The Quietest Electric Shaver: Silent and Soundless

There are a couple reasons why you may need the quietest electric shaver. This one trait in an electric shaver is often looked over or just not even considered. However having a shaver that can operate in silence or near silence can come in handy.

Maybe you're trying to avoid waking your spouse in the morning or you're trying to shave quietly in a living situation where there's several room mates. Either way my goal is to show you the quietest shavers and then let you pick the one that fits your budget.

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Is Foil or Rotary the Quietest?

There are two types of electric shavers to choose from. You can choose either a Foil Shaver or a Rotary Shaver. A foil shaver has the straight metal blades at the top and the rotary shaver has the small circular blades at the top (usually 3).

Your first step to getting a soundless shaver is understanding what's making all the noise. While we are marketed into believing a powerful motor is better (and it can be) it can also be quite loud. Newer foil shavers are reaching 14,000+ cycles per minute.

A high end 14,000 cycle motor does have its benefits but being quiet isn't one of them. If you are going to have quiet shaving session you will need to go with a rotary shaver.

Rotary shavers tend to have a lower CPM (cycles per minute). This doesn't make them a weaker selection either it's just a different design that requires different metrics. Since the are three small circular blades they don't require a higher end motor.

The circular cutting motion of a Rotary shaver requires less power to operate. The blades "travel" a short distance to make a full rotation. You will still get a smooth shave and the same end result but you will be able to do it quietly.

Our Pick for Quietest Electric Shaver

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I've selected the Philips Norelco 9700 on Amazon as the best option for the quietest electric shaver. This rotary shaver is an extremely high quality shaver with all the bells and whistles. Some of the features of the Norelco 9700 is what attribute to how quiet it is.

If you choose to go with the 9700 it includes: electric shaver, smart clean pro station, cleaning cartridge, smart click precision trimmer, smart click cleansing brush, power cord, and travel case.

The 9700 is on the higher price range out of the rotary shavers I'm going to talk about. While you get a lot in this package I'll have some alternative options for at the bottom of the article and in the table at the top.

What makes it so quiet?

The features that make the Norelco 9700 so quiet are its rotary blades and speed settings. The blades have been changed in this shaver to a newer V-Track design. This new design allows the shaver to shave even a single day of stubble.

This is a 30% closer cut than you will experience with most other electric shavers. Just by upgrading the blade design Philips has been able to increase performance without having to use a stronger motor. In the end this means better performance for you without the extra noise.

If you find yourself in the need of even more silence you can go to the speed settings. There are three options: Sensitive, Normal, and Fast. Using the Sensitive speed setting will tone down your blade rotations for a gentle shave and result in less sound coming from the blade rotations.

Features of the Norelco 9700

philips norelco 9700 rotary shaver

Contouring Detection

The contouring technology has had a huge upgrade with this rotary shaver. While a lot of rotary shaver have contouring technology which allows the blades to move in a direction that follows your skin this 9700 does it better.

The blades in the 9700 are 8 directional while others are usually 5 directional. This upgrade gives you a better shave in trouble spots like the jaw line and neck line.

V-Track Blades

The new blade system lets this shaver give you a 30% closer shaver. The 9700 can pick up and shave stubble that's as new as 1 day growth. If you've used electric shavers before you'll know this isn't usually the case. Most shavers leave behind a little hair because its just the way the shavers are designed (convenience over closeness).

Usually I would tell you to go for your favorite safety razor if you want a silky smooth shave. Electric shavers are excellent for quick dry shaves but can't give you what a razor shave can although razor shaves take much longer. The 9700 is pushing these limits.

Multiple Speed Setting

You get three speed options: Sensitive, Normal, and Fast. I love speed settings on a shaver because not every day is the same. Some days I just feel like I could use a slower gentle shave and having the Sensitive setting makes that possible.

Plus using the shaver on Sensitive speeds is the quietest way to use this shaver. So take advantage of this when you need to be as silent as possible.

Cleaning Station

If you enjoy a lower maintenance lifestyle then having a cleaning station is very useful. You just drop your shaver into the station when not in use and it'll clean it and charge it. So you know your shaver is ready to go every time you need to shave.

Digital User Interface

The Norelco 9700 has a clean digital display. You can control your shavers performance with this screen. It will display battery percentage, low battery indicator, replacement head indicator, and informs you if you're set for travel lock.


While dry shaving is the quickest option when you need to rush out the door you can also wet shave with the 9700. If you enjoy a wet shave and bringing out your favorite shaving cream you can do so with this shaver.

In an effort to shave with less noise wet shaving is the best way to go. The shaving cream helps muffle the sounds of the shaver and makes it a quieter way to shave.

Lithium-ion Power

It takes about one hour to get a full charge on your shaver with the option for a 5 minute quick charge that provides enough power for a single shave. A full charge will give you 60 minutes of shave time.

Smart Click System

Norelco 9700 comes with a couple attachments that can be clicked on and off the body of the shaver. You get a precision trimmer and scrub brush to go with your rotary shaver. The quick pop on/off system makes it easy to change between attachments.

What Do Others Have to Say?

Take a quick look at the Amazon reviews for this shaver. It's mostly a positive review of the shaver overall. There's some hit and miss negative reviews but in general doesn't appear to be anything to stress over.

This shaver still makes our top pick for quietest electric shaver and I believe you'll be happy to own it. That being said it is a little expensive so I'm providing some great alternative options below and in table at the top of this post.

Alternative Quiet Shavers

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Philips Norelco 5500 - I like the Norelco 5500 because it has similar features to my main pick. It's a quiet rotary shaver and I would consider it the budget option to our main recommendation. It doesn't comes with the cleaning station and other attachments but it makes up for it with a lower price point.

Philips Norelco 4500 - This is a flat top rotary shaver. The "flat top" design plays a big role in making this shaver quiet. Since you'll be pressing the top against your skin it helps muffle the overall sound. If you combine that with wet shaving you will have a near silent shave. It's also a more affordable option out of the above 2 shavers.

Philips Norelco 3100 - This is the most affordable option out of our recommendations. It's an earlier design flat top rotary shaver. So you get the benefits of the muffled noise and more so when wet shaving. It'll be very quiet shaver overall and it'll leave plenty of spare change in your pocket.

While the three alternative options above are all excellent choices if you're able to get our main recommendation I would go with that. It's going to give you more of what you want with noise level and it comes with a low maintenance cleaning station.

You also get the benefit of the upgraded technology. I believe if you take care of the rotary shaver properly it'll last you many years to come. This makes the initial price point less of a concern and honestly it's just worth it.

Before You Go!

I've shown you the best quietest electric shaver and now it's time for you to decide which of the four options are best for you. More manufacturers should begin considering the noise level of their shavers because some of them can get quite noisy.

Overall if you're trying to keep the noise down I believe I've given you a great set to choose from. If you have any tips or tricks to keep the noise down with your electric shaver please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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