Minoxidil Beard Growth: The Key to a Beard You’ll Love

Minoxidil beard growth is a quick and effective solution to troublesome beards. Minoxidil is essentially Rogaine as it's the key ingredient, but we prefer the direct product that you can buy instead.

This stuff is like the holy grail of beard growing.​ If you're having trouble growing a beard, patchiness, thin hairs, or just very low to no beard growth then you'll love this product.

What Exactly is Minoxidil?

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Minoxidil is a liquid/oil based product clinically proven to help regrow hair. It works by stimulating hair follicles to promote growth. This includes the most troublesome follicles that have stopped working, but Minoxidil reactivates them.

The Minoxidil we recommend is a topical solution. Meaning it's for external use on the skin. You can also use this product on other trouble spots such as the scalp.

The Minoxidil beard growth solution is ​one of the most recommended ways to fix your beard problem. It's very effective and the large majority of males see good results. It made our Top 5 list of beard growth products in our other review.

Side Effects of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an over the counter drug and like most of them it has some side-effects. I personally wouldn't worry to much about these, as long as you're relatively healthy.

The most common side-effects include: ​increased heartbeat, weight gain, redness of skin, and mild skin irritation. You can view a full list of side-effects on Drugs.com.

Most people won't experience any of these side-effects, but at the same time there's ways to deal with the skin irritation. We'll discuss a little on this later.​

Disclaimer:​ I am not a Doctor and you should always seek a medical professionals opinion before using any drug.

Some People Experience Shedding

You may experience hair shedding anywhere you use the product. There's been reports of this in all areas such as the scalp, beard, and body. The goods news is it's nothing to worry about.

Your hair will shed to make room for new hair growth. It's almost like a prerequisite ​to your upcoming growth. So don't let the shedding discourage you.

The entire Minoxidil beard process will take several months to see real results. Getting discouraged is the most common thing that happens that causes someone to stop using it. Make sure to complete the process and use the entire 6 month supply.

Using Minoxidil to Grow Your Beard

If you've read this far and have decided to give Minoxidil a go, congratulations! Taking action towards growing a better beard is the first step. You're much closer than you were before to growing that manly mane.

The entire process will take you around 6 months. Stick in there and complete the entire process before deciding it isn't working for you. You're not going to grow this beard over night, not even with the help of Minoxidil.

You'll find instructions in the box that you need to make sure to follow. Stick to the recommended usage​ and don't forget to use it. Over the whole 6 month period it can get difficult to remember to use your product.

Overall the entire process is well worth it. Typically you'll experience a boost in beard well before the 6 months supply is gone. Individual experiences will vary.​

growing a beard

What happens when you stop using Minoxidil?

When your 6 months is up you should see good results. If you're happy with where you've gotten you don't need to continue using Minoxidil.

Some people worry about losing the progress they've made when they discontinue using the product. I'm happy to say that your progress won't revert to where you started. In fact you won't lose any of the beard growth you have gained.​

Over a longer period of time and from shaving you may require to use Minoxidil again. The amount of time you sustain the beard far outweighs this though.​

Taking Care of Your Beard on Minoxidil

As we mentioned earlier there's sometimes a side-effect for people using Minoxidil. In order to avoid any skin irritation and to assist beard growth we recommend you use beard oil. You may be interested in learning to make your own and using Jojoba Oil.

Beard oil is the ultimate solution in keeping your beard healthy throughout this process. When you're no longer using Minoxidil it's still a good idea to use beard oil.​

During the time you're growing with Minoxidil your beard is in a delicate state.

Avoid using shampoo​ designed for head hair. The harsh chemicals aren't going to do your beard any good. Use a shampoo made for beards instead.

Don't use a bar of soap on your face either. This leaves behind soap resin and coats the hairs. This prevents your product from reaching the important base roots to promote beard growth.​

The only thing you should be using is shampoo made for beards and beard oil. Even then don't wash your beard everyday. Only wash​ your beard 2 or 3 times a week.

Alternatives to Minoxidil for Beard Growth

These alternatives to Minoxidil beard growth are more like options to combine with Minoxidil. Unless you're skin is very sensitive and Minoxidil isn't a good choice for you.

Supplements: There's some supplements on the market that work well for beard growth.​ Beard Grow XL is the first one that comes to mind. You'll take these like a daily vitamin and over the course of a couple months you'll see better beard growth. It's more ideal for someone with sensitive skin.

There's a small amount of other options available to help your beard grow in. We've written a complete review on beard growth products you should check out when you've got time.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much & How often? - Your first 2 weeks should be 1ml per day. After that you can increase to 2ml per day. Each application should be 1ml or less with a 8 to 12 hour rest period between application.

Where to apply it? - You mainly want to focus on your trouble spots. If you've got a patchy beard focus areas where skin is exposed. Otherwise you can apply Minoxidil to the entire beard area. The most common trouble areas are connecting the mustache, soul patch area, and center of the chin.

How long should it sit? - You should leave the product on your skin for at least 4 hours. After that you can wipe your face clean and apply your beard oil and favorite moisturizer.

Should I use a certain moisturizer? -  Any moisturizer will work fine. Pick your favorite and use it after the wait period. We also recommend you use a beard oil to keep your beard healthy and help aid beard growth.

When will I see results? - Unfortunately we're all different and we'll each have individual results. Some people experience results as soon as 2 weeks. Others won't see results for 2 months.

Should I shave while using Minoxidil? - Shaving or trimming your facial hair while using Minoxidil will help it to reach your skin. It's beneficial to do this for the first month or so and then you can start growing your beard. Be diligent if you have a beard to get the product to your skin in trouble spots.

Will it dry my skin out? - Eventually it will dry your skin out. Even if your skin is very oily naturally you'll fall into this. You can combat this with beard oil and we really recommend you use some.

Does it cause acne? - ​You'll actually experience the opposite. Minoxidil uses alcohol as its carrier which dries your skin out. Pimples survive on oily skin and you'll eventually notice more clear skin.

Will my age effect anything? - We recommend you at least be an adult and not a developing teenager when using Minoxidil. Your age overall won't have an effect on your beard gains. There's some speculation out there stating it's more effective on younger men, but it's pure opinion and not backed by any facts.

Before You Go!

Remember that Minoxidil beard growth can work and be very effective, but it is a drug. Use it with care and keep it in mind it takes months to see real results.

If you're struggling to grow a beard naturally this stuff really works. Here's a cool video showing some of the results other men have seen.

You can transform your facial hair just like the men in the above video. With some patience and persistent use of this product you'll have a godlike beard.

Just don't forget the additional advice we've given throughout this article. You'll ultimately see better results with fewer instances if any irritation.

If you've used minoxidil for beard growth and would like to share your own personal experience leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!​

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