7 Reasons Why You Should Manscape (You’ll Love #5)

You may have asked yourself “should I manscape?” There is a lot of information out there on the subject of manscaping, and it can be hard to find the answers.

There are many reasons why the answer to that question is a resounding “yes” and very few of them have anything to do with your shaving your balls. (but some do).

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is about looking and feeling your best. It’s about taking pride in your appearance and taking control of your hygiene. The term “manscaping” is usually applied to shaving down below. This can be part of it, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Manscapers come in all shapes and sizes. They care about their health, hygiene, and appearance and want to put their best foot forward. Manscaping is not all about shaving body hair, although that is usually part of it.

Manscapers will frequently shave or trim their body hair, including arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders, and chest. Yes, even down below. Manscapers also shave or sculpt their beards, keep their hair trim, and their nails clean.

  • We have a whole post about what exactly manscaping means to us here.

Should I Manscape?

should you manscape

The question of should I manscape really depends on your own personal preferences. There is no set rule for what entails “manscaping” and how much or frequently you have to trim/shave. Trust us, no body hair inspector is going to come to your house and make sure you’re trimmed.

In order to manscape you don’t have to trim, wax, or shave any part of your body you don’t want to. This is a personal choice that each manscaper must make. However, manscaping is about a lot more than simply cutting your body hair.

Manscapers have made the choice to take control of their bodies and their personal hygiene and appearance. It’s about choice and pride. It’s about looking and yes, even feeling your best. And yes, sometimes it’s about shaving your penis.

1. Do it for Yourself

One of the more frequent complaints that women have regarding men is our hygiene. This is due to us being pretty gross most of the time. Manscaping is largely about establishing healthy, clean grooming habits that will break that stereotype.

  • ​Do you know what it takes to turn something into a new habit? (source)

These rituals include shaving, trimming, or sculpting your body hair. It also includes the clean maintenance of your hair, teeth, and nails. When all of these areas are clean and well-maintained, your hygiene greatly improves.

2. Boost Self Confidence

Manscapers look and feel great about themselves, due in no small part to their manscaping activities. It's hard to feel confident when you can't feel good about your appearance.

Taking the time to take control of your hygiene helps to create a positive attitude and increase confidence.

3. Sweat Less & Smell Less

do I sweat to much

It's a fact that moisture loves body hair. Sweat gets caught in our body hair and leads to that foul pit smell we all hate.

Our body hair exists to keep us warm in the cold weather. Because you've removed it, your body stays cooler in the warmer months and you will sweat less.

Also, the sweat you do produce will have nowhere to get caught due to the fact that there's no hair there. This helps minimize or even eliminate body odor, which is a good thing if you're keeping score at home.

4. Show Off Your Body

What’s the use of building muscles if you keep them hidden by a layer of hair? It’s a fact that most Hollywood actors manscape to some degree. Did you think Arnold and Stallone were just naturally hairless?

When these guys asked "should I manscape?" they were told hell yes!

Shaving your body hair is more photogenic, which is why Hollywood does it. It allows you to show off the body you’ve worked hard to create. A clean-shaven body is more visually impressive.

5. Your Penis Will Appear Larger

There’s no way of dancing around this one. Have you ever watched porn? Silly question, let me rephrase: when you watch porn, have you ever noticed the male actors are all shaved down there?

Shaving or trimming your pubic area gives the appearance that you are larger. This is due to more being visible and in this case, less is not more. The next time you ask yourself "should I manscape?" you should remember this point if nothing else.

6. Women Love It!

While we’re talking about women, it should be mentioned: they love it. Due to changing attitudes on male grooming, more women prefer their man smooth as opposed to hairy.

Hairyness causes friction, which may cause a rash due to chafing during sex. In case you were wondering, women don't like chafing.

Becuase we're talking about sex, let’s get the whole “below the belt” issue out of the way. We haven’t done extensive research, but we are confident in saying most people don’t like a mouthful of hair down there.

  • Warning: keeping a well trimmed pubic region may result in more oral sex.

7. The New Natural Look

When we're younger, all we want to do is get to the age where we can grow a beard so we look older. As we age, the desire to look older decreases. Manscaping helps keep us looking youthful.

While some manscapers' goal is total hair removal, this is NOT a requirement. A well-groomed body can be just as effective as a shaved face in keeping us looking our best.

Bottom Line on Manscaping

By now you realize there’s a lot more to manscaping than simply shaving your body hair. While there’s a lot of personal grooming involved, manscaping is about responsibility and hygiene. It’s about being prideful in your appearance and caring enough to take the time to put your best foot forward.

The next time you find yourself asking if manscaping is right for you, consider these 7 points. If they sound good to you, then the answer to "should I manscape?" is likely also yes. Give it a try and join the club. We're confident that once you try manscaping for the first time, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

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