Permanent Pubic Hair Removal At Home

Permanent pubic hair removal at home is difficult to achieve. There's several methods you can use for long lasting hair removal results but only one option that can lead to permanent hair removal.

Our society today expects either highly trimmed pubes or complete pubic hair removal. It can be difficult to keep up with sort of grooming so having long term solutions is important. Here's what you can do for long lasting pubic hair removal.

permanent pubic hair removal at home

Here's The Thing About Permanent

There are several ways to remove your pubic hair at home, unfortunately none of them will result in a permanent solution. People will tell you you're able to achieve a permanent state of hair removal but they're usually trying to sell you something.

Here's the good news. There's several things you can do that will remove pubic hair for long periods of time. You can even achieve months of hair removal at a time. I just don't want you to fall into believing you're going to be able to permanently remove your pubic hair with home based solutions.

If you want permanent pubic hair removal you can seek out a professional. Laser hair removal professionals can achieve permanent hair loss through several sessions. The process of professional laser hair removal can be painful, time consuming, and require many sessions.

Going with professional laser hair removal can be quite expensive. I would recommend trying one of the solutions I've written about below before taking this more drastic route. You can still achieve great long lasting results at home.

The Best Solutions For Removing Pubic Hair At Home

There are three main methods to removing pubic hair for longer periods of time. Since we're going for the at home approach know that some of these methods work better if you have a little help. So make sure you're bringing along a very good friend if the methods you choose to go with requires it.


I know what you're thinking... the dreaded waxing... but hear me out. There are now really great home waxing kits available and they've become less painful. I won't tell you they're painless because they aren't but it has become tolerable.

The waxing process involves placing warm melted wax on your pubic hairs and as it quickly dries you pull off the wax and your hairs come out with it. Waxing removes hairs from the root and follicle. This results in long lasting hair removal.

If you continue to wax as new hairs grow back you can achieve longer and longer periods of time without pubic hair. Waxing as new hairs grow back is also less painful.

This is still one of the most recommended methods to permanent pubic hair removal at home.

Hair Removal Creams

Is waxing not really your thing? Try using a hair removal cream instead such as Nair. Hair removal creams are a great alternative and they're painless. They work by killing the hairs at the root and causing them to fall out.

These creams come with specific instructions that you need to follow. Leaving the cream on for far to long can cause skin irritation and in extreme cases chemical burns. If you have sensitive skin you may want to test the cream in a small nickle size area before using it everywhere.

You essentially apply the cream to your pubic region, wait the instructed amount of time, and then wipe away the hairs. Your pubic hair will wipe right off and you'll be left with bare skin. You may require more than one session to remove all hairs.

Even though hair removal creams are painless they do have a downside. These creams are typically very potent in smell, you can accidentally apply the cream to the wrong area, and they can irritate your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

These laser hair removal devices are designed to be used at home. They're not as strong as the professional laser hair removal devices I talked about earlier. It's generally not recommended to use home laser hair removal on your privates. However if we're talking about the pubic region only you can do these sessions at home.

It may be difficult to do this to yourself because of the angle and pain involved. It would be much easier to have a friend help with this. You could best describe the pain as a pinching sensation that is constantly happening.

Most home laser devices recommend avoiding your genital areas. Mostly because the skin tone can be different and hair growth denser. You can cause skin injury quite easily in this area. Overall it's best to go with a professional.

What Does Pubic Hair Do?

Even though society today is all about removing pubic hair it does have its purpose. Your body begins to grow pubic hair after adolescent hormones. These hairs provide a cushion to protect your skin from abrasion and skin irritation.

Pubic hair also protects you from bacteria and unwanted pathogens. It's there to protect your genitals from outside influences. If you decide not to remove your pubic hair you can always trim it or even style it into different shapes.

pubic hair

How To Improve Shaving Results

Since the only way to achieve permanent pubic hair removal is through professional laser hair removal, lets see what we can do to improve our basic shaving routine. Not everyone is gonna want to do professional laser hair removal to have permanent pubic hair removal. Plus laser hair removal adds up to be quite expensive.

Instead I've put together things you can do that will make your shaving routine more efficient and give you a little more time to be bare down there.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

I'm not sure if I can say it enough. Exfoliating is like this mysterious thing that we've all heard of but almost none of us do it. Doing this before a shave anywhere on your body will greatly improve your results.

Exfoliating removes bacteria, dead skin cells, excess outside oils, and it pushes the tiny hairs through the surface of the skin. That last one is one of the most important things exfoliating does for you when it comes to our following tips.

Always exfoliate before you shave. It doesn't matter if you're shaving your face, legs, or genitals. Give that area a good scrub down with a washcloth or better yet a soft bristle exfoliating brush.

Shave Your Pubic Hair While Warm

Don't go at it dry! Jump into a hot shower and have yourself a normal routine. At the end of your routine and while you still have the warm water running it's time to shave your pubes. Shaving in warm water has several benefits.

It loosens your hair follicles and relaxes the skin. Shaving pubic hair that has been softened after soaking in warm water is much easier and it lets you get a closer shave. It's also easier to find places to prop a leg up and rinse off your razor.

Shaving Against The Grain

Shaving against the grain on your pubic area will give you the closest shave possible. However you have to do it right in order to avoid ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs is the number one issues when shaving against the grain as the hairs begin to grow back.

Begin by shaving your pubes with the grain and completing your shave with the last pass going against the grain. Only do one single pass against the grain and you'll come out with a silky smooth shave.

In order to avoid ingrown hairs always complete all the steps and tips above. Exfoliating being the most important step to avoid the ingrown hairs from shaving against the grain.

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