How To Shave Pubic Hair Without Itching

How to shave pubic hair without itching? You and many others are shaving their pubic hair because it has become the social norm. It's a more pleasant experience in the bedroom as long as you can shave your pubic hair without leaving small red bumps behind. Don't worry we'll show you how.

The itch that comes with shaving your pubes is tough. It can last the entire day and if you're unable to find some privacy it's even more difficult to find time to relieve that itch. I've been there and I know it sucks.

I'm going to show you a better way. It will take a little practice and it may take a little more time to shave your pubic hair but ever since I've been doing it this way I almost never have to deal with any itch.

Products Needed For This Tutorial

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Philips Bodygroomer - This will be your dedicated pubic hair trimmer. It's a dual ended trimmer with a flexible foil trimmer on one end and an adjustable guarded trimmer on the other.

The guarded trimmer works great for cutting down the bulk of pubic hair before you'll need to shave them and the foil trimmer is excellent for chest and other body hair.

Soft Bristle Body Brush - This hand held brush is your key to exfoliating your pubic region before shaving. It's going to prevent you from dealing with ingrown hairs and exposes shorter hairs so they are easier to shave.

Aloe Vera Gel - This is your go to product right after shaving. Right after shaving your pubic hair you'll apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel as the first act of preventing itching.

Hydrocortisone Cream - This cream will be your day after application. You'll use it 2-3 times the day after shaving your pubic hair. If you have sensitive skin I recommend keeping some of this around the house at all times. It works great!

How to Shave Pubic Hair Without Itching

how to shave pubic hair without itching

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to have an itch free experience. If you follow these steps and still experience severe itching then you may have another problem or have a mild razor burn. We'll cover that a little later.

Here's our steps for shaving your pubic hair without itching:

Step 1) Trim Away The Bulk

Grab a trimmer and cut off the bulk of your pubic hair. I recommend using the Philips Bodygroomer since it's designed to handle this kind of task. This bodygroomer also is dual ended with an adjustable guard and it's perfect for pubic hair shaving.

Your goal here is to trim your pubic hair low enough that it makes it easier to shave with a razor. The lowest setting on the Philips Bodygroomer will work perfectly. It's the trimmer I use to handle all my below the belt shaving.

Step 2) Take A Warm Shower

Taking a warm shower will loosen your hair follicles and make them easier to shave. Soak a little in the shower and let the steam warm you up. During this time go ahead and do everything you would normally do in the shower.

You're going to shave at the end of your shower while the warm water is still running.

Step 3) Exfoliate

Some of you think you're able to skip this step but it's very important. Preparing your skin by massaging it and exfoliating before the shave is vital. Your goal here is to expose shorter hairs and prevent ingrown hairs.

Using a soft bristle body brush scrub down your entire pubic area. If you have trouble spots where you commonly get ingrown hairs give that area more attention. Once you've given yourself a proper scrub down you're ready to shave.

Step 4) Soak In Shaving Cream

Apply a fragrance free shaving cream to your pubic hair. I recommend fragrant free since scented creams can cause skin irritation. Our pubic region is more sensitive than the skin on our face for example so we want to use a natural shaving cream.

Let the shaving cream just sit for a moment. Give it a solid minute or two before shaving. You're just letting the shaving cream soften the hairs before you shave.

Step 5) Shave Your Pubic Hair

It's now the moment you've been waiting for. It's time to shave your pubic hair and come out itch free. You need to use a razor with no more than 3 blades. I personally use a 2 blade razor for my pubic region but will sometimes use a 3 blade if it's designed for body hair.

While shaving focus on shaving with the grain. When it comes to your pubic hair you only want to shave with the grain. None of this going against the grain because you think it gets you a closer shave.

With a little patience you can get a very close shave going only with the grain. You may need to lather a second time to shave again but stick with only shaving with the grain.

While shaving you should also be stretching your skin very slightly. You want to get a flat surface to shave on and holding the skin taut will help you get a smoother shave. Shave on the stretched out surface with short small strokes.

Move around your pubic area stretching the skin and shaving those spots individually while going with the grain.

Step 6) After Shaving Your Pubes

You're getting out of the shower and your pubes are all gone. You feel free and you're ready to dry yourself off. When drying off your pubic area only pat it dry.

Pat your pubic region dry with your towel and the very next thing you want to do is apply a thin amount of aloe vera. You can have a nice little aloe vera plant in your bathroom and break a little off or buy an all natural aloe vera online.

Aloe vera soothes the skin and is only needed right after shaving your pubic hair. If you've never done this before it'll feel great! If you apply to much aloe it can feel sticky so remember to keep it a very thin amount.

Step 7) The Day After

If you've showered and shave in the morning then you can do this the day of and the day after shaving your pubes. Apply a 1% over the counter hydrocortisone cream to your pubic region. It only takes a small amount and you should apply the cream 2-3 times a day on the day of and day after.

Hydrocortisone cream is a great cream for itch relief, reduces redness, inflammation, and swelling. If you have sensitive skin in general this cream will be something you'll always want to keep around the house.

Are You Experiencing Razor Burn?

If you follow all of the above steps and you're still experience itching after shaving your pubic hair you may have a mild razor burn. Not all razor burn leaves behind a red trail and a minor case of razor burn is nearly unnoticeable.

Luckily razor burn doesn't last long and you can prevent it by shaving differently. Focus on the details I gave you above about shaving in shorter strokes. Make sure you're not pressing down hard when you shave. Allow the razor to glide across the skin and it'll shave the hairs on its own without added pressure.

Sensitive skin is more prone to razor burn so you may want to consider using fewer blades or even using a safety razor to shave your pubic hair. I know a safety razor may sound nuts for shaving your pubes but it could also be the fix you need.

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