What Beard Oils for Facial Hair Growth Work Best?

There are beard oils for facial hair growth that can aid you in growing that manly mane. It’s also important to know that the right beard oil isn’t the only thing you’ll need to achieve good beard growth. There are multiple factors that come into play which can affect your beards ability to grow and grow in healthy.

While we always advocate using a beard oil that will strengthen your efforts. It’s important to learn some additional methods of growing a beard that will only add benefit to you. Lets first talk about the essential beard oils you’ll want to choose from.

Our Picks for Best Beard Oils for Facial Hair Growth

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How Beard Oil Promotes Growth

Beard oils contain different ingredients such as jojoba oil which you may have heard of. Certain beard oils include specific oils that promote facial hair growth. These oils heal hair, help retain important natural oils, and stimulate the hair to grow.

We recommend using beard oil everyday. It doesn’t require much each use, usually around 1-2 drops depending on the size of your beard.

It’s most important to use beard oil right after a shower if you’ve shampoo’d your beard. When you shampoo your beard you remove the natural oils and beard oil combats this. We’re not saying to not shampoo your beard because you definitely should.

We’re just saying make sure to replenish what you’re losing from the process. It’s what is best for your overall beard health. Also shampooing is important to keep a healthy beard.

3 Habits That Destroy Beard Growth

If you want to grow a good beard you’re not only going to need great beard oils for facial hair growth, but you’re going to want to avoid these things.

Excessive Touching – If you want your beard to have its full potential, avoid touching it. I’m not saying you can never touch your beard, but some of us get in a habit of stroking the beard. Usually right under the chin.

Doing this will cause the hairs to grow thinner. We’re removing the oils in the hair, applying dirt, and just making it hell for our facial hair to grow in that area. So try to train yourself not to touch your beard.

Over Washing – It’s great that you shampoo your beard! Just don’t shampoo it to frequently. By shampooing to often you will strip the hair of natural oils which take time to replace naturally.

Combat the negative effects of shampooing with beard oil. Make sure you’re only shampooing at most 3 times per week. This really depends on the individual on how often to shampoo.

Just feel it out as you go along. If you feel your beard becomes to dry after one shampooing you may want to shampoo less frequently.

Frequent Combing – Beards are great and we love to tame them and show them off in a manly display. This often requires combing and while combing is a natural part of having a beard. Don’t over do it!

Combing your beard out of habit is similar to touching it by hand. Of course you’re not getting it dirty like you would with your hands. However it’s still not good for your beard if done to much.

As you can tell from our list here everything should be done in light moderation with your beard. Excess narcissistic behavior will just damage your facial hair growth and set your manly mane back. Always do what’s right for your beard!

Maybe He’s Born With It?

beard oils for growth
Some guys are just born with the ability to grow a longer beard easily. The majority of us however aren’t usually as lucky. If you’re one of the lucky ones don’t squander that amazing potential!

For the rest of us don’t fret! You most definitely can still grow longer fuller facial hair. It’s just not going to be as easy.

If you do everything right. Avoiding the 3 habits we mentioned and use beard oil you’ll speed up your beard growing efforts just by keeping a healthy beard.

There are several more things you can do which affect facial hair growth. Most of which are more demanding, time consuming, and just not as easy as what we’ve already talked about.

If you think you’ll need more for your facial hair or just want to achieve your beard goals as soon as possible continue reading…

3 Steps to Better Facial Hair Growth

Here’s our list of things you can do to see an increase in facial hair growth. These are the more time consuming and demanding of options available to you. That being said they’re also very much valid and you might say important to your beard.

Nutrition – A proper diet is very important. Not only for you as an individual, but for your manly facial hair. Lean meats and protein are the nutritional lifeblood to your facial hair.

Eating walnuts,  broccoli, fish, carrots, and citrus are all great foods to supplement your diet for healthy beard growth.

Testosterone – Taking testosterone can greatly increase your facial hair growth. However make sure to consult with your doctor before taking any type of supplements. Here’s a site with some additional information related to if you should take it, but its no replacement for asking your doctor.

We’ve heard back from several guys saying this has really helped their beard growth. I’ve never personally taken this route, but I wouldn’t disregard it either.

Beard Oil – We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand times. Using beard oil and keeping a healthy beard is such a great way to stimulate growth. Oils for facial hair growth is our most preferred method.

The Art Natural Beard Oil we talk about at the top of this post is a GREAT beard oil. Highly recommended and you’ll agree to when you begin using their product.

The Oils Inside Beard Oil

beard oil
There’s a lot of different oils which make up most popular beard oils. Each oil has a different purpose. Some oils are for smell, some protect against irritation, and others soften hair.

With all these different oils it’s good to learn a little about them. You’ll know exactly what’s going into your hair and on your skin. If you’re brave enough you might even make your own beard oil someday.

The base oils you’ll find are called carrier oils. These oils are essential in all beard oils, but you’ll find different ones in different brands. Here’s a few:

  • Jojoba – is similar to your natural human oils and is easily absorbed by your skin.
  • Argan – makes skin softer and protects against signs of aging like wrinkles.
  • Sweet Almond – keeps inflammation at bay, which particularly helps prevent in-grown hairs.
  • Coconut – one of the best natural moisturizing and hydrating products on the planet, great for dry environments.
  • Hazelnut – helps prevent acne and eczema.
  • Hemp Seed – another moisturizing oil, helps prevent facial hair from becoming brittle.

The next type of oils you’ll find are your essential oils. These are the oils which add different effects to beard oils. Different oils add things that might help with acne, skin irritation, repair damaged hair, or invigorate the skin like an aftershave.

The carrier oils help dilute essential oils so it’s spread evenly in each drop. Many essential oils are found in plants & seeds. Here are some essential oils you’ll find in different beard oils:

  • Cedarwood - Helps with acne.
  • Eucalyptus - Aids against skin irritation.
  • Lemongrass - Invigorates, like a good aftershave.
  • Peppermint - Invigorates and refreshes the skin.
  • Amla - Repairs damaged hair.

If the thought of making your own beard oil interests you then I recommend reading this source for a great how to. The guide here is very much spot on and they even have a couple recipes at the bottom.

Making your own beard oil can be fun, but sometimes just to much trouble. I prefer to find an oil I like and continue buying it from the seller as needed. The bottles last you quite some time since it only takes a 1 or 2 drops of oil per use.

Should You Ever Not Use Beard Oil?

Like many things in life and for your beard they should not be used excessively. Oils for facial hair growth are no exception. That being said there’s really no reason to not ever use beard oil.

We’ve been asked this a couple times, but unless you have some sort of allergic reaction to an oil there’s no reason not to use it. Even then you’re able to use different beard oils that won’t contain an allergic ingredient. If you’re brave enough to find which one you’re allergic to I suppose…

So keep on using that Art Natural beard oil and you’ll have the manly mane of your dreams. Seriously though take care of that beard and you’ll see the results. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

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