Mongoose Razor: The Modern Single Edge Razor

The Mongoose Razor brand has become quite popular among wet shavers. These razors are single edge razors with a modern touch on old school shaving. These razors are sleek and almost look like a military style item.

These razors are very high quality with a long handle and heavy weight. You can find them in silver, black, and satin finishes which all look great.

Single Edge Razor Vs Double Edge

mongoose razor

You're probably more familiar with double edge razors. They're much more popular at the moment and have a lot more variety. Double edge razors are what most people are referring to anytime they talk about a safety razor, but the straight edge and single blade razors are growing in popularity.

One of the first single edge razors that comes to mind is the Rolls Razor. If you have a little extra time and enjoy collecting safety razors, I highly recommend you check those out.​

Double Edge razors have an exposed blade on each end of the razor, hence being called "double edge". When you're shaving you can simply twist the razor to the other side and continue shaving. This means spending less time rinsing the razor and ultimately a quicker shave.

That's one of the biggest selling points for a double edge safety razor.​ Unfortunately Mongoose Razors don't have a double edge safety razor at this time. Maybe they'll make one in the future, but for now we'll have to wait.

Single edge razors only have blade exposure on one end. Which means spending more time rinsing the razor while shaving. The blades are also a little more difficult to come by. I would honestly recommend sticking to a double edge, but if you must try a single edge razor at least Mongoose Razor has a good option.

How Aggressive are Mongoose Razors?

Mongoose Razors often get compared to Feather in aggressiveness. Often being noted as more aggressive than Feather, but this opinion varies. People will have different experiences and opinions on any razors level of aggression.

A lot of it depends on how you shave and the razor blade you're using.​

Overall a single edge razor like this being more aggressive is a good thing in my opinion. It makes up for the additional rinsing required and who doesn't want a smoother shave in less time?​

Where to Buy Mongoose Razors

These razors are a little more difficult to come by. They originally started as a side hobby for the owner and seem to have developed into a bigger income that he might have expected. You won't find Mongoose Razors in your name brand major retailers just yet.

You can find them ​on other e-commerce stores like Maggard Razors.

They're not cheap though. You'll easily spend over $100 for a Mongoose Razor. With the level of quality and great style these razors have, they're worth the asking price.​ The closest thing you'll find on Amazon are the straight edge razors.

If you've never seen the straight edge razor with disposable blades I highly recommend you take a look at those. It might be a better option for you.​

Where to Buy Single Edge Razor Blades

You can find single edge razor blades at any major online retailer. Just see if there's a recommended blade to go with your razor. If there isn't than any single blade razor should be just fine.

The great thing about learning to wet shave is the amount of money you can save on blades. Replacement blades can go for around $10 for 100 blades. Compare that to your ​$30 for 8 replacement heads on Gillette razors.

That alone should be enough to convince you to move over to safety razors!

Alternative to Mongoose Razors

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If you want to experience a single edge razor shave without spending $100 for a Mongoose Razor, you might consider the Shave Classic that uses Schick Injector Blades.

It's a single edge razor with a unique blade system. The injector blades pop right in to make exchanging super easy. They're a great introduction to single edge razors if you've never shaved with one before.

You'll only spend about half the price for the same shave experience. If you really like the single edge razor I would encourage you to eventually try a straight edge razor. Maybe something like the Dovo straight edge when you get comfortable.​

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