The Proper Manscaping Techniques No One Showed You

A proper manscaping technique isn’t something your parents or friends are going to show you. A lot of us have to go it alone and learn along the way. Problem with that is there’s a lot of pain and irritation along that path of knowledge.

Others, like yourself, go to the internet and do some proper research. Now that’s the right thing to do! We’re iManscape and I’m going to show you some of the do’s and do not’s of manscaping. You probably just saved yourself some troubling skin irritation or other discomfort.

Now That’s a Proper Manscaping Technique

What makes a technique proper and how does a shaving technique gain superiority over another? Well that’s a simple question really. Because the technique works, leaves no discomfort, and you walk away a happily shaved man.

Trimming Bushes – Before you try and tackle anything below the belt you’re going to want to trim. Grab the nearest bodygroomer or best alternative and take that bush down low. Low enough to when you do use a razor (if you so choose) that it’ll be easier to shave.

There’s no real technique behind this part of the process. Just trim the bush and get ready to move on to the next steps.

Preparing the Skin  – If you’re going to do this right you want to make sure your skin is prepared for the shave. The easiest and best practice is to take a warm shower before hand. This loosens the hair follicles and allows you to achieve a much closer, smoother shave.

Alternatively, while not the best, you can use a damp warm rag on the skin to be shaved. Let it lay across the area long enough to get a similar affect for the hair. Usually doesn’t take to long, but doesn’t last as long either.

proper manscaping technique

I always find when using the rag method that the skin goes back to normal state much quicker. It’s still a proper manscaping technique and often used by barbers when shaving a mans face.

Proper Amount of Shaving Cream – Way to often we guys use to much shaving cream. It not only wastes shaving cream, but makes it more difficult to shave. The proper manscaping technique is to use a thin light layer of shaving cream.

This goes for any body shaving. Don’t apply these thick excessive amounts of shaving cream. This is especially true for shaving your balls.

Skin Stretching – Get use to stretching the skin for the area being shaved. It’s a must technique if you want a closer smoother shave. The key is to pull the skin near the shaved area to achieve a flat surface to shave on.

However while most think pulling the skin tight is the right way it actually is not. You want to make the skin taut. A pulled flat state, but not as tight as you could get the skin by pulling all the way. That’s the happy median you’re looking for when shaving.

Something to know – Just in case you’re new to shaving below the belt… The skin on your balls is actually a lot of tougher than you think. Don’t be super worried about having skin irritation on your sack after shaving.

Always use a good razor when shaving the balls and remember to use only a very thin layer of cream. A nice hand soap actually does a better job for your balls than any shaving cream. So use that instead, but for those hard headed individuals just make sure whatever you choose to use it’s a very thin layer.

Practice pulling the skin “taut” like we mentioned earlier. Especially for this area since there are so many wrinkles in the skin. Shave small areas at a time slowly until you complete the task for a proper manscaping technique.

Techniques to Avoid

Against the Grain – When it comes to below the belt shaving you typically want to avoid this. Shaving against the grain causes in grown hairs and skin irritation. You don’t want that anywhere near your pubic region or your testicles.

Some parts of the body it’s ok to shave against the grain. Typically the bottom section of the neck is done this way. It’s not a technique you would want to use for manscaping.

High and Tight – Avoid shaving your balls when the boys are high and tight. It’s difficult enough already to get the skin in a taut state to shave them. When you’re in high and tight mode it’s even more troublesome.

That’s why we recommend a shower before hand. It helps loosen everything up and prepare you for the upcoming shave session. Trying to shave high and tight is most definitely not a proper manscaping technique.

Clippers – Don’t use clipper to shave your balls. No electric shaver is going to replace your razor and never will for this task. It’s time to get up close and personal with the boys downstairs.

Clippers are good for trimming the pubes or longer hairs on the testicles. Don’t try and waste time getting a “somewhat close” shave on your balls with these. It’s just to much of a headache and waste of time.


Of course manscaping isn’t only shaving below the belt. It’s shaving of body hair for cosmetic effect. This post mostly covered the below the belt section because that’s what most of you will think of when you hear the term manscaping.

I hope you learned some valuable do’s and don’ts for a proper manscaping technique. Also check out some of the links on this page. There’s some valuable how to pages about shaving down stairs that you’ll find very helpful.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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