Safety Razor Vs Disposable Razor: Which Is Better?

There's a couple different types of razors out there to shave with. When it comes to safety razor vs disposable razors which one is better? If you're going to shave you may as well know a little about what you're shaving with.

Getting to know more about your razor and other types of razors will hopefully allow you to get a better shave. Razors aren't a one type fits every situation product. Sometimes you have to mix it up a little bit.

safety razor vs disposable

How This Comparison Will Work

This article will cover core topics related to razors but only between safety razor vs disposable. Each topic will have a heading and a sub-heading for safety razor and a sub-heading for disposable razors. This way I can break down razor characteristics and give you an understanding of how each of these perform.

In the end it'll be up to you to decide which of these razors you want to use. They each have pro's and cons and there's no one razor that's the ultimate overall best. Hopefully I can help you pick the best razor for your lifestyle.

The Quality of Shave

One of the most important traits of any razor is the quality of shave it can deliver. If a razor can't deliver a good shave then there's no other reason to use it. As to what is a good shave will depend on the person using the razor. Some people have extremely sensitive skin and need a mild razor while other want something highly aggressive.

Safety Razor Quality

Safety razors give you the ability to choose between mild or highly aggressive razors. You're literally able to exchange the blade out for different blades and you can test different razor blade brands to find something suitable for you.

That plus the different form of safety razors let you get a more tailored shave. You can read the history of safety razors such as the Merkur 23C or the Feather AS-D2 and know what you're getting into before buying it.

These factors give safety razors a clear advantage in quality of shave. When your needs change as you continue using safety razors you can easily swap to your needs. There's so much information on safety razor brands & razor blades that it's much easier to know what you're buying into.

Disposable Razor Quality

Disposable razors give you less control over your quality of shave. It's more of this is what you get and hopefully it's something you like. The main thing you're able to control is buying a disposable with a different number of blades.

Your main choice is choosing between 2-3 bladed disposables. While you can get a disposable that works well it'll be impossible to find one that's going to work for you in any situation. The multiple blades themselves can be an issue on days where your skin is feeling sensitive.

Disposable razors are also made very cheaply. They're literally made to be thrown away so there's less quality put behind the production of these razors and they don't last long. Disposables should be used if you're going hiking or maybe to a friends house for the weekend.

If you want a quality shave a safety razor is leagues ahead of disposable razors. Overall each type has their place and you can't always take your safety razor with you everywhere you go.

The Cost Behind The Razor

Unfortunately shaving costs money. No matter what form of shaving you enjoy it costs some money to do but some forms of shaving are cheaper than others. Let's see how safety razor vs disposable razors compare.

Safety Razor Costs

The biggest cost associated with safety razors is the actual safety razor itself. You can spend anywhere between $25 for a decent beginner safety razor and over $200 for other safety razors.

Another thing to consider is if you're a beginner you may start with a cheaper safety razor but as you become an expert you'll want to upgrade. Typically someone who sticks with safety razors will go through a couple variations and brands to find their favorite. This all adds to the overall cost of safety razors.

As for the products you'll need to buy on a more regular basis it isn't expensive. Your razor blades can be purchased for roughly $10 for 100 blades. You can also find variety packs to test out different blade types cheaply.

Even if you're lathering your own shaving cream a single container will last you a very long time. Lathering only requires a small dab of shave cream mixed with a little water.

If you look at the long term of shaving for years then safety razors would be more affordable.

Disposable Razor Costs

Disposable razors are very cheap. You can buy a bag of several disposable razors for a low price. You don't have to buy razor blades to go with your razor since they come attached on the disposable razors.

The only other product you have to buy is your shaving cream. With no need to buy a special shave cream to match a disposable razor you can use any canned shave cream.

In the short term disposable razors are much cheaper to shave with. As time goes buy and you have to buy new bags of disposable razors they become more expensive. With safety razors you only need to re-buy razor blades which are super cheap.

which is better safety razor or disposable razors

Which Is More Convenient?

Convenience is important when discussing shaving. While neither safety razor or disposable razors are going to be as convenient as a dry electric shave it's still worth talking about. So which of these razors are the most convenient to shave with?

Convenience of Safety Razors

There's a lot involved if you're going to properly wet shave with a safety razor. It starts by making sure your blade is shave ready and if it isn't you'll have to replace the razor blade. Some safety razors make this easy while others require you to disassemble the razor to replace the blade.

Then you have to lather your shave cream. This takes a couple minutes to get a good lather. You'll mix some cream with water and have to find a good balance to create a good silky cream. This process takes practice to get it down right. Once you know what you're doing it becomes much quicker.

The shaving process with safety razors also requires more effort. You may need to re-lather a couple times during the shave and you'll need to make a couple passes to get the closest shave.

On the up side all this extra effort tends to be worth it. You can get a more controlled shave that's also close and silky smooth. It's also the best route if you have sensitive skin. Safety razor shaving experiences less razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs.

Based off nothing but the convenience the safety razor loses this race. 

Convenience of Disposable Razors

Convenience is what disposable razors are about. They're made to be a convenient way to wet shave that's quick, easy, and disposable. There's a lot less preparation involved with disposable razors.

You can simply jump out of the shower and open your new disposable razor and go to shaving after slapping some canned shaving cream on. It's a quick and easy way to get shaved in the morning.

The downside is you're usually forced to use 2-3 blades. This means you're more likely to experience razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs. You often have to make multiple passes with a disposable razor because they don't cut well.

However, they are still the most convenient shave option when compared to safety razors.

Which Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

Your skin is the biggest factor you should consider when picking a razor. You're running a razor blade across your skin and what type of razor blade do you want to do that with? Knowing how your skin reacts under pressure and how sensitive your skin is is important.

Safety Razors and Your Skin

Safety razors are great if you suffer from sensitive skin. The biggest factor here is the number of blades on your razor. Safety razors shave with a single blade so each pass is only one blade across your skin.

This greatly reduces your odds of razor burn and skin irritation. You also have more control over your shaves and it's easier to shave around acne or trouble spots you want to avoid. Safety razors also require no external pressure when shaving. You let the razor do all the work and you're only gliding it across the skin.

Having sensitive skin is a big reason a lot of people have moved back to safety razors. Big companies want you to believe you need more razor blades on your razor but the truth is you absolutely do not.

If you have sensitive skin you should make the move to a safety razor. Here's a good place to start and find a safety razor suitable for you.

Disposable Razors and Your Skin

While disposable razors are extremely convenient and affordable in the short term they're not good for sensitive skin. Mostly all disposable razors come with a minimum of two blades and you can easily find them with more than that.

Extra blades running across your skin is not what you want with sensitive skin. This is the root of your skin irritation from shaving. That and possible the shave cream you're using.

Not only can the multiple razor blades be the root factor but these disposable razor blades aren't the best. On a zoomed in level these razor blade have dents in the blade. This can cause hair pulling and skin irritation. Professional blades are very straight and honed to a superior level.

If you have sensitive skin stay away from disposable razors. Also try avoiding cartridge razors and take the time to learn how to wet shave. It's a small time investment and it'll be the best choice you'll make for your skin to solve shaving related skin issues.

Before You Leave!

I hope I helped solve your safety razor vs disposable razor dilemma. Each type of razor has its benefits and downsides. So it'll be up to you to decide which form of shaving fits your lifestyle. However, I encourage you to give safety razors a try.

If you have any tips or suggestions on this topic please leave them in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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