Pubic Hair Design For Men: Several Styles To Pick From

There are a lot of options when it comes to pubic hair design for men. It may not seem so because it's an awkward thing to search for but rest assured I've got many examples below for you to choose from.

If you don't like some of the recommendations below make sure to read about them. Because trying out new pubic hair designs is about exploration and trying new things. If you mess up don't worry because it'll grow out in a week and then you can try again!

The Idea of Pubic Hair Designs

The general idea of designing your pubic hair will either seem very strange or very appealing. It's going to even be quite a challenge to achieve a design you like. It'll take some bathroom acrobatics and a steady hand but with some dedication you can shape your pubic hair.

Personally I think this should be done as a joke with your partner if it's some odd design. If you're thinking about doing a pubic hair design with someone you're sleeping with for the first time it may appear creepy. The only way I think it wouldn't be creepy is if you're doing a more common design.

Basically avoid crazy designs if you haven't been with the person several times before. Imagine how awkward it would be if you were about to sleep with someone new and they're pubes were made into a crazy design. It's best not to ruin the mood.

What's Currently Popular?

Before we get all crazy let's see what's currently popular. The opposite sex has some preferences when it comes to the others pubic hair. There have been studies here and there talking about this but it boils down to opinions and preferences.

Here's the outcome results from one study:

pubic hair design for men

These are more concepts on grooming more than designs but it gives a good beginning baseline to see where other peoples minds are. It seems men are more diverse in what they prefer than women.

Men tend to enjoy a women with anything but wild and free growth while women mostly prefer a trimmed man. So take that into consideration when choosing what to do with your pubic hair.

Either way it doesn't matter to much because if you choose something crazy it'll grow out in a week and you can do something completely different. Explore and have a little fun.

Here are some more designs you may want to give a shot.

More Pubic Hair Designs

pubic hair designs
shaving your pubic hair
crazy pubic hair designs
male pubic designs
how to design your pubic hair

Most of the above pubic hair designs are on the crazier side and hopefully give you an idea of something you may want to try for yourself. Personally I'm a fan of the 4th image 1st design. The downward pointing arrow is right to the point and it appears to be a simple design to shave into place.

You're really only limited by your imagination and you should explore with different designs. It could be a fun little hobby that only you know about. Look at it as an easy way to explore your wild side without getting an odd reputation.

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Before You Go!

Hopefully you've found some pubic hair designs for men that you'll be able to try out. Trying pubic hair designs is all about exploring yourself and having fun. So don't hold back and try out anything and everything you want.

If you have any tips or recommendations for pubic hair designs please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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