The Most Aggressive Safety Razor Available To You

If you're looking for the most aggressive safety razor you likely want a razor that will cut quickly and require fewer passes. Aggressive safety razors are typically something a more experienced wet shaver seeks.

These razors are easier to nick and cut yourself with if you're not an experienced user. So, if you're a beginner you may want to check out our article on low aggression safety razors. If you are looking for a more aggressive safety razor than what you're using now and have been wet shaving for some time you'll likely enjoy the upgrade.

What Makes An Aggressive Safety Razor?

There are a couple factors that make a safety razor more aggressive than others. Essentially it comes down to the design, type, and blade you're using. The blade you choose gives you some wiggle room to change the aggression of your safety razor.

If you're seeking a more aggressive razor then you must have a blade designed to be more aggressive. Then you can slightly adjust the aggression using different double edged razor blades.

When seeking aggressive safety razors you're going to have to look outside of the box usually. Most of your common razors won't be what you're looking for. That means you won't find the most aggressive razors with Merkur or Edwin Jagger.

Most razors made by those two companies are designed for the everyday general users. You're a more niche shaver if you're looking for a highly aggressive shave. That's not a bad thing either. It just means you've got more safety razor experience and need something that will cut through those whiskers quicker.

If you're inexperienced with the different razor blades and how aggressive each type is I would like to recommend the razor blade variety pack on Amazon. It's a good mix of razor blades from all different manufacturers. This is a good way to expose yourself to how certain blades feel and get an understanding of which ones are more aggressive.

The Most Aggressive Safety Razor

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Our top recommendation for the most aggressive safety razor is the Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Safety Razor. This safety razor is designed to catch more whiskers between the teeth when you're shaving. This is what an open comb design specializes in.

The teeth on the head of the razor have wider gaps in them. Your normal safety razor will have a solid tooth line with smalls dips or very small teeth that are almost touching.

This is still a double edges razor so you'll get an extremely fast cut on both sides of this razor.

Hows it feel?

Muhle R41 has a standard handle length of 3.5". It's a chrome finish all the way around which gives you a sleek and weighted feeling. The handle texture helps you grip it nicely and overall it feels like a razor made out of quality material.

Benefits of Open Comb

Once you're able to handle an open comb safety razor they really are an improved design. The design exposes more of the razor blade and requires no pressure when shaving. Just allow the blade to glide across your skin and you'll get a smooth shave.

The open comb design also makes cleaning your safety razor much easier. The gaps in the teeth don't clog up and it's easier to rinse your blade off between passes.

Social Proof

If you take a look through the Amazon reviews for this razor you'll see mostly positive comments. A lot of the reviewers have left deep and detailed reviews which really shows how much they like this safety razor. Most reviews aren't as deep as the ones I'm seeing here.

There are only a few negative remarks and in my opinion it's from people inexperienced with open comb safety razors. They likely aren't use to the high level of aggressiveness.

Using The Right DE Blade

A big factor to make sure you're going to get the most aggressive shave is using the right blade. If you're using something like Astra blades you're going to experience a softer blade. Different brands tend to lean a certain way when it comes to aggression.

A common notion in the wet shaving community is how sharp and aggressive Feather blades are. Feather also makes a really good mild to high aggression safety razor. You'll see more of that in a moment since it's our alternative safety razor recommendation.

If your new to a lot of the blades out there I stand by my earlier suggestion. Get the variety pack and try out different brands of blades. You'll find something suitable for you and get the right level of aggressiveness you are looking for.

Shaving with High Aggression

If you're going to be shaving with some of the most aggressive safety razors you should take time to shave right. These highly aggressive blades require no pressure when shaving.

Allow the blade to make contact with your skin and drag it across the surface slowly. The blade will take care of everything. If you apply pressure because you're used to a lower aggression razor you're going to give yourself razor rash.

Alternative Aggressive Safety Razor

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Our alternative recommendation is the Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor on Amazon. Feather makes one of the high quality safety razors you'll come across. The price typically reflects this though so its usually more experienced wet shavers that own a Feather safety razor.

This is a normal style safety razor that exposes more of the blade. It isn't as much exposure compared to the open comb Muhle safety razor but it's generous compared to other standard razors.

A big part of what makes the Feather AS-D2 aggressive are the blades that come with it. Feather is widely known for their razor blades and how sharp they are. If you want something that's considered the peak of high quality and rather aggressive this will make an excellent razor.

If you take care of a safety razor like this it can last you a lifetime. Your grandchildren would be able to use this razor and so forth. It's really a supreme razor in every shape and form but like I said earlier the price typically reflects this.

What Others Are Saying

Take a look on Amazon at the reviews of the Feather AS-D2 and you may agree that it's worth the price. Over and over again you see people claim it's the best shave of their life and they're never turning back to any other brand of razor.

The main negative debate I see is people discussing how mild or aggressive the razor is. It's going to really depend on the person and their skin to determine how the razor will be for you.

I think you can be confident in your purchase if you get this safety razor. It's a one and done purchase that you can rely on to be around for a long time.

Before You Go!

Hopefully I was able to help you find the most aggressive safety razor that you're going to be able to enjoy. I think the two options I've provided are both excellent picks that are going to give you a super quick aggressive shave and leave you silky smooth.

It's important to get confident with these aggressive razors and let the blade do the work. Don't apply pressure that isn't needed and end up cutting yourself or giving yourself razor burn. Be patient with the learning curve and you'll have it down in no time.

If you have any tips for shaving with highly aggressive safety razors please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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