Parker 24C Review: How Aggressive is this Open Comb

Welcome to our Parker 24C review. This is an open comb safety razor that takes it to the next level when your straight edge just isn't cutting it anymore.

We often find ourselves looking for a more aggressive option when we've become experienced in the art of wet shaving.​ The Parker 24C might be the razor you need to take your shaving to the next level.

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What is an Open Comb Safety Razor?

A open comb safety razor is one of the three main safety razor designs. Those three designs being straight edge, slant bar, and the open comb. The open comb design is meant to more aggressive and is recommended for someone who's experienced in wet shaving.

On the head of an open comb safety razor you'll see large gaps between the teeth. This allows more hair to be caught between them for cutting. It gives you a much closer shave that should require fewer passes to complete.​

With the larger gaps in the teeth there's more blade exposure. Someone who's been using a straight edge for a while, and is starting to seek a more aggressive option, is the ideal candidate to use the open comb razor.​ The extra blade exposure gives it the aggression that requires a more knowledgeable hand.

It's important to note that while overall the open comb is more aggressive, there's different levels of aggression within the open comb market. Similar to how there's different levels of aggression in the straight edge razor market.​

The Right Time for a Open Comb Razor

If you're new to shaving with a safety razor we don't recommend you start with an open comb. An open comb safety razor might be your second or third razor purchase, once you're more experienced.

When you start seeking out more aggressive shaves I would try changing your razor blades first. Try using blades known for their aggression like the blades by Feather.​ Doing this will give you more aggression while still using the popular straight edge safety razors.

After experimenting with new razor blades you may still want to use an open comb. Razors like the Parker 24C safety razor make for a quality introduction to the open comb market. They're not very expensive and are made with decent quality.

With any new type of razor, take your time to get down the learning curve. There won't be a major one if you're going from straight edge to open comb, but being patient is better than nicking yourself.​

Introducing the Parker 24C Safety Razor

The Parker 24C Open Comb Safety Razor is our highlighted razor for review. The Parker brand is well known and they've been around for quite some time now. All of their razors come with great craftsmanship and are some of the best reviewed safety razors on the market.


The Parker 24C is a very durable razor. It's made in a solid brass frame for durability and weighs in at 3.3 ounces. It's quite the heavyweight design that requires no pressure on your end while shaving.

We also like the long handle that comes in at 4 inches long. As you can tell from the picture it's made with an elegant design that helps it remain easy to hold onto. Wouldn't want your safety razor slipping due to wet hands when you're shaving.​


This is an open comb safety razor so by design it's more aggressive. It's more aggressive than your standard straight edge, but the Parker 24C falls into the mild category among its open comb razor competitors.

This makes it an ideal open comb razor for your first experience. It will ease you into the open comb style and market more gently than the super aggressive alternatives.​


The Parker 24C is a 3 piece design. Most of you will be familiar with this, but if you're not let me explain. A 3 piece safety razor breaks down into the handle, head base, and head plate. When you unscrew the handle the razor breaks down allowing you to exchange your razor blade.

I find 3 piece razors to be heavier than the butterfly mechanism. Most people don't mind one way or the other and stick to the razor type that shaves best.​

Overall Value

The Parker 24C passes our quality to price ratio. If you've read our other reviews you're likely familiar with the concept. Basically we want to make sure you're getting a high quality product based on the price of the item.

We love the long handle, heavyweight, and craftsmanship in the Parker 24C. It's a great introduction into the open comb safety razor market.​

What are the Men Saying?

We've looked high and low for what the people who own the Parker 24C have to say about it. We were happy to find an overwhelming positive tone towards this razor. The negative reviews we found weren't completely negative, but mainly saying it was more aggressive than they expected.

Alternative Open Comb Options

Merkur 25C Open Comb

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If you're a fan of the Merkur brand you'll be happy to know they make an open comb razor. It's very similar to the Parker 24C in length and weight. The handle isn't as elegant, but has a textured design for added grip.

The Merkur 25C is chrome plated which gives it that extra shine. I like the chrome plating on this razor. It just adds a level of quality that catches my eye. It could also be that I just really like the Merkur brand.​

It's around the same price as the Parker 24C​. Maybe only a couple dollars more. It doesn't come with any free razors like Parker either. Overall it's a good alternative to the Parker open comb.

Parker 26C Black Handle

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Sticking with the Parker theme here you might be interested in the Parker 26C. It's the brother to the 24C with its main difference being in design & style.

It's still an open comb safety razor that comes with 5 free razor blades. The level of aggression and quality of shave is about the same to the 24C.

The main difference is your style of handle. The 26C resembles the Gillette Super Adjustable which they don't make anymore. It comes down to which style you prefer more, black handle or the elegant chrome plating.

Muhle R41 Safety Razor

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The Muhle R41 safety razor is a beautiful alternative. It's made in Germany, comes with a single free blade, and has an extremely fine engraved finish.

This open comb is more aggressive than the Parker 24C. So make sure you're ready to take on this level of aggression before considering it. If you're uncertain I would recommend sticking to the Parker 24C.

Overall the Muhle R41 is a higher quality safety razor. It costs just as such as well. Coming in around almost twice that of the Parker in most major online retailers. If you're lucky you may find one on sale which would bring it down closer to the same price as the Parker 24C.

Before You Go...

We hope you enjoyed our Parker 24C review. Going to an open comb safety razor can be a big change. The new level of aggression can sometimes take some getting use to. We encourage you to be fully prepared before making the change.

If you're using an open comb safety razor now, please leave us a comment below and let us know your experiences. Do you use the Parker 24C?​ Thanks for reading!

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