The Best Razor for Manscaping

The best razor for manscaping is probably a very unnoticed tool by the majority of men. The best razor for manscaping is actually the Gillette Venus Disposable Razor. It's a women's razor that gets the job done a lot better than most others.

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Don’t forget we’re talking about razors and not another tool like a mans clippers.

The Best #1 Razor for Manscaping


The Gillette Venus Razors are disposable, affordable, and do a great job! They have three razor blades surrounded by soft protective cushions which I’ve come very appreciative of.

The razors are moisture rich with lubricated strips & some Aloe which gives for a nice smooth glide. The pivoting head helps get closer to the skin without scratching you and it accomplishes this well.

I know it does look girly, but once you get past that you’ll fall in love with this razor.

Below we’ve assembled 5 great runner ups to this Gillette Venus. The razors below are all viable great options if the girly look of the Venus is just to much for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your razor to be more manly.

Top 5 Runner Up Manscaping Razors

We’ve searched, researched, and shaved our way to the best decision possible for the best razor for manscaping. While it’s been an interesting task for us it’s also been enlightening. You might think any razor can do the job of shaving body hair, but it’s clear that some just do it WAY better.

Gillette Body Disposable Razor

The Gillette Body disposable razor is the mans version of the Gillette Venus women’s razor. It’s the first razor from Gillette built for male terrain or manscaping.

I personally love the disposable razors for manscaping. Ones like this do a great job and are typically cheaper to replace (refill) than the other types. A set of razors like these range between $4-7 and you get several shaves out of one razor.

If you have sensitive skin the razor comes with 3 lubricating layers. You definitely won’t have anything to worry about in this department. The razor glides very smooth and almost feels like it isn’t even there.

Check out our complete Gillette Body Razor review.

Gillette Sensor 3

The Gillette Sensor 3 is a great alternative razor that’ll save you some dough. It comes with the standard 3 blade design with enhances lubricated strips. It’s built for sensitive skin as well, but from our experience the Gillette Body razor above wins in that department.

If your skin is only slightly sensitive these will work for you. The bigger selling point on these is you’ll get more razors for the same price as other disposables. You’ll get a 8 razor set if you select the Sensor 3.

Gillette Fusion Proglide

The Gillette Fusion Proglide is a refillable razor and definitely a best razor for manscaping. It’s rated as Gillettes “best shave” and men every where agree. This razor comes with 5 blades, compared to the 3 standard, which are giving you a closer shave. This razor also includes a trimmer blade which gives you more precision when needed.

It’s not 100% designed for the body like the Gillette Body Razor above. However we’ve been using many razors long before a specefic body razor was designed… and they have been getting the job done. The difference is, this one does it better!

Each blade refill for this razor are rated to last 1 month each. Of course every person is different so time will vary. No matter, because getting a month or close to it per razor head is really great.

Dorco Pace 6 Plus

The Dorco Pace 6 Plus is your combination of the Gillette Proglide and the Sensor 3 making it a great pick for the best razor for manscaping. It comes with 6 total blades for a very close shave and in a refillable format. Though it has 6 blades it doesn’t feel much different from the proglide. It’s similar to the Sensor 3 in that it’s a slightly cheaper design and the blades are cheaper refills.

If your looking for a combination of high end shaving, but something that’s also cheaper then this is it. It’s the best razor for manscaping that won’t hurt the pocket book on refills.

Gillette Mach 3

The Gillette Mach 3 is the highest rated 3 blade disposable razor on the market. It’s overall buyer rating is what has landed it on our best razor for manscaping list.

It’s also not very expensive to replace. A 6 pack is around $13 and depending on how long each razor lasts you that’s not to bad for a disposable. Especially one that works this well and is a good “all around” razor.

what should I use for manscaping

Shaving Below the Belt…

Most associate manscaping with shaving your balls and groin. It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t cover the subject here a little. Let’s give you a quick rundown of shaving below the belt so you can have a incident free experience.

Using a razor is the only way to go when tackling the hair on your testicles. An electric shaver or bodygroomer is great for the pubic region and the rest of your body, but when it comes to the family jewels it’s time to break the razor out.

Don’t be afraid it’s your first attempt. The skin down there is tougher than you might think. Use a thin layer of hand soap to shave with and not shaving cream.

Using a soft pull to make the skin taut is the perfect amount of “stretching” you want to do for this act. It’ll make the skin flat enough for the razor to glide across leaving you with a smooth surface. Simply repeat the soft pull and glide until you’re shaven.

Remember to let the razor do most the work. It’ll stick to the skin and do its job. There’s no need to force the razor down or apply extra pressure. This is how many gets nicks and cuts down there.

Should I Shave When I Shower?

A lot of guys ask about shaving in the shower. Is the best razor for manscaping OK to use in the shower? The answer is, Yes! It’s actually easier to shave in the shower and  that’s especially true for manscaping. If you’ve ever tried shaving your good bits with one leg up on the counter… you know what I’m talking about.

The video above covers some topics to help make your razors last longer and give you a better shave. Give it a quick watch if you haven’t already. Doing some simple things like letting water clean the blades instead of wiping them will really help lengthen the life of your blades.

Shaving Cream Vs Gel

Another big question we often hear is the debate on cream vs gel. I personally like shaving cream over shaving gel, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. It’s completely personally preference however… what I do recommend is not using to much.

That’s the number one issue people have. Applying to much shaving material to yourself makes it hard to shave. It’s not only harder to shave, but makes you run through your supply much faster causing you to have to spend more money.

Apply a very thin layer of cream/gel to yourself when shaving. It’s much easier to add more if needed than it is to put the excess back into the can. My favorite shaving cream out of them all is Barbasol.

Disposable Vs Re-loadable

What almost seems to be an age old debate, but still argued today is which is better, disposable or reloadable? Both have their own benefits and offer something the other doesn’t. Is one really better than the other?

My thoughts on this really boil down to personal preference. I believe it’s simply that of the individual. Obviously many others feel the same way because shaving companies continue to produce both types of razor blades.

I like the disposable razor blades because they’re better for traveling, you can share one from the pack, and they just suit me. So don’t get caught up to much on the one you should be getting. They’re both great razors for manscaping and both will shave your balls with the same results.


I hope this wealth of information was able to help you find the best razor for manscaping. We’ve talked about several razors both refillable & disposable on the market today. All of which are one of the best razor for manscaping. Just pick the one you think is best for you and don’t forget the tips we shared about shaving. Also check out our list of best shaving sites.

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