11 Awesome Receding Hairline Haircuts that Look Great

We've got a great collection of receding hairline haircuts for you to choose from. We've kept our list modern, up to date, and obviously stylish. It's important to have a complimenting hairstyle to fit a receding hairline.

We to often see this ignored. Often men don't want to admit their hairline may be receding or they're very busy and it kind of sneaked up on them. Either way it's important now to make the change to a more suiting hair style.

I put the below list together to help you find a style you'll really love! Don't be afraid to experiment a little if you have to. Find something below you like even if you have to modify it a little.

Our List of Receding Hairline Haircuts - We Love #11

1. Crew Cut

crew cut for receding hairline

The crew cut is a great receding hairline haircut option. Very easy to perform this haircut at home with a good pair of clippers.

​This hairstyle is also a timeless style. It'll always be OK to go with a single size crew cut. Basically using the same number blade on your clippers for the entire cut.

I don't have a receding hairline myself, but I choose to go this route since it's so simple & easy to maintain. It also saves a couple bucks since I don't have to visit the barber!​

2. Fohawk

fohawk hairstyle

Fohawks are like crew cuts with flare. The overall haircut is short on all sides with a minor amount of length on top.

You want just enough length on top to give an upward motion.​ Short styles like these work great with pomade. I personally like Baxter of California's Hard Water Pomade.

It just provides the perfect amount of style & hold that doesn't make your hair look greasy.​

3. Close Cut - Fade Optional

close cut with optional fade

Your close cut style gives you more length on the sides and top. You've also got some wiggle room to play with the top hair.

Depending on your mood you can change the top to a Fohawk, Cesar, or spiked up variation.

You've got just the right amount of wiggle room for change if that's something you're looking for.​

4. Regulation

military haircuts for receding hairline

The regulation hairstyle comes from an approved military haircut. The side part and this hairstyle is coming back in a full swing. I've been seeing more & more of this look lately.

​I always tend to think of the Air Force pilots when I see this style.

Either way it's one of my favorite receding hairline haircuts.​

5. Slicked Back Undercut

slicked back receding styles

A slicked back undercut hairstyle is definitely a style more on the modern style.

​It's becoming more common among the millennial crowd, but that doesn't mean we don't see it anywhere else. A quick search and you'll see plenty of celebrities that have worn the style one time or another.

This is another great style for Baxter's Pomade that I linked to in our #2 receding hairstyle.​

6. Long Combed Back

longed combed back hair

Long combed back hair is a pretty easy to achieve style, especially if you already have the length.

Combing back long hair naturally makes your hair appear thicker and helps cover up a receding hairline.​

There are some slight variations available since you've got longer hair as well. So experiment with other long comb backed styles to see what might work for you.​

7. Ivy League

receding hairstyles

The Ivy League receding haircut typically has an up-combed front which lays to one side and a part on the other.

It's a "short & messy" style that comes together well. It's a little harder to achieve a messy look than you may think, but it's a really good looking cut.

It does its job of working with receding hair very well. This style isn't a cover up, but an embrace of your receding hair.

8. Spiked High & Tight

spiked receding hair

With the spiked high & tight you can't even notice there is a receding hairline.

If you're looking for a haircut that will make a receding hairline appear as if it doesn't even exist, this might be the one.​

It's definitely a cut for the bold or those who have experience with such a short cut.​

9. Short and Basic

short receding hair

The short and basic is a similar cut to our #3 close cut. The main different is the short and basic is also short on top.

If you're someone who doesn't want the top of the hair combed upward or going for a less attention grabbing look this is a great choice.

While it's basic it looks great and will pair well with just about anything you choose to pair it with.​

10. Short and Gelled

receding hairline haircuts

Never have to worry about the way your hair is when you wake up with a short & gelled look.

A carefree young look that with a little gel is super easy to achieve & maintain. Simply keep your hair cut short and where it lands after being gelled doesn't matter.

The upward motion of the hair helps conceal receding hair.​

11. Shave it OFF!

bald shaved head

Going bald might be a great option for some. It's a very masculine look and takes a little bravery if you've never done it before.

If you hate having a receding hairline this may very well be a superb choice for you. Although we recommend a little facial hair if you choose to go bald.

Check out our post on being bald with a beard for some really great facial hair options. A decent amount of stubble always pairs well though.​

So what did you think?

How did you like our list of our own personal favorite receding hairline haircuts? There's of course some more options available out there, but these 11... we love! Another bonus to low cut hair is being easy to manage, being able to wake up and go, and avoiding issues like lice.

Make sure to share with us if there's another great style out there someone should know about. If you currently have a receding hairline please share your thoughts with us. We really want to know if we were able to help you! Leave a comment and let us know.​

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