growth. However, the Me Smooth provides you with more options to control your sessions. This is great if you find certain settings to painful. You can reduce the Me Smooth to lower settings.

Options: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic - The Me Chic is a more compact device and leans towards what you see is what you get. There's no additional settings you're able to change with this product so you're stuck with the default settings.

Me Smooth - The Me Smooth comes with a wider range of options. You're able to tone up or down the Elos Technology levels to adjust them to your level of tolerance. There's also indicators on the base of the device informing you of energy levels, in use indicators, and visuals to let you know what's going on.

Skin Color: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic - The Me Chic will work well for fair skin tones and brown hairs. This is common among laser hair removal devices and most don't work on dark skin. If you have darker skin tones you'll want to stick with the Me Smooth because the Me Chis is more limited.

Me Smooth - The Me Smooth claims to work on dark skin tones. They claim to work on any skin tone and hair color so if you're African American or have highly tanned skin you'll benefit more from Me Smooth. It'll still take more sessions to complete your hair removal journey but at least you have an option that works.

Pain Level: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Laser hair removal in general comes with pain. It's an inevitable part of the process due to how this method removes body hair. Both Me Chic and Me Smooth are going to have some level of discomfort while in use.

If you're concerned about the tingling sensation you're going to have from these devices you may want to lean towards the Me Smooth. Since Me Smooth provides you the option to tone down the device it can be a more tolerable experience.

Pricing: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

If you're looking to save money you'll need to have a lighter skin tone and brownish hairs since that's where the Me Chic excels. Me Chic is the cheaper of the two products but it doesn't work well for dark skin and very dark or very light colored hairs.

The Me Smooth is more expensive by quite a bit. However, it's a hefty product with more features and works for a wider range of people. If you're able to fork out the extra cash I believe the Me Smooth will last you much longer. Plus if your skin tone darkens you won't have to worry about your laser hair removal device working.

Results: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic - After the recommended 7 weeks of usage you can expect a 46% reduction in hair growth. With continued use you can eventually expect to stop growing hairs. This will happen gradually but permanent hair removal can be achieved.

Me Smooth - You can expect the 46% hair reduction in as quick as 2 weeks and permanent hair reduction begins at roughly 7 weeks. The time frame is similar to the Me Chic.

Body Parts: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Both Me Chic and Me Smooth are more advanced laser hair removal devices that can be used on nearly anywhere you're growing hair. The Me Chic being more compact is easier to use on the underarms and smaller areas but overall both devices can be used nearly anywhere on your body.

You should avoid using any laser hair removal device near your eyes, internally, or on the most sensitive areas of your genitals. You can cause extreme skin or eye damage if you try and use the device near these areas.

Basically use your common sense and keep a pulsating laser away from sensitive areas of your body.

Before & After: Me Chic Vs Smooth

So the company behind the Me Chic and Me Smooth products use the same before and after image for both devices. So you should expect roughly the same end results but Me Smooth being able to work better for darker skin tones.

me chic vs me smooth

The images above show the before and after of using this laser hair removal device for three months. These are rather decent results showing near permanent hair removal. With continued usage you should expect even better results.

Reviews: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Public consumer reviews of both the Me Chic and Me Smooth are quite mixed. There's a lot of negative and positive reviews which make it more difficult to get an accurate understanding of the product. You may be discouraged with any number of negative comments but in my years of reviewing products it actually doesn't guarantee the product to be so bad.

It's particularly difficult with a product like this to judge. Due to its restrictions based on skin tones and hair color there's going to be a lot of people who fell into the category who shouldn't use the device but did anyway. These people often feel it's the products fault on not their own for not reading the instructions. Then they'll leave a negative review even though it's technically their fault for not reading.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for these two products. Usually people happy with their purchase don't bother to even leave a comment so also keep that in mind. How often have you made a purchase and the product worked as expected and then you go back to confirm it worked?

Taking that into consideration I would recommend not judging these two laser hair removal lasers harshly. You can always refund the product if you have a bad experience and Amazon will refund you with no questions asked.

Before You Go!

Hopefully you found this Me Chic Vs Me Smooth comparison review informative and helpful. It's a pricey purchase and I want to make sure you're fully aware of the pro's and cons of a product like this. Laser hair removal can be an excellent path to permanent hair removal.

If you have any tips, tricks, or recommendations for these hair removal devices please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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