Top 5 Single Blade Razors for Men

So what's the best in single blade razors for men? While electric shavers are fast and disposable ones are convenient, nothing beats the close shave afforded by a classic single blade razor. These days, we see so many men jumping on board to the old school train without doing their homework, though. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 5 single blade razors for a comparison, topped by our number one favorite: the Long Handled Safety Razor from Merkur.

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This handsome chromed razor looks the part of a classic manscaping tool every bit as well as it works as one. We chose it as our favorite for a number of reasons, including the incredibly sturdy build quality, trustworthy German construction, and extra long handle, perfect for larger hands. The grippy texture is an added bonus that ensures you won’t worry about slipping, especially when shaving those extra sensitive parts that aren’t easily seen without a mirror!

Pros & Cons of the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Since the pros are easier to tackle, we’ll hit them first. We mentioned the lengthy, grippy handle already, which is a serious benefit whether you’ve got lumberjack hands or more delicate mitts. You won’t be worrying about dropping this thing or – more importantly – making a painful slip in an awkward spot.

The two sided design means that you won’t be scrambling for another blade if it wears down, and when needed, the easily swappable blades will make changing a cinch.

One notable con may be that, as a more aggressive razor, the guard sits back from the edge a bit. Why is that a concern? Well, if you’re used to disposable razors, it’ll come as quite a shock how easily you can cut yourself. Exercising extra care is important as you ease yourself into any single blade razor; especially so with the old school Merkur.

There really aren’t any other important downsides to this piece, but be warned that to get the better shave it offers, you need to put more effort in.

Benefits of using Single Blade Razors for Men

Remember how we mentioned that big handle and textured grip? Well that means that men with larger hands and butterfingers alike will have a much easier time getting the hang of this sleek razor. The chromed stainless steel build means that it’s tough as nails, and is known to survive high drops right onto porcelain floors.

That chromed body also makes for a super easy to clean device. You won’t have to let this thing build up an embarrassing layer of scum you’ll want to hide from the significant other, not when it’s so easy to keep pristine.

The major benefit of any straight razor is, of course, that it’s a cleaner shave. This means, once you know what you’re doing, you won’t have to worry about razor burn. Seriously. We’ve tried it and can report that the difference is huge.

The 4 Runner Up Single Blade Razors

Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor

This model is visually very similar to the Merkur, with a stainless steel body and textured grip carved right into the metal. It’s designed to be comfortable on any part of the body, so don’t feel weird about taking it to areas south of the face. It’s handsome and solid, but the shorter handle and more complicated blade replacement keep it from our number one spot.

Vikings Blade Double Edge Safety Razor

The Vikings Blade features a similarly sleek, chromed-out design as our number one choice, with a more obviously ornate design. It looks fancy as can be, which is both a good and bad thing. The butterfly design means that you can easily change blades, but the handle is short and not as useful.

Parker 99R

The textured grip on this relatively long handled razor means that it’s easy to hold at any angle, and the heavy weight of the design makes it feel super solid in your hands. It comes with a pack of 5 blades, which helps counter the slightly higher than average price.

Magnus Heavy Duty Double Edged Safety Razor

The classic, no-frills look of this razor reminds us most of our number one pick, especially with its longer handle and cross-hatch grip design. Unfortunately it lacks the easy butterfly design for blade replacement, which keeps it further down the list.

Also check out the Feather AS-D2 for a high level experience.

Tips for using a single blade razor

single blade razors for men
So maybe you read some listicle about How To Shave Like Your Grandfather, and got really excited about trying out single blade razors for men. Like any serious product, you can’t just dive in expecting to master the form. You need to take your time, read the instructions, and recognize that you probably won’t be very good your first time. If you’re not careful, you might even cut yourself!

There are some universal bits of wisdom, however.

No Pressure – First of all, you’ll have to get rid of the idea that you need pressure to shave. The blade here is much sharper than you’re used to, so just let it gently glide across the skin.

Angle of Attack – Approach the skin at about a 30 degree angle, with short light strokes. Keep with the hair direction, as usual, but just be sure you aren’t attacking the skin recklessly like you can with a multi-blade disposable.

Stretch – These razors work best on taut skin, so use your free hand to stretch parts like your cheeks. The single blade design simply doesn’t offer as much wiggle room when it comes to your skin, so pay attention.

Rinse – You’ll need to rinse a lot. Even though you’ve got two sides to work with, be sure that you keep it clean or your close shave will turn into a mess. It’s not very hard to do, but can be tough to remember at first.

Why You Should Use a Single Blade Razor

Single blade razors for men are growing in popularity and for good reason. They’re a lot cheaper to use than your “modern 5+ blade razors”. You know why they add more blades right? It’s another chance to market their item and charge more money for it. It’s a complete rip off honestly.

We’ve been getting a good close shave for many years before the multi-blade razor existed. Only recently we’ve began to realize that more blades aren’t necessary.

Making the change to single blade razors is going to save you a lot of money. You can get 100 blades for your single blade razor that’s still cheaper than buying the reload razor heads of the new multi-blade razors. You’ll be saving so much money!

Another reason to change over other than saving money is the quality of shave. More blades doesn’t mean a better shave. You’re going to get a smoother cleaner shave from a single blade razor than you’re going to get from any other modern shaver out there.


Sure, we lavished a lot of attention on the Merkur, our number one pick, but that doesn’t mean the other options here aren’t incredible shaving choices. Any one of these five products will treat your face far more kindly than any disposable razor ever has, and they’ll all give you a much cleaner shave than any electric model can possibly manage.

The best part is, single blade razors for men are the cheapest option out there in the long run. Sure, the initial purchase is higher than you’d pay for some piece of plastic at the gas station, but without finicky proprietary blades to buy every couple weeks, you’ll see the financial benefits in no time.

If you’re willing to handle the learning curve, a single blade razor could be the perfect shave for the rest of your life!

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