Schick vs Gillette Review: Battle of the Blades

Looking for a new razor and wondering Schick Vs Gillette, which is better? I always had the same thought in the back of my mind but always ended up buying the same old brand all the time. I eventually decided to take a real look into which one might actually be better.

​Not only which brand is going to deliver a better shave but things like lifetime of the razor, quality product, average cost to own, etc.. It's important to take into account all the factors and decide which is best. We've broken it down into different categories to show where Schick Vs Gillette excels in what different areas.

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What to Consider When Comparing Schick Vs Gillette

Like we briefly mentioned above, it's important to consider different factors of each brand. Things like the cost per shave will matter to some consumers more than the quality of the shave. That's why we're breaking the pro's & cons down in more detail below.

Would you rather have a razor that was expensive per shave and delivered a great shave or a razor that was more affordable per shave that delivered results just under the more expensive option?​ It's things like that that most people don't think about before making their purchase.

Here's our list of things to consider when making your razor selection:​

1. Quality Shave - Always put the quality of the shave you get first. A good quality shave means you're going to have less skin irritation and much better experience. Take into account how many passes it takes to shave your facial hair and the end results you get.

2. Price of the Razor - ​How much difference are the razors in cost? Think about the refill cost and see how that effects your budget. If you're looking to save a lot of money on shaving without losing a quality shave you might want to consider a safety razor.

​3. Amount of Blades - More blades doesn't mean a better shave. Depending on your skin sensitivity more blades could be a worse shave for you. Each extra blade on the razor remove more skin and if you've got sensitive skin that could be a bad thing.

The Razors Our Review is Focused On

We've chosen the Gillette Fusion Proglide and the Schick Hydro 5 Power Select for our two razors of focus. We've selected these razors since they're very similar and offer a lot of the same advantages as the other. Which razor really performs better though?

Our review is based on the information collected from tedious hours researching these brands and these 2 razors. We've looked everywhere for as many customer reviews as possible. Not only sourcing major retailers but going deep into online forums and other places to find raw honest reviews.​

I've personally used both these razors. My personal experiences will be included in our review of Schick vs Gillette but I remain completely unbiased in the review of these 2 products. If you'd like to see the Top 5 Schick & Gillette razors we recommend please view the table at the top of this post.​

The Common Features of These Razors

While there's most definitely different pro's & cons of these razors. I'm going to cover the aspects they have in common. Some of these features are done better than their competitor, but I'll get to that a little later.

Common Features Include:​

1. Power Switch - Both razors have a light up power switch. Schicks switch is located on the bottom and Gillette's switch is located on the top. Gillette has a single speed option and Schick has 3 different speed. I personally couldn't tell a difference in having more than one speed level. It's definitely a feature I could live without.

2. Shave Gel - Both razors have gel for shaving. Gillette has a strip at the top of the razor head that fades away pretty quickly. I found it lasted for about 4 shaves at most. Schick has an actual built in container for the gel and dispenses it while shaving. I don't really care for the gel, but Schicks method made the experience worse by applying to much gel which left my skin feeling slimy.​

3. Detail Trimmer - Both razors come with a detail trimmer blade on the top of the head. This blade is used for sideburns and smaller harder to shave in spots. I never use this feature on a razor and don't know many men who do. The Gillette detail trimmer is always exposed at the top and Schicks is a flip up on the back side of the device. From the looks of it the Gillette would have an easier time getting into the small spots to shave.

4. The Blades - Both razors have 5 total blades. I've seen reviews on both ends complaining about pulling for guys with much thicker or coarser hair. They also stated the power feature helps get through those initial passes. Both razors also have easy to replace cartridge heads.

Pros & Cons of Each Razor

Now you know what these razors have in common let's break down the pro's & cons in a little more detail. This might be what helps you make the decision you've been looking to make.

The Pros:

Gillette Pros

  • Little to no Irritation
  • Balanced Feel in Hands
  • Single Speed Power Switch
  • 2 Nice Color Options
  • Almost Perfect Shave in 2 Pass
  • Nimble Around the Nose

Schick Pros

  • Long length handle
  • Cheaper replacement cartridges
  • Protective Strip Lasts Longer

The Con's:

Gillette Con's

  • High Priced Replacement Cartridges
  • Eventually will need to replace the shaver battery.

Schick Con's

  • Protective Strip is a Gel
  • Eventually must replace the battery.
  • Lower Quality Shave
  • Three speed options which feels useless.

Tips for a Longer Lasting Razor

If you really want to get the most out of your razors there's some tips you should know. Follow these tips and you'll increase the life of your razor and get a lot more shaves out of it. In the long run you're going to save a lot of money.

Use the denim jeans method to sharpen your razor. This tip is a MAJOR help to extend the life of your blade and prevent you from having to buy refill cartridges so soon. Here's a good little video that demonstrates this technique.​

Always dry your razor and put it away. Don't leave your razor in the shower allowing it to get wet. You're quickly killing the life of your blades by doing this. Instead simply take a second to pat dry your razor with a towel. Don't run the blades across the towel as that'll hurt them as well. Only pat dry and place the razor in a case or on your sink away from water.

If you want a more professional way to keep your blades sharp I recommend giving Blade Buddy a try. It's a similar result to the denim jean method, but a better result.​ The denim jean method is more or less free though.

Want More?: For many more tips check out this great post!​

Let's Wrap This Review Up

We hope you enjoyed our Schick vs Gillette review and with our help are able to make a great decision in your razor selection. I feel we've given these 2 companies a fair review and the clear winner here is the Gillette Razor.

The Gillette razor offers a much better overall experience and doesn't have unwanted features. It is however a little more expensive in the long run. There's a lot more budget friendly options in the Schick brand.

Let me know what you thought of the review and if there's anything you think we may have left out. Comment with your experience with these two brands. Thanks!​

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Richard Reply

To dry my cartridges I use the kind of compressed air typically used to clean computer keyboards. A few quick blasts does the trick.

David Sprinkle Reply

I was a life long Gillette user, since 1969. When Gillette came out with the Fusion, I shaved with it for a couple of years before I got tired of the high price of refills and the short life of blades. I switched to Schick Hydro about five years ago and have been very happy with both the price of the refills but especially the life of the blades. Recently, someone gave me a newe Gillete Fusion and I decided to shave with it for a couple of days and then switch back to see if my opinion of Gillette had changed. NO!!!! The Gillette was noticably harder to pull after the 4th day. I grabbed the Schick to finish shaving. Smoother shave and as close if not closer than the Gillette. That is as good a test as I can have, how each razor reacts to my beard.

I believe Gillette has been resting on its expensive laurels too long!!

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