Panasonic ES LV 81 K – A Man’s Electric Shaver Review

When you're waking up in the morning you likely aren't looking forward to your shaving routine. Sometimes we don't feel like bringing out the shaving cream, the razor, and preparing to shave. That's why they invented electric shavers like the Panasonic ES LV 81 K.

Using the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 in the morning is a huge improvement to your quality of life and convenience. A quick dry shave with an electric shaver will have you ready to step out the door and ready for your day much quicker.

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First, Is A Foil Shaver Right For You?

A lot of men don't know that your choice of electric shaver should be based on your type of facial hair. Instead they go out and buy one they think will be good and that leaves them with a 50/50 chance of picking the right electric shaver.

There are two types of electric shavers: Foil Shaver & Rotary Shaver. Since the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 is a foil shaver lets make sure you're getting the right type. If you end up being better suited for rotary shavers then we've got an article to help you.

Foil Shavers - This type of shaver is better suited for someone with thinner hairs, straight hairs, and straighter growth pattern.

Rotary Sh​​​​​avers - This type of shaver is better suited for someone with thicker hairs, curly hairs, and circular growth pattern.

You may have a mixture of the characteristics I've described above. If that's the case just see which side you lean towards the most. Most men lean towards foil shavers so you're likely fine but in case you're a rotary shaver man then check out the link above the an article on rotary shavers.

Wet Shaving or Dry Shaving

Do you enjoy a good wet shave? If you didn't know you can wet shave with your electric shaver. Well at least with the Panasonic ES LV 81 K. You can take it into the shower and shave or at the sink with your shaving cream. However there's some pro's and cons to wet shaving with an electric shaver.

Wet shaving with your electric shaver will give you a similar feeling to razor shaving. It will leave you refreshed and with a clean face. In my experience it makes it more difficult to get a closer shave with an electric shaver.

The cream tends to get in the way of the blades and it cuts less hair. Which means you have to make more passes to complete your shave. I know some men who swear by wet shaving with an electric shaver but it just hasn't been my personal experience that it's any better.

If you're going to try it I would recommend using much less shaving cream. Make sure you're using a very thin layer of cream or even using a shave oil in place of shaving cream.

A quick dry shave is what electric shavers were really designed for. These shavers were made to eliminate the hassle in the morning of shaving. There's nothing better than being able to do a once over with your electric shaver and being shaved enough to head out the door.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 Review

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The Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 on Amazon comes with a cleaning station, plastic head guard, charger, extra cleaning device, and a carrying case. Everything you need for a great "his side" of the sink. The cleaning station is also the charging station so it's a one and done when you're finished shaving.

Comparing this model to its previous versions there have been several upgrades. The all in one cleaning and charge station is a new addition for the Panasonic Arc 5 and it's a luxury feature that becomes hard to live without.

This particular shaver is best suited for someone who prefers a low maintenance shave that's quick and easy. You get a great quick dry shave in the morning and can drop your shaver off into the cleaning station and be done.

Since the maintenance is taken care of for you it's likely one of the quickest shaves you'll ever experience.

- Pro's -

  • check
    Highly Rated Foil Shaver
  • check
    Hassle Free Cleaning Station
  • check
    Super Quick Dry Shave

- Cons -

  • minus
    Can't Shave Close Like A Razor
  • minus
    Initial Purchase Is Expensive
  • minus
    Cleaning Station Requires Replacement Parts to stay effective.

How's the Shave Feel?

If you've never used an electric shaver before don't expect it to shave the same as your razor. Electric shavers don't shave as close to the skin but some get quite close. It's a small price to pay for how convenient the overall process becomes.

If you rub your hand across your cheeks you'll be able to tell there's a small amount of hair left behind. To the naked eye it's difficult to tell so don't let that worry you.

How often does it need replacements?

All electric shavers require the blades to be replaced every so often. You can expect to replace your blades at least once every 12 months. Which is a huge upgrade compared to how often you're replacing your cartridge razor blades.

Since the Panasonic ES-LV81-K has a cleaning station there's slightly more maintenance involved. The cleaning station requires a replacement piece every so often so it can continue to actually clean the blades. It'll continue to charge your shaver without replacing this piece.

Ingrown Hairs & Razor Rash

This shaver is great at preventing ingrown hairs and razor rash. Electric shavers in general are better at avoiding these common shaving problems. Mostly because they don't shave the hairs super close to the skin.

When your razor shaves all the way to the base you're at greater risk for these common problems. When the hair begins to grow back you have a better chance of it growing under the skin when using a razor.

By using an electric shaver like the Panasonic ES LV 81 K you're eliminating your risk.

Features of the Panasonic Arc 5

Lift-Tech Foil

The lift-tech foil system of the Panasonic Arc 5 is what helps this shaver give a shave that's super close. This technology moves the electric shaver another step closer to being as smooth as a razor blade shave.

The foil is changed in a way that lets it pick up hairs laying flat and make sure they get shaved. It may sound like a minor feature but without it you wouldn't get the super quick shave you're able to now with a dry shave.

Face Hugging Flex Head

You'll notice how the head of this shaver looks extended from the body. This design lets the shave head move front to back and side to side at a wide degree. This helps the foil stick to your skin while you're shaving.

It makes trouble spots like the curve of the jawline or your chin much easier to shave. The pivoting head will contour to your skin and stick to you for a great shave.

Allergy Free Blades

The blade in the Panasonic Arc 5 are stainless steel and put at a 30 degree angle for a super close shave. The best part is they're made of hypoallergenic metal to provide more comfort and less irritation.

If you have sensitive skin you'll benefit from this. It's hard to explain how important something like this is to someone who doesn't suffer from extremely sensitive skin but you won't have to suffer from itching and redness.

Fast Motor

The shaver is equipped with one of Panasonic's fastest shave motors. It gets 14,000 cycles per minutes to make sure you get a quick shave. Speed is key when you want a clean cut without pulling and tugging any hairs.

Independent Blades

Another contributing factor to the battle for a closer shave are the floating blades of the Arc 5. Each of the five blades move independently of each other to add another layer of effectiveness to getting a close shave.

Premium Cleaning & Charging

This is a complete hassle free experience. The base of this shaver cleans your shaver and charges it at the same time. It's the perfect storage solution for this quality shaver. It keeps your shaver in peak condition for daily use.

100% Washable

You're able to clean the shaver quick and easy by running it under water. This also means you're able to wet shave with this electric shaver. Take it in the shower and grab your shaving cream and you're ready to go.

Pop-up Trimmer

The back of the head has a pop-up trimmer for detail work. If you have a beard and want to line it up or need to shave your sideburns and mustache the pop-up trimmer is what you need.

LCD Display

The Panasonic ES-LV81-K is equipped with a beautiful LCD display. This keeps you informed of your battery life and lets you know if the shaver needs cleaning. It has additional indicators for if its wet etc..

Social Proof

If you take a look at the Panasonic ES-LV81-K reviews on Amazon you'll see a lot of positive reviews. Most of which are all verified purchases. A common remark on the positive side is how well this shavers works for men with sensitive skin.

Most of the negative comments look like they are from men who probably should have used a rotary shaver.

Alternative Panasonic Shavers

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Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3 - This is one of the earlier models of the Panasonic Arc series. The Arc 3 is an ideal electric shaver for someone on a budget. It doesn't come with a cleaning station but is on the cheaper end of the Panasonic shavers.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 - I would categorize this electric shaver as a happy middle ground. It has a lot of the improvements to its mechanical features including a better motor than the Arc 3 and an upgraded pivoting head. This shaver doesn't include a cleaning station but that allows it to be sold at a lower price. If the cleaning station isn't important to you this may be a good alternative.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc 5 - This is a version of the Arc 5 that's put every form of luxury into one shaver. This is the high end of an electric shaver and it is equipped with all the bells and whistles. If you like to own the best of things you'll want to give this a look.

Before You Go!

I hope our Panasonic ES LV 81 K review was helpful and we were able to give you deep details for this electric shaver. Just make sure you're suited for a foil shaver and not a rotary shaver and you should be just fine.

If you have any tips or suggestions for someone using electric shavers please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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