Philips Norelco OneBlade Razor Review: The Hybrid Trimmer

The Philips OneBlade razor is an electric trimmer designed for men who like facial hair. This trimmer is not designed for getting a silky smooth shave like your everyday razor.

Instead, the Philips OneBlade is designed to provide you with a great stubble look, easy beard trimming, and easy facial hair shaping. This shaver solves the problem for men who enjoy facial hair but don't want to grow a full beard.

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The Best in Facial Hair Management

Before this one blade electric trimmer came along we were stuck in an odd place. We either had to choose between hard to use electric trimmers that weren't good at shaping hair or going with a cartridge razor. Sometimes ending up having to use both.

During our Philips OneBlade razor review we were excited to discover that this trimmer solves that problem.​ For the guys who enjoy a little facial hair and like being able to style it and keep it at lower lengths this is the perfect trimmer for you.

You won't get super close shave with the OneBlade. Instead you can achieve different levels of stubble in your facial hair style.​ Don't confuse it with something that's suppose to give you a razor blade like shave.

Our Philips OneBlade Review Process

We conducted our Philips OneBlade review after extensive research. We like to seek out real experiences with the products we review. So, we dove deep into the forums and other places people speak their real opinions.

We look for information that is reoccurring ​to find connections in real issues with a product. This way sellers can't cover up or hide their negative reviews under a pile of paid reviews. Which is unfortunately a common practice with these manufacturers.

We then look at the price to quality ratio of the product. Our goal with this is to find out of the product is worth what it's being sold for. We'll let you know if it's over priced or if you're getting a quality product at what you're paying for it.​

Introducing the Philips OneBlade Review

The Pros:

  • Perfect Stubble Shaver
  • Best Facial Hair Shaping
  • Small and Precise

The Con's:

  • Not for silky smooth shaving.
  • Eventually blades need replacing.

The Philips OneBlade razor definitely has its pros and con's. You can see our shortlist above but some of the con's come from people not fully understanding the product. This one blade electric trimmer is not designed to give you a silky smooth shave.

Men thinking this is suppose to give them a very smooth shave is the biggest misunderstanding of the trimmer. We want to drill the knowledge in that it's not meant for that.​

The Philips OneBlade razor is made for facial hair shaping. It'll cut through thick hair and allow you to shape any facial hair style you want. It can also give you a good all-around length at different levels of stubble.​ These are the key traits of the one blade trimmer.

Features of Philips Norelco OneBlade

There's 7 traits we've found in our Philips OneBlade review. Each trait is a key feature of the product and together they make up what makes this trimmer great. We believe it really fills a gap in the shaving market. I think you'll agree with us after reading these.

The Perfect Stubble

You'll get 3 stubble combs with your Philips OneBlade trimmer. They come in 1 millimeter for a tight trim, 3 millimeters for stubble, and 5 millimeter for long stubble.

As far as stubble goes this trimmer does a really good job. Possibly one of its best traits is giving a really good stubble look.​

Edging Your Facial Hair

The dual sided blade allows you to get really good edging. You know how much of a pain it can be to get good edging using a cartridge razor but with the OneBlade it makes it very simple.

It's very comfortable even in the most sensitive areas. Overall it's very easy to line up your style in only a couple of seconds.

Cutting Through Thickness

One worry some men have is if the Philips OneBlade can cut through a beard that has been going for several days. The quick and easy answer is yes!

Even if you're sporting an awesome beard style and want to cut it off the OneBlade can do it.

Mechanical Characteristics

The Philips OneBlade is very comfortable to use. It'll contour to the shape of your face without an issue. The handle is easy to grip and it feels comfortable in your hand.

It's a 8 hour charge to fill up the battery and you'll get a 45 minute constant shave out of it. This being a trimmer you'll usually use in the morning before heading out the door that should be more than enough time. Simply plug it back in before leaving and it'll be ready for the next day.

Typical usage however is styling 2-3 times per week.

The Philips OneBlade is water resistant so it's easy to clean. Just quickly rinse it under some water at your sink. Additionally, you can shave dry or wet with foam or even in the shower.

The blades are designed to last a long time. Replacing the blades is a easy pop off and pop on process. Manufacturer testing shows the blade typically needs replacing every 4 months with regular use. Depending on your facial hair and how often you use it your results will vary.

Unique Technology

We're use to hearing these shaving manufacturers claiming they're always using new technology. However, this time with the Philip OneBlade razor it's actually true.

The unique shaving tech integrates a fast moving cutter (200x per second) with a dual protection system to provide a great shave that's comfortable and pain free.

OneBlade doesn't shave super close so your skin stays comfortable. Instead you get variations of stubble depending on which head you're using that comes with your trimmer.

3 Simple Steps to the OneBlade Shave

Shaving with the Philips OneBlade razor feels a little different than using other shavers. Due to its unique design, size, and being the size of a cartridge razor head but electric makes it a new experience.

  • Hold the blade flat against your face.
  • Use gentle pressure whole taking long strokes.
  • Go against the grain.

What are Others Saying?

If you watched the video above you'll see the true power of the Philips OneBlade razor. This thing really does an amazing job and is quickly becoming a favorite for a lot of men.

The guy in the video does an awesome job of demonstrating ​how most men will experience this trimmer. If you made it to the end of the video you'll see how well he was able to get his goatee shaved.

His cheeks looks very smooth and the hairlines were shaped very well. You can tell shaving against the grain is no problem at all and in fact is the ideal way to use the OneBlade.

Wrapping Up: Philips OneBlade Razor Review

Philips has really outdone themselves with this product. We love everything about it and it passes our price to quality ratio with flying colors. You'll find the Philips OneBlade around $35 dollars at most online retailers.

That's an amazing price for such an awesome trimmer. Absolutely everyone should own one! They also make for really great travel shavers. Pick up a side carrying case for it and it'll be perfect for those family vacations or business trips.​

Also, this trimmer has been reviewed as a game changer for those with sensitive skin. A lot of people are having better experiences with not getting razor rash or nicking themselves with the OneBlade.​

Overall it seems the OneBlade is a real game changer in the shaving market.​

Before You Go!

I hope you found our Philips OneBlade razor review helpful. If you think there's anyway we can make it even better please let us know. If you're using the OneBlade and would like to leave some additional information on it you can also leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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